Saturday, 20 July 2013

back in action! :O

hello and welcome back
(this sounds so 'stranger' to me now)

anyways! a big hugs to all loyal readers for staying back and constantly visiting my blog! really a big SORRY that the blog was really dead... i just have no choice.. many things i haven't finish up! so therefore, please bare with me for another few weeks, then I'll have Raya break... and I'll be much more free to keep updating! :D
I'm in the midst of having mid-terms exams.. and due date for passing up assignments.. i have more responsibilities than others.. somehow, i have to accept the fact that I'll sleep lesser day by day. I'll get more backaches and shoulder aches.. and i really hope that i won't fall sick! (due to stresses i face everyday!)

so that's it for the naggy introduction! hahahahahaha :P
time for some quick update about many more interesting things that happen to me! :)

first of all! this is a brand new elephant cover i got for my phone! :) 

hhhmmm.. the previous white old cover spoil, and so i had to get another one! and i got this cute clothing for the phone at Ixora food court (for those MMU-ians) the shop where the signboard written Indo rasa! all the way at the back on your right! :) the uncle is such a wonderful friendly person, that you couldn't resist not to buy from me! and btw, i waited for only 3 days for the phone cover! meanwhile, a tip for those who wanna get themselves one! better screen shot the cover you want in your phone, and show it to him! it will be easier to explain to the uncle on what type and what color of cover you wanna get! :) 
*i got mine with smiling face on me! :D

next: if you follow me on instagram! you will see this photo twice.. :P

we celebrated our boss punya birthday at Philea Resort, well plan went really well when all of us intended to surprise him with lotsa people over there! :) then the boyfie was spotted and found because he was just too big size to run away from his sight.. meanwhile, the girlfriends and myself ran like nobody business and manged to escape and the plan continues.. :) 
many people attended and he had the smiley face on him when the clock strikes 12am! :) 
the above picture is the 2 cakes that friend's bought and made for him! so nice right? 

and then tadaaaa!!! the happy 2nd anniversary with the boyfie! 

nothing much to explain or say but we went for movie marathon that day (due to the busy-ness, we watched 2 movies together) we watched Pacific Rim (highly recommended) and Despicable Me 2 (the banananannana).. and after the movie, we went down town to 99 Garden for dinner! :) chose the place simply because the scenery there is just so nice (although all we saw was buildings) :)
thank you for being there throughout the years.. dunno what else to say because i do not have the brain to think of fancy stuffs.. :P

and then another friends' birthday! :)

this time it was Caleb's birthday! (the 'since foundation bestie') so we never celebrate any, because it was mid-term season.. but we bough him pressies! :) i personally chose all the 3 books for him, and i have full confidence he will love it, because i know him well! :D
happy smiling all the way when he received the pressiesss.. well, nothing much to say again.. but although we are not that close anymore! but somehow, we still are close together.. :P
(*not sure what am i saying)

a big thankyou to Glasses Online for this sponsored colored contact lenses

the story goes like this, on this particular day, i was checking my email (as usual) and then i came across this email from them asking me whether am i interested in becoming their ambassador???? i was like WHAT????? :O the first thing i checked was the IP adress, thinking what if it's a cheater or what.. and somehow, sixth sense told me that i should believe in them.. LOL...
went and browse through their website and found out that okay, this online page existed.. and therefore, i replied them! i got to chose what brand, what color of contact lenses i wanted.. hehe :)
and of course, i have to blog and review about it, but i told them not now, because I'm too busy! :)
the above picture is what i chose- Blincon BB Black lenses.. :) will review about it asap!
felt very grateful and thankful that the blog brought happy smiles on me again!
*somehow i wonder how did they find me, they said through the blog, but how??? >.<

and lastly! i had another cover.. this time is a pink giraffe! :)

housemate ordered taobao stuffs, and so i decided to browse through their goods online, and somehow their things are much cheaper than Malaysia.. erm.. but obviously is made in China.. but when the stuffs reached! the quality, color and so on is just way better than i expected.. (maybe they improvised their stuff already after so many complains about the low quality and so on..) this cover cost less than RM15 which is super cheap and they gave me screen protector, the earphone plug thingy with a cloth together which is to wipe the screen.. and many other stuffs! :) 
 bought a purse too, and cost so much cheaper than what i saw at Malacca.. the purse that my brother bought for me at Thailand koyak-ed and i was super emo!!!! no choice to get another purse! :)
hhhmmm, you all may consider getting stuffs at taobao now, because the quality is much better as compared to last time! :)
(*but please don't blame me if you get lousy stuffs okays? so happen all the goods housemates and i bought were very very good) :D

that's all for this quick update!
as you can see July was a very good month for me!
because i see happy faces everyday!
but one thing which is not happy, is the busy-ness and lack of sleep..
so tata from now!!!
*cheers and stay tuned for the next post.. :P