Friday, 28 March 2014

Way back then

welcome back lovelies~ :) 

after so so so so long... i'm finally hardworking enough to blog something.. excited about this post? 

can guess what is today's post all about?
*hint:something about nature? holiday? family? food? 

this is it! welcome to the land of mountain and sea! ;D
Kota Kinabalu.. 

i went there for Christmas vacation and of course with my family! and I'm bless with friends from KK, thanks to them, they were my tour guide through Whatsapp! I know how to travel there, i know whereabouts to go, i know what to eat etc... :) 
Thanks to Chris, i managed to get the contact of his uncle to rent a car for me to travel around. It was so much easier having someone that you know that you can rely on. 

It was my job to get the transport done by contacting his uncle and booking and all sort of things. And it was also my job do research about KK, and the itineraries of the 5 days..
And for the first time, i sat Malindo Air and it was really impressing! From spacious seats, to free 20kg checked in luggage, to built in LCD screen on each seat, to free snacks and water on plane. Good job Malindo Air, you managed to make me fly comfortably! 

got all these little turtles for friends as souvenirs! 

it will be a very long winded post if i continue about my Kota Kinabalu trip, so i shall stop here simply because there is another food trip coming up! :)

the brathar and I had a little photo shoot outside the garden of grandma's house! 

and yes! this is what it came out too!
Many more photos, but i shall keep it for memories! ;) 

and fast forward a little, after Chinese New Year over and I'm suppose to roll back to Malacca to prepare for the upcoming finals. So family decided to travel from Kelantan to Kuantan to Terrenganu then back to Malacca.. it was totally a road trip for that few days! lotsa food and fun throughout.. tho it was a tiring journey.. but what's more tiring than becoming a driver??? *nocomplains

Again, the brathar and I in front of South China Sea.. 

it's pretty at there where you can see sunset and sunrise! 

Food and just food..
It's a Kelantan cuisine, not sure whether is Nasi what...

Keropok Lekor! super awesome! a must when you're at Kelantan..

Not gonna say what are the names of the food because i simply forgotten everything!!!!!!! And before heading to Kuantan, we went over to Thailand at the border of Kelantan by walking.. LOLsssssss..
that's where we carried like packets and packets of soft toys for younger cousies!!!! and of course i got for myself too.. :) 

Outside the Terrenganu Museum... 

Turtle Valley?? 

People made all these from pieces and pieces of mosaic into turtles..
a very pretty place full with turtles! 

and practically i had many many more pictures, but it will be a little too over to post everything out! Anyhow, every states in Malaysia have been conquered by me except for the very last state, which is Sarawak! Save up for the next trip! :D 

This sums up my post for today! will get back really soon.. :) 
cheerios ladies and gentlemen.. stay tuned and take care.

p/s: did you notice that i have a totally different blog layout?
super in love with those hot air balloons with the
pretty details of flowers and butterflies.