Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Weekend getaway

Yellow! and welcome back. Had a short getaway to Kay L after all the hustle and bustle of work. I went to KL with an excited heart because it was the brathar's big day and i wanted surprise him, therefore he 'gong gong' dunno I'll be meeting up with them for the weekends. :P 

Besides, the dadi and mami had their recognition again. Yes, seriously AGAIN! almost every month. huehuehuehue but really proud of them! :) Arrived Kay L and dadi came and picked me up with the sleepy brathar whom only realised that i came down for his big day. LOL *pranked success :D 

It will be forever the task given to me and the brathar to sneak out of Publika to get flowers for the mami. heheheh :P
previous month was daisy, this month is roses! :) and i think carnation.

wefie with the flowers in the lift. a bomba lift actually. 

Pressies the dadi and mami got. 

The fam bam 
*seriously in need of heels 

After the recognition, we quickly went off for birthday dinner. Wanted to for Jogoya buffet dinner, but with the small appetite all of us have now, we decided not to waste that amount of money to eat something that we know we will never eat everything. And since we were at Lowyat for power bank hunting, we hop into Sushi Zanmai for dinner and yes it was definitely a satisfying meal. :) 

the parents 

the brathar and yours truly 

we had to. :P

After dinner, we were in the car on the way to get a cake and celebrate the big boy's sweet 16. Then Fast & Furious 7 came into our minds and decided to grab movie tickets. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday night and thus no available tickets at all! :( And we chose to watch Home, the silliest yet touching cartoon i had ever watched. 

Bought all the cakes for the fam bam with my first pay! :) 
The cakes are so yums yums but too bad i can only eat 2/4 piece. 

Went back home and decided to grab the little one for a selfie. 
Apologise for the ugly selfie because it was almost 2a.m

Celebrated Easter the following day and church service was a great one with a very precise and clear sermon by an Iranian who suffered prosecution in his country yet he never fail to seek for God's love and he finally came to Malaysia to have the freedom to worship the One above. His life experiences gave me a slap on the face of how I always take the freedom to worship Him for granted. He even showed His faith towards the One above and all the sacrifices he made in order to have God in him. :) Easter celebration ended off with a lunch treat with the church members along with the speaker. 

Back to the reality of life, and cleaned and rearranged the whole room with the roomie. And surprisingly we spent only around 3 hours to finish up the whole room! Wanna have a look? :) Stay tune for the next post. :P 

Bur bye!