Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Hai! Apologise deeply for the long hiatus! No valid excuse for the hiatus but just plain lazy =.="
My life is kinda meaningless now as I'm currently doing my legal attachment and i repeat this practically everyday! Awake -> Work -> Eat -> Go back -> Sleep and repeat! Agree with me that is really meaningless.

Therefore, i always try having some activities after work, for example: grocery shopping and only grocery shopping! *slaps in the face
But this time since the roomie wanted go watch a movie and she actually wanted my opinion on choosing her new spectacles, so i was kinda excited that i could finally go for a walk tho I'm in office wear but not pretty gai gai dress! :)

Wanted to have dinner in this newly open teddy bear cafe which the rommie saw people posting on Facebook! Walked a few rounds and finally saw the cafe!

i think TBC stands for The Bear Cafe but not to be continue :P

Be happy! :D

Asians will understand this! hehe 

They won my heart by the chillax environment and cute teddy bears decoration! Girls never fail to love teddy bears, so guys if you're thinking of buying a pressie for your gf or wife, please get a teddy bear! hahahaha :P

We ordered drinks which cost RM9.90 for one glass and decided not to eat dinner there! because the price is simply a bit too pricey. So we paid not to drink but to take photo! hhhmm :D

Yours truly with those cuties 

the long legs roomie! 

Sorry we just had to! and yes the glass behind cost RM9.90. 

phailed shot with the biggest teddy in the cafe

Then someone saw us taking selfies so hard, and they offered to take a shot for us! thankkiewww :D

After work activities are seriously the best after a long long long day! Thankful for roomie, if ze house is without her, i guess I'll just sleep right after work everyday! :P

Finally, a perfect wefie of us! pretty huh? :*

For those who wanna visit:
~Add: Terminal Pahlawan 3rd floor (Hatten Hotel building)
~Tel: 06-2819423
~Hours: 10.00am- 10.00pm
~Map for directions