Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Book Review-FireSpell

hola peeps! how's your holiday for the MMU-ians??
*love playing with the hair!!! :P

Left less than a week before the Gamma Year (Degree 2nd year) trimester 1 starts... YES! INDEED my heart has the heavy stone... of course, who wants to leave house and get back to the stressful life there? i have no choice.. hhhmm.. but i did spend my holiday fruitfully! i had vacation with the family, had wonderful long chat with the besties, and i had a sweet relationship with my novels at home! :D

Hands up if you are a book lover! *me putting up my hands!!!
hhhmm.. World Book Day is during the month of April which was last month! and i did blogged about it 2 years back! well, if you didn't manage to read it, you may now.. (the random post) 

Since i finished a book during the holidays, therefore today's post will be the very first blog post on BOOK REVIEW! have not try any book review, therefore please forgive me if i did not review it well! :P
I'll try my best to do more book review as long as i finish up reading it.. keke.. 
So are you excited??? hehe :D

Let's get started with a naggy story first.. :P 
I love reading books, but after i went into University, i couldn't take out any of my time to read a book  complete reading a book! I'll start and it will never end.. (lame excuse that I'm busy) instead of spending time on Facebook the whole day, i decided to finish up my novels i had! hhmm.. and mission accomplished! manage to finish a book in a week time.. :D
I brought it everywhere i went and tried to finish it up asap, so that i can proceed to the next book! and YES! I'm halfway through the next book! hehe :) 

So what's the book that caught my attention??? 

Firespell by Chloe Neill 

fyi, i chose this book because i felt that the cover is too nice

the front of the book.. 
as you can see the price tag there.. 
i got this book from Big Bad Wolf at KL for only RM8.00!!! 
*screams & regret for not buying more.. T____T

and the back of the book
the photo looks so spell-ish!!! hehe

A brief synopsis about this book! 
The story start off with this girl named Lily Jones, from Manhattan. And both the parents decided to send her off to a boarding school located at Chicago because they had to go to Germany for a sabbatical program (they are both a philosophy professor) and so Lily was sent to this boarding school named St Sophia. 
Things was very fine for her and she met her hostel mate, Scout Greens which  is a lovely girl and practically Lily's best friend in school! :) 

Of course, in this kind of boarding school, there is always the brat pack (happens in the movie too). They tried to bully Lily by making jokes at her. Then things happen, when Scout started to come home late at night, full with bruises on her body and exhausted. Lily tried to ask what had happen, but Scout doesn't wanna explain further to Lily. 

Well, when things really get heated up, Lily had to find Scout all over the school. At that moment, Lily found out that the headmistress, Ms.Foley had been fishy about her parents being. Lily then also found out that she could actually put out light during the dark with her magic powers! :0
And apparently, Scout was a part of the group of teens with unique magic powers!!! (sounds interesting huh?)

There is another group of bad ones who abused their magic powers, named as the Reapers, and the Reapers are the one who got hold of Scout and tied her up! and Lily to the rescue, because she cherish the friendship she has with Scout.. and finally, Lily found out that she has more magic powers! :) 
and of course, she got to know a guy, named Jason (who is a wolf) and Lily was accepted into the group and soon they had assignments to rescue the city!!! :D

-The end-
*shall not be a spoiler and reveal out too many things... :P
the story is so Harry Potter-ish!!! hehe :P
it's interesting enough for me to finish it up so quick... :D

holiday well spent with this book! :) 

thankyou for staying back till the end!
i hope you fell in love with this book.. lol
here is a website for you: Chloe Neill
and wait till i finish another book! :) 
byebye! cheerios! 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

relaxing moment with the family..

Introducing you the nature of Malaysia!!!

Hola hello people!!! :) Welcome back to the blog! After foodie, entertainment post, now let's have a nature environment post! :) 

Last weekend, the mummy decided to go out for picnic, since the brother and me have yet to experience having picnic! we had it once, long long time ago beside the beach! but this time, it's totally different, because we went near a waterfall!!! 
*thumbs up if you love to play with waterfall!

Therefore, the whole family went all the way up to the North of Perak, Kuala Woh (it's located on the way up to Cameron Highlands, slightly above the Sufes Camp Site)
Kuala Woh is a recreational forest park at the foothills of Cameron Highlands, situated nearby Tapah. 
Travelling on windy road again, but lucky for me, it was a short distance up the hill! 
and tadaaaa!!! we have reached our destination! :) 

Let's see how Kuala Woh looks like? (been there before?)

chik chak with the brother first! hehe :P

spot both guys holding the super 'yao yeng' camera???
they were trying hard to snap photos of butterflies! 
(which needs a lot of patience)

one of the Malay family had a real picnic there.. 
they had barbecue... the smell of those food they had was so tempting.. 

