Saturday, 24 August 2013

Malacca Camp 2013

hellooooo people!
am back for a quick update since I'm free for the time been! :)

Let's get started! for those who didn't know, i went for Malacca Camp organized by the CF alphas before i went for my Raya break! :) decided to express my gratitude to the committees for doing such a wonderful and great job! 

introducing the girls who sat around me in the bus! ;) 

the sitting bus partner-Hannah! 

Reached the destination which is Methodist Centre-Port Dickson! :) Was really impressed with both the outlook and in look of the centre! Super awesome and pretty!!!! :DDDDD

we started off with doing our group cheer!
I was in group ISAAC!!! :) 

okay lah!!!! random selfie in the toilet in my dorm.. LOLsssss

Submit & Restore- the theme for this year's camp! 
taken from James 4: 8 

the dorm-mate a.k.a Helen! :) 

We had wonderful time of activities the committees prepared for us! :) we played treasure hunting all around Methodist Centre... Our mission was to find the kidnapper through many stations that needs and develop teamwork! :) We really had fun because we get to sweat as well as get to bath under water while singing Negaraku! :O
We managed to go through all the stations and make it to the final station, but we got the wrong kidnapper! ooopssss...>.< but is okay! we told each other, winning is not the main point! :) 

fast forward: this is taken during morning exercise! 

look at the amount of people on time for exercise???? @.@

hhhhmmm.. did not take many pictures because i was busy listening to sermon, playing games and so on.. but anyways! We had Pastor Lim and his wife as the speaker for this year's camp! :) I found Pastor Lim's sermon was kinda boring the first night! (maybe i was just too sleepy) but then, i found it interesting the second day!!!! LOLLLL... 

the chapel of Methodist Centre.. 

the dormssss and the pool too! :) 
very nice right????? :P

Thankfully enough we were given ample time for resting! :) 

we were given the t-shirts to wear it during the last day for photo session! :D

Camp commander gave permission to all of the campers to stay up late simply because it was the last night! :) girls went for supper but i chose to stay in the room... hhhhmm.. enjoy the quiet time alone.. :) 

and the next day! we had boys and girls session.. 
whereby we were separated and get to discuss about some stuffs! 

OHHHH!!! and you may wondering what is this all about???? 

we had this game played since the starting of camp called 'the angel and mortal'! :) we all randomly got a mortal whereby we can treat the fellow like King or Queen or ill treat them! sad to say, my mortal was sick, if not I'll ill-treat her loh!!! *just joking :P
errmmm.. so i got Mei Theng as my mortal, and since she was sick, i bought her sweets, took lunch for her, bought her key chain, wrote her lovely notes etc etc.... :) she was kinda shock during the last day when we started to reveal out who are our mortals! she was shouting all the way!!! 

so now you know what is the picture above all about??? :)))) 
and surprisingly my angel was Scott who was good enough to take food for me, bought stuff for me, carry my bag etc etc.. :) very grateful.. hehehhe.. 

and lastly, 

introducing the brainsssss behind this successful camp!!!! :)
pretty girls and handsome guys!
thank you each and everyone of you for being just so awesome
and willing to serve! :)
Daddy in heaven is smiling and proud of all of you!

camp ended with photo session (and sadly, i tak ada any photo in my phone) so it shall be kept as memoriessss.. :) never regret joining this camp! good experience and gave me another chance to submit my life to Big Daddy! :) 

Friday, 2 August 2013

ambassador of glasses online :)

hello and welcome back to the dead blog! :) 

sorry for being so away from blogging! was very busy with assignments and mid-terms! the busy season is finally OVER!!!! :D hhhhmmm.. as stated in the title of the post, kinda guess what I'm gonna blog already.. am not gonna explain how it goes again (too naggy) therefore, i shall go into the main topic now! :D
Glasses Online Malaysia had been very generous enough to sponsor me contact lenses! and I'm really grateful so therefore, this post is specially dedicated to them.. ????? :P

before anything.. Glasses Online Malaysia is an online shop selling eye wear including contact lenses, sunglasses, glasses and sport based sunglasses. Glasses Online is based in Kuala Lumpur a.k.a KL.. 
i was given the privilege to choose what brand and what color of contact lenses that i wanted.. and so, since i had Blincon colored contact lenses before, i chose it again! this time i chose BB Black! :) 

have a look at how my eyes changed.. 

i do not have double eyelid and i did not put on any make up!
so yea! this is how i look with the sepek single eyelid eyes... >.<

the contact lens actually made my eyes bigger.. 
which is a good thing! :) 

tak tau what to caption! >.<

even with the glaring sun, 
the eyes look big enough as compare to normal.. 

yup!!! a huge THANK YOU to Glasses Online Malaysia for being so good! 

the main point here is, not only having bigger eyes or what? but is all about their service!
Glasses Online provides free delivery to all and also free 30 days return if there is any wrong with the stock.. and the most important is all the brands they are selling are 100% genuine! :) and seriously they really packed the lens nicely.. (impressed with the service they gave) and i believe not only their lenses are good! but also those eyewears they are selling! :) 

and there is this good news to all my readers!!!! Glasses Online is kind enough to provide a promo code for my beloved readers to have special discount when you purchase anything from them! So for my readers, insert this promo code- GOfiona20.. which is a RM 20 discount when you purchase RM 100 and above from Glasses Online :) 

and besides that, upon the first sign up, you will get a RM10 gift card! 

so that's it! as a conclusion, all i can say that is not many contact lens can really suit my eyes, because i have a really sensitive eyes and Blincon is one of the most comfortable colored contact lens for me as compared to other brands.. :) 
And for transparent contact lens, I'm using bausch and lomb contact lenses.. both are the current top lenses for me! :)
and since most of the people now are busy enough to get out and slowly shop for their eye wears, therefore why not try Glasses Online Malaysia? they had impressed me with wonderful service, and i believe you will experience it so! (provided you purchase eye wears from them lah!!!!) :P
you can even check out their FACEBOOK PAGE for more info! do not hesitate to contact them because the workers are way too friendly! hehehehehe :)

just a last shout out to them! 
a huge thank you to them! :)