Saturday, 25 October 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

Hola! and welcome back. this time I'm back with puppy eyes praying hard that i could win this trip! hhhmmm, let's get started! :)

It's so obvious that I'll be talking about MACAUUUUUUU! For those who are not aware where is Macau (澳门), Macau is located at China near Hong Kong. And most of the people will visit the casino there. First of all, i have never get a chance to visit Macau in my life! and i don't think I'll ever visit there. so I'm quite excited when i saw Nuffnang posted about this opportunity.


1. Bungee Jump at Macau Tower


I've always wanted to have the courage to go for a bungee jump before i leave this world. i know it sounds so scary and freaky. I have mixed feelings on this, but if i have the courage I'll sure go for it! (probably get heart attack and die) When i found out that Macau has this tallest building called the Macau Tower which has bungee jump, i practically screamed like a mad girl. It is 233m/ 764ft high and it went into Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the world.
And i did a research on the price for bungee jump previously and it cost a bomb! :(

Not only that, Macau Tower has other attractions like skyjump (less challenging than bungee jump), and also Skywalk X as well as Tower Climb. This reminds me of one of the episode in Running Man, they went and did challenges there.

for more info about Macau Tower

2. DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts

It's DREAMWORKS and is FREE daily from 12:00pm to 6:45pm and the DreamWorks All Star Parade starts at 3pm daily. You can also stay the night and wake up to Shrekfast breakfast with the gang with breakfast specials and live performances. How awesome is that? Tell me which young adult don't like all these where we grew up with DreamWorks cartoons???? From Madagascar to Shrek to Puss in Boots and the most recent one How to Train Your Dragon!!!!!!!!

I read so many awesome reviews about this and it definitely made me more hyper and excited about this Macau trip!!!!! Although I'm already a 'major', but I'll sure to enjoy all the cartoon entertainments. hehe :) Reviews said that it was so unexpected that it can be so fun and amazing with the Shrekfast breakfast with the DreamWorks gang. I'm kinda excited about the Shrekfast as i grew up being called as Shrek's wife Fiona as my name is Fiona! :D

For more info:

3. Dragon's Treasure at City of Dreams

It is a multimedia show of the world of Dragon's Treasure. And there will be another world as the four Dragon Kinds explore the mysterious powers of the Dragon Pearl and there will be an introduction to their magical kingdoms. It is all taken place at a dome-shaped theatre called The Bubble. The show is 18 minutes long and is open daily from 12pm till 8pm. It's RM20.51 per entry for foreigner adult. The price is reasonable and it looks so attractive with such colourful surreal theatre show.

You can watch a Youtube Video here to have a view on how it looks like. btw, it's a 360 degree multimedia show.

For more info:

So that is all my reasons why Macau attracted me so much! and now Why should Nuffnang give me this opportunity? First of all, whether i get it or not i would like to thank Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) for giving bloggers a chance to visit such beautiful place which i previously did not know there are so many interesting attractions. All i know was Macau=casino. As well as to Nuffnang Malaysia for choosing 3 lucky bloggers to have an all paid expenses trip all the way to Macau! and it would be a totally awesome gift to end the year of 2014 as well as to have a 说走就走的旅行! :)

I have never travel alone to other countries and what more to travel with a purpose? Of course, i would love to get the chance to try it and i think i would love it as travelling is one of my 'every year thingy', just that i always travel with my family. Being 21 this year, i really hope that i could break the record and go travelling alone!!!!! I always adore other bloggers who had the chance to travel with expenses all paid. How cool is that?

With the limited time i have, i don't think i will have the time or chance to travel once I'm out working in the society. Studying life is hectic enough, what more about working life? And i guess all the researches that I've done impress me a lot as to me Macau is just a city of casino. I'm so so so wrong, and i think if i get a chance to travel to Macau, the first thing i come back is to change the perception of my family and friends as i think they have the same thinking as me?

So that's it! Hope that i could win this trip to Macau. For more info please visit MGTO Facebook.
Thank you for those who are so generous to allow 3 lucky ones to travel and i wish and hope I'm one of them! :)


Till then,