Thursday, 23 May 2013

Homemade Chocolate Moist Cake and Sponge Cake!

Hello lovelies!!! a 'big smile' because i'ma happy girl!! :D
*sorry for the ugly 'at home' picture

Ah, well!!! it's still my holiday for semester break! (that's why i'm happy) but but.. this makes me happier.. 'when mummy proudly said that she will baked cake for us to makan!' (jumping in the air) :P
if you're a loyal fan of my blog, you'll realise that previously I've blogged about baking cake too!!! 
WHY NOT A RECAP HERE??? i believe you'll be drooling now.. :P

Previously, mummy baked cheese cake (yumms) and this time she baked chocolate moist cake and also sponge cake, also known as 鸡蛋糕 in Chinese! Cake always cheer people up, because they say that eating sweet stuffs can be happier! lol
anyways, i was again the camera girl!!! hehe 

the preparation!!! *just can't wait for it

Mummy mixing the dough with some ingredients.

meanwhile, i helped spreading butter onto the tray

the White Wings Moist Chocolate Cake!!!
behind has the instruction!

STEP 1: preheat oven to 160 degrees. to heat the oven up first!
STEP 2: Grease the baking pan and line the base with baking paper!
STEP 3: Mix the eggs, milk, vegetable oil and flour given in a bowl.
STEP 4: Beat the mixture with an electric mixer and mix it well. 
STEP 5: Pour the dough into the pan 
STEP 6: Put into the oven and bake for 45-50 minutes. 
STEP 7: Once it's done! let it out for cooling! 
STEP 8: of course MAKAN LAH!!!!!

this is STEP 5

tadaaaa!! waiting for it to be baked... :P

meanwhile.. mummy did another cake which is SPONGE CAKE! 

eggs with sugar! mix it well till the dough becomes white in color!!!
(i mean seriously WHITE) >.<

mummy in action!!! it was still kinda yellow.. 

was helping up! hehe :P
*kinda tiring to hold the electric mixer so long.. 

time to put in the flour including baking soda inside!
and this time we added some pancake flour into it!
and the texture came out to be a little different, but it's equally DELICIOUS!

Done mixing it well, and pour it into the baking pan
with a base of baking paper.. 

ready to be put into the oven!!! yay! :D

while waiting for it to be baked!

a close shot of the chocolate moist cake!
i know the look is not as nice as compare to those bakery cake!
but it's homemade! ITS FULL WITH LOVE! <3 p="">

and VOILA!!!! cakesss of the day! :) 

enjoyed nom-ing! hehe :P
thanks for the cake mummy!!! :) 
thanks for staying back!
and stay tuned for the next post
*hint: Running Man?? 
cheerios :D