Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The road to beautiful teeth

Hola! and welcome back. :)
As stated in the blog title, today I shall bring you all to the journey of having a beautiful teeth, ahem i mean my teeth!
Many people did not notice my super duper crooked teeth as i hardly smile seeing my teeth. Yes, i feel extra intimidated with the ugly teeth i have. (what to do, born with crooked teeth)
But i was blessed enough to have braces on to fix the teeth of mine! and till today I'm still very thankful for the given chance to spend that amount of ka-chings on the ugly teeth of mine.

People thought that my teeth was just alright, but when i put on my first set of braces on for the very first time, it was more obvious that my teeth was extra crooked that i myself also could not believe that i have such teeth.

sorry for the ugly photo of zeee ugly teeth >.<

You might think okay what, not so serious. but i used to think that way too. And one day i got struck by lighting and from that day onward, i seriously think that having a nice beautiful straight teeth is very very very very very important. 

disgusting photo you shall not want to see it any longer. 

crooked enough? like duh??? 

People kept telling me how pain is to have braces on, but heard of 爱美,不要命吗? (ai sui, mai mia), literally means choosing to be pretty over having a good life! Yessss! i felt that i could stand the pain, so i went for it! Surprisingly, till today i had never felt that amount of pain before, that i could not stand the pain. PTL! :) 

Seriously, i can't wait for the day where my teeth will be off from wires and brackets and rubber bands and having that wonderful straight teeth. Dr. Raj was very good comforting me whenever he saw my facial expression changing from happy to pain. hahahahahaha
Oh ya, did i mention that i extracted 5 tooth? 4 adult tooth and 1 baby tooth. hehehe

First time smiling with the teeth seen. *awkward level x100000

And let's see how is the journey of my teeth after 5 months plus. *drum rollsssssssssss

From left to right. 5 months plus of journey and see the difference?
satisfy? happy? YES INDEED! :D

Just can't wait till the end of the whole thing and start to eat really hard food like biting the whole apple and there is no need of cutting it into 4 pieces. And eating food and not worry whether is there any stuck food between the teeth and many more more more more. heheheh

End of story. 
burbyeeeee! :)