Thursday, 27 June 2013

Randoms and only randoms!

hola!!! :)  a candid blur photo! 

Welcome back! hhhmm.. apologise for the MIA! because am just too busy with EVERYTHING! studies, tutorial home works, assignments, CF, CG... don't even have time to go out window shopping, no time for movies (there are so many nice movies currently!!) and busy enough, i don't even have time to blog.. @.@
forgive me, and i hope i can spare some time out! and i have this pending post about the new phone i got! hhhmm.. i just wonder when shall i blog about it!

anyways! just some randoms stuffs that i encounter in my life! :O

why am i wearing mask??? simply because Malacca had a very bad haze last few weeks!

Haze was just so terrible that i don't even have the mood to step out of my house! all the baju i washed had the haze smell! it's so unbearable, but what choice do i have? towel smelled of smoke, and i just wonder whether my body smell of the haze also.. =.=
thank God that the haze is gone now! and i can see a clearer sky! :D
i believe everyone were praying about it, hoping for rain and so on. but sad to say that, there was no rain at all! but God promised us by clearing the sky! :) 

API of the haze was over 700++ at Muar and i think i can just faint and die if i were at Muar! And Malacca ain't any good either! Malacca had 500++ API if I'm not mistaken! i kept complaining about the haze and hope that i could go back to my hometown simply because they didn't had any haze..
and after a few days, the haze flew all the way to my hometown.. :( 
no chance for me to go back home.. emooozzzzz... >.<

but really thank God that He really cleared of the haze! (perhaps not all, but almost all!) :D

and so, i decided to boil barley! because i takut i fall sick!!! :O

i did not measure on how much barley should i put.. i just simply simply.. and apparently, it came out wonderful delicious! haha.. (not trying to praise myself) but at least, it's nice to drink! hehe :) 
p/s: i did not add any sugar, because i put in the 冬瓜糖 (kundur manis?) 
promised the committee to boil some for them.. but am still thinking when and how, because is kinda hard for me to boil for 11 person, and all i have is a rice cooker! 
perhaps, will find a way! hehe :D
shared with housemate, and barley was my lunch that day! 

celebrated housemate's birthday last night! :)

The housemate's birthday is today! but i bought a cake (those spring roll cake) for an advance birthday celebration! a shout out to her! Happy 19th Birthday to her! and wishing her all the best, and good luck! :D
she went out for celebration with her friends and boyfie, and luckily i was able to come back on time, for a quick singing song, and eating cake celebration! :) 

friends around me mostly are June and July babies!!! especially my group of classmates! almost all of them are July babies.. will be hunting for presents for them soon! hehe :) 

end here! because i have nothing else to say! hahaha XD
nopes! i have to prepare for tonight's CG bible study! 
therefore, chao!!!! take care and byebye! :) 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Welcome back!

Hello lovelies! :D
#love me or hate me :P

Welcome back to the blog! i hope you are still ever waiting for an update.. sorry for being so slack in blogging! blame all to the tight schedule okays? hehe :P
am here to let you know what had happen throughout the few weeks! important ones.. :) 
before anything.. let's see some major activities i had! 

first of all! the ever waiting club registration. 
as you can see in the picture, CLC were flooded with students! 

And obviously, i was part of the club registration too! i was representing Christian Society, and basically is all of us were on duty to seat at the booth to take care and promote our club! :D
and we did back our CHOICES 2012 flash mob! which i still remember all the steps because the song is just simply too nice! :D
our club were flooded with alphas, pretty and handsome ones! :) all of the alphas are way too semangat.. 
many of the strangers came and sign up for CF, and obviously it was a good sign! :D our club are getting bigger and bigger! everyone are willing to come together and worship and serve God.. 

if you did not see my instagram photo.. this it our booth! :) 
we have ECF-English Christian Fellowship
CSS-Catholic Student Society
CCF-Chinese Christian Fellowship

and wanna watch our flash mob video?? i bet you want to, because CF Rocks!!! :) 
click here to watch the video at Facebook! :) all glory goes to God! we did a awesome job and thankkkiuuuu everyone who are willing to participate! :) and we ended club registration today morning.. 
i was just thinking back when i was just about to join CF, and really thank you the CF-ers because i had really got to know God through CF, and i had a really joyful time serving! :D

and just today, we had prayer meeting, and we were told to share our very own testimony.. of course, i shared mine, and i really am impressed with God's work to my life! he really brighten and enlighten my life up! 

and of course, i had my very own INSTAGRAM like 2 weeks back!!!
super awesome! :DDDDD
so if you know me, or want to know me, please kindly follow me okays?
thankkiiuuu.. :D

and the last thing is i had my HPV Vaccination just today!
for free! :)

didn't know that I'm still eligible to have the vaccination injection, and therefore, i went over to LPPKN clinic at MITC, Melaka to have my very first dose! the nurse gave us briefing in case we puke after the injection, or we faint or whatsover! but thankfully, I'm all well after the injection! :D
and i have to go back for the second dose next month, and the last dose during December! >.<
i told the nurse i was scare.. of course lah! it's been so long i haven't get any injection.. hhhmm.. and she did it very well, less than 2 seconds, I'm out from the room! and I'm feeling numbness on my hand.. @.@
went back and take a nap, because i was kinda dizzy and I'm okay now! :D
so for those who were born in the year of 1993 and 1994, faster go get your HPV Vaccination now!! before it expire! :D

for any additional information, please visit LPPKN official website.. get to your nearest LPPKN clinic and get the injection asap! 

okay! that's all for today's post!
stay back for more interesting blog post! :) 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

1st CG Outing

hello and welcome back lovelies!
sorry for being MIA for so long!! 0.0

Class commenced for the first week already! and surprisingly, lecturers are hardworking enough to start teaching! =.=
and there are plenty of tutorial home works to finish up! and I'm hardworking enough to do all of it!!! @.@
*oh ya! and btw, a review on my phone will be coming up asap! :D

as usual, first week was kinda boring and free for me, but CF and CG as usual.. the first CG was an outing! and so, i kinda decided earlier on where to head on to! :D thankful enough, i had 8 little babies with me on that day! hehe :D

proudly present you the babies.. :P
from left: Edmund.N, Edmund.C, Isaiah, Kevin, Samuel

and the other babies!!
from left: Edwin.H, yours truly, Elizabeth, Janice

i treat them as babies simply because I'm the mother for all of them! :O simply because they acted like small kids.. haha! :P
my CG members are way to SIAO! they can laugh crazily over a small matter, and they really will cheer a person's day up! :D
(go and find them if you're moody) :P
and ya! since it's a June intake, therefore, i had additional babies into my CG! hope to get to know them more and pray harder that i can lead them well enough emotionally, physically and spiritually.. :)

and because it was an outing, i brought them to Kensington which is located in the town. we had our dinner there, and we played indoor 'get to know each other' game.. 

My dinner for that day: Roasted Chicken
it was huge enough that i couldn't finish up my food.. >.<

and that we headed to Ice Town for dessert which is just the same row as Kensington.. (down the road) 

Super mango! :D
not cheap tough, but it's super fresh! :) 

Ice Town closes at 10.30 pm, and therefore, we had to say goodbye to each other! had a wonderful time with them.. and hoping that they will come for bible study which is next week! :D

and before i end this post, would like to have a shout out! 

the birthday present for the birthday boy, BEN! 

sorry that i couldn't attend the birthday celebration..(which was a few days back) :'(
well, just hoping that you will love the present, and hoping that you will have good health, good life, good grades, good luck etc. :)

that's all, and the end.. 
will not be blogging so often as classes starts already
have to face the fact that I'm a student..