the shallow part of the waterfall!!!

they have the King Among Butterflies here!
too bad, i went down the water, and couldn't grab hold of any pictures of it!

the side where we spent the most!
they have a bridge across to the museum too..
(sad to say, the brother was tired.. therefore, we didn't get a chance to visit the museum)

the cafe they had there... under a big big tree.. 

the map of the location!

the changing room! it's actually quite dirty.. 

and so, it was time to get down to the water... apparently, it stated that there is hot spring, so we were eager to submerse ourselves into the hot spring.. but but but, when we reached there, it was just a shallow pool of hot spring.. =.="""
therefore, we just spend time at the rocks there, sitting and enjoying the cool waterfall water! this is not the really big and huge waterfall, but it's just a small one. and even that, the water was flowing so fast! 
*kinda dangerous and all the rocks are very slippery.. 

since it was a picnic, we brought some food over! (too bad i forgot to snap a photo of it... super phailed ) >.<
we brought bananas, chocolate cakes, sausage breads, sweet potatoes from Cameron.. some sort of healthy picnic! hehe :P
and the brother and me played UNO there! the place was sandy, and so, i kinda felt a little discomfort because of all the sands stuck onto my hands and legs... yewwww... :P

spent an hour to two there, and it was noon time! the Sun came out and it was super hot, therefore, we decided to go back home! (our family are scare of Sun) hahahah XD

introducing the cute brother with his favorite cartoon-Winnie the Pooh

and we left the place! hhhmm.. maybe going there next time early in the morning so that we can spend more time there! hehe.. :) 
good bonding place, but it's kinda too hot for bonding with all the sweats! :P

you can check out the website HERE for more information about Kuala Woh! anyhow! good experience!
fyi, they even have chalet there, for those who wanna overnight! :) 

the end.. 
cheerios! :)
stay tuned for the next post: book review!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Running Man MMU CF edition!!!

Peace out!!! (the signature pose) :)

Hello and welcome back! Had a great weekend??? i hope you did! because i enjoyed my weekend with the family and also the besties! :) 
but before anything! Today's blog post will be talking about RUNNING MAN!!!! 
Well, for those who do not know what is Running Man all about, here is a brief introduction for you! Running Man is an Korean entertainment show, whereby those Koreans gather together as a team to compete against each other and in between they have funny interesting games and sometimes in a couple team! I think most of the people are obsessed with Running Man!! and i watched it just last month due to the influence of the friends in campus!!!! >.< 

And CF organize a Running Man MMU CF edition! a few of the committees were helping up as the helper, and thanks to them! i enjoyed so much despite the running and sweating! (a kind of exercise) :P
So let's get started okays??? Embrace yourself with lotsa pictures!!!!! :) 

Introduce the CF Running Man!!!!!
(spot me inside??)
photo credits to our big boss: Chris!!! 

We had 3 games in total, and the first game required us to be divided into 2 teams. And each team will have 2 bucks to get drinks from the vending machine (our campus has vending machine for drinks) but the terms was 3 of the team member cannot touch the ground, and obviously people have to piggy back them!!! :) 
and i was the one who hold the money and had to run over to the vending machine to get a bottle of grapes drink.. and throughout the running, i can feel the tiredness for those who piggy backed people.. and our team had to do it once more from the beginning because we let go the people on the floor.. >.<

and after getting the drink, we had to run back to the starting point to drink up the drink using some small tiny spoon and fork!!! (like what?? use fork to drink?? )

this was the other team drinking.. they reached first.. 

both teams manged to get the Running paper because we all finished in time.. Running paper is like a reward after every race provided that you won the game! and if for example, the first game was in a team, therefore, all the members has running paper. and all the paper will be put into a box and at the end of the game, the helpers will draw lots the paper, and for those people who were called are safe from punishment! :) 

let's proceed to the second game which is the most interesting yet fun one!!! :) 
the chasing game!!! consists of the good and the bad ones (simplified it for easier understanding) all of us were put together into a couple, and then, some of the couple has bells on their legs, which we do not know who has it. We have to observe and guess which couple is the bad one, and we have to try out best to tear of their ring paper on their hands! hhhmmm.. game starts!!!! :0

when you get to know someone is coming for you!!!
this happens.. :P
also both couple team
#The couple team 1: Betty and Edwin

#the couple team 2
our current president and past president
Christopher and Edmund! :) 

#the couple team 3
Adrian and Doraemon a.k.a Sze Mun

#the couple team 4
Kevin and Joshua Tan 

#the couple team 5
Maureen and Sha

#the couple team 6
Joshua Lim and myself!

#the couple team 7
Noel and Jui Shan

#the random same height people
from the left: Adrian Lim, Doraemon, Vanessa and Me!!! 

