Thursday, 22 May 2014

The land of tea and strawberries

Hello hello! Welcome back on board! :D

I had a short vacation last weekend up up up the hill to Cameron Highlands, my all time favorite place :)
Why? because of the cool weather, yummy waffles and scones, boh tea, sour strawberries, fried mushroom and watercrest, sweet potato, and fresh vegetables!
I couldn't ask for more when i'm up there. despite the road going up and down makes me sick. Love big daddy's creation up there! Everything looks so perfect and wonderful.
For those who have not been there, please make a trip up! you will never ever regret. hehehe

Let all the pictures speak.  

tbh, the price has gone up :'(

in the Boh Tea factory. 

forgot to mention that brathar did not follow us up! 

all time favorite waffles! #yumyums 

Scones. with cream, butter, strawberry and jam. 

oh hi there! :) being and acting as a tourist. 

Copthorne Hotel had this awesome thermometer. 

The Smurfs Village.
(okay, actually is residency area, and they had this huge windmill
as well as a playground with Smurfs theme)
*didn't get in because it is a restricted area.


then, we went and visited the Pastor over there. We always attend All Souls Anglican Church Sunday service when we're up there! As usual, everywhere don't need an air conditioner! #saveelectricity

hi there! 

main entrance.
The church is just way too awesome! Pay a visit if so happen you're there.

too many photos. hahaha

We went all the way up to the Lutheran Mission bungalow, which is a paradise up there! I think most of the silent retreat is held there. The place is really like heaven, surrounded by green grasses, colorful flowers, swings, basketball court etc. 

Beautiful flowers <3 p="">

Just a two days short vacation. but the breath-taking view makes everything worth it. :) 
*had many more photos in the other camera but too many to be uploaded here!
that's about it. Thank you for dropping by!
stay tuned for more updates.
cheers. xoxo