Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Helloooooo and welcome back! 

time flies and my trimester is gonna end soon! had my last CF last night, and tomorrow will be my last CG for this trimester with the seniors who are graduating soon! :'( 
anyways, saw the picture above? it was a CF event that day called BSAD which stands for Brothers Sisters Appreciation Day! :) 
The girls dolled up gorgeously and the guys suited up. the whole room was filled with so many lengzai and lenglui... hehehe. 
Okay, that's not the purpose of having BSAD. BSAD is a day where the brothers appreciate the sisters and vice versa. Guys and girls were separated to plan what they wanna do on that day. Past examples were like, having skit, performance, singing, cooking, dancing etc etc.

This year the brothers were cheeky enough to spread rumours saying that they will 'sabo' us! oh well, the sisters had a plan too.. but then it failed.. hahahaha. 
And the brothers really did 'sabo' us, by offing the lights and letting us scream in the dark! *thatwasbad
But then they were so sweet by performing all sort of performance for us, especially ROM (Rhythm of Man) where they sang and danced exactly what we did for ROC3 :) The girls, okay me laughed and laughed and laughed like a mad girl. hahahah
Then, they served us candlelight dinner. How awesome is that! hehehehe 

The sisters were definitely good as well! We practised a waitress dance with 2 plates of spaghetti on each hand.. the dance was a bit messy but i guess the brothers enjoyed the dance. hhhmmm
We served them 3 course dinner. and played games! ;) and we swapped gifts for each other. 

chicken tortilla wrap! yums

lovely and wonderful sistas who use their 'bang leng leng' time to prepare. 
p/s: we took this in the lift

Future lawyer... i hope so! :P

Next event is a major huge huge event for me! because it's MOOTING! okay, i hate the subject at first, but then on that day itself, i enjoy it much! :) 
10 days preparation for memorials was just too short for me, and i guess everyone. i had sleepless nights trying my best to get the memorial done correctly and overseeing all the mistakes in it. Memorials were 50% of the total marks, and oral submission is another 50%. We do not have mid term nor finals. 

We had to prepare a total of 5 bundles, 2 for me and my partner, 1 for my opponent, 1 for marking, 1 for judge. And and and, i was chosen to moot in Malay *faints. It wasn't easy i can say, but it's really worth it after that day. :)  Judge gave pretty good comments just that i wasn't really using proper court language. hahahahaha 
I'm looking forward for more of this, but then the preparations kills.. >.<

Major huge event again: Farewell for graduating seniors :'(

CF did a farewell for them last night, their last CF here with us, and we wanted to make it memorable for them. The PICs came out with a talk show asking them questions, and games testing their 'knowing-each-other', and had a video of CF-ers imitating them! :) And we had lovely gifts for them which is a small jar where we can write love letters to them and scroll it and put inside! 
I had what i wanna write in mind dy! and i hope they like it! hehehehe.

They are all the seniors who really am good to me! from prom partner, to big giraffe, to my son, to so and so.. they will be missed, and I'm looking forward for their convo, and i make a promise to myself to avail myself on that day to celebrate the good day with them! :)
They are the people who walked into my life, they changed me through many many ways! Thank you all for serving daddy in heaven with so much love and willing heart. May your future be a wonderful one and God's blessings be upon all of you every single day! :D

Stay faithful in the Lord because you know His love never fails. 
p/s: come back often if you're free kay???? hehehe :)

the end of today's post! 
Will be back soon.. 
because I'm very free! #notreallyfree