Ooopsss.. trying to run away from people.. 

and in the end, my group were cheated by some other group! well, i had the sixth sense that they are the bad ones, was trying hard to protect the paper wrist band, but they attacked us from behind, and too bad! we were out from the game.. >.<
but i really thank God that we were put into a team, because i was having my xxx during that day, and practically my legs has totally no energy to run so much! legs were tired and most of the time my leg were very unstable.. but thanks to the partner a.k.a Josh Lim!! we were tied up together so i know that even i fall, he is there to pull me up!!! hehe, thank you dear brother Josh!!! :) 

and then the 3rd game which is also the last game is all about COINS!!!! 
the helpers spread all the coins onto the stairs and the game was to find the colored ones! whereby one of the member had to put their head into a bucket of water and to tahan their breath as long as possible. 

my team! and i looked like i wanna kiss someone.. 0.0

my team! spot me?? hehe :) 

trying hard to find as many as possible in a short time!!!

our boss-Noel who volunteered.. 

and Abel wanted a shot on this!!! kinda cool!!! 0.0

wooohoo!!! one of the helper-Hannah 
the pretty lady!!! :) 

the other group resting.. tired huh? 

the brains behind the game. 
Janice and Felicia

and then game over with the winner!!!! time for drawing lots.. and tadaaaaaa my name was called out! and yea, i was safe from punishment! teehehee :P

and let's see what and who got punished?? 

the only 2 girls with all the toys with them.. 
they were supposed to sing a song during ordering food at mamak.. 
but i think they didn't do it.. >.<

and then the fantastic FIVE!!!! 
wearing headbands as punishment.. 
they had to wear it for supper at mamak! hehe ;P

and that's the end of the Running Man MMU CF edition.. if you missed the chance, there will be more to come! so stay tuned for any CF updates!!! hehehe :) 
thank you so much for the helpers and those who organize this Running Man, i really enjoyed and sweat a lot!!! hehe :D 
hope there will be more Running Man coming up!!!! :) 

Everyone went for supper (it's a MUST thingy) to chat and bond among each  other! well done people!!! :) 

the end of today's post!
stay tuned for more!
kthxbyebye! :) 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Homemade Chocolate Moist Cake and Sponge Cake!

Hello lovelies!!! a 'big smile' because i'ma happy girl!! :D
*sorry for the ugly 'at home' picture

Ah, well!!! it's still my holiday for semester break! (that's why i'm happy) but but.. this makes me happier.. 'when mummy proudly said that she will baked cake for us to makan!' (jumping in the air) :P
if you're a loyal fan of my blog, you'll realise that previously I've blogged about baking cake too!!! 
WHY NOT A RECAP HERE??? i believe you'll be drooling now.. :P

Previously, mummy baked cheese cake (yumms) and this time she baked chocolate moist cake and also sponge cake, also known as 鸡蛋糕 in Chinese! Cake always cheer people up, because they say that eating sweet stuffs can be happier! lol
anyways, i was again the camera girl!!! hehe 

the preparation!!! *just can't wait for it

Mummy mixing the dough with some ingredients.

meanwhile, i helped spreading butter onto the tray

the White Wings Moist Chocolate Cake!!!
behind has the instruction!

STEP 1: preheat oven to 160 degrees. to heat the oven up first!
STEP 2: Grease the baking pan and line the base with baking paper!
STEP 3: Mix the eggs, milk, vegetable oil and flour given in a bowl.
STEP 4: Beat the mixture with an electric mixer and mix it well. 
STEP 5: Pour the dough into the pan 
STEP 6: Put into the oven and bake for 45-50 minutes. 
STEP 7: Once it's done! let it out for cooling! 
STEP 8: of course MAKAN LAH!!!!!

this is STEP 5

tadaaaa!! waiting for it to be baked... :P

meanwhile.. mummy did another cake which is SPONGE CAKE! 

eggs with sugar! mix it well till the dough becomes white in color!!!
(i mean seriously WHITE) >.<

mummy in action!!! it was still kinda yellow.. 

was helping up! hehe :P
*kinda tiring to hold the electric mixer so long.. 

time to put in the flour including baking soda inside!
and this time we added some pancake flour into it!
and the texture came out to be a little different, but it's equally DELICIOUS!

Done mixing it well, and pour it into the baking pan
with a base of baking paper.. 

ready to be put into the oven!!! yay! :D

while waiting for it to be baked!

a close shot of the chocolate moist cake!
i know the look is not as nice as compare to those bakery cake!
but it's homemade! ITS FULL WITH LOVE! <3 p="">

and VOILA!!!! cakesss of the day! :) 

enjoyed nom-ing! hehe :P
thanks for the cake mummy!!! :) 
thanks for staying back!
and stay tuned for the next post
*hint: Running Man?? 
cheerios :D