Sunday, 21 April 2013

Nike (Part 3)

good afternoon lovelies!

Was suppose to attend church service today, but i couldn't get out of bed.. the pain was just killing me.. :'(
God please take away the pain okay??? thankyou! 
anyways! before i start today's post.. would like to tell you readers that i joined RUNNING MAN MMU Malacca ECF edition last night! it was just a superb awesome game!!! hehe.. :)
run like crazy in campus, and my legs were out of energy and it felt so weak! thanks to my partner who were actually chained with me.. if i was alone running around, i will just die flat there.. >.< haha! :)
good fellowship time we had! and i hope for more Running Man!!!! hehehe

back to topic! the topic for today will be Nike (Part 3) and why i put Part 3?? is because i blogged about it way before.. (2 years back!!!) wanna read the previous post? here you go.. Nike (Part 2)...  Nike was my very first expensive shoe i had 2 years back! it was the casual walking type of Nike.. Mummy bought it because i was about to step into Uni.. :) and 2 years later, she bought me another Nike Running shoes.. :)
always admire the brother because he get to buy costly and nice shoes (because he is a boy) and i always wanted Nike shoes! got the previous Nike shoe from Al-Ikhsan.. and this time, is from Genting!!! hehe

you all may be wondering why i got it from Genting, because Genting stuffs are never cheap.. but you are wrong!!!! Genting Nike is some kind of Factory outlet.. therefore, their price is way cheaper than Nike shops outside!!! :) i actually never notice about it, until i really went in and really look at things.. then only i found out that their price is actually cheaper (thanks to boyfie who pulled me in Nike shop)

without further ado.. lets see my brand new Nike!!!! :)

little baby!!! hehe 
super comfy and nice :)

nice or not?? wore it for the first time for Running Man last night!!! it's super light! :) my legs are kinda sensitive therefore, i can't wear hard shoes or shoes that will hurt my leg.. >.<

okay, anyway!!!! for those who are at Genting!!!
they are having a weekend sales! their sales are 15% off with purchase over RM250 in a single receipt!!!! so faster go grab something from there!!!! hehe :)

what are you waiting for?? faster go grab something!!!!

for those who do not know where is Nike at Genting.. 
this is the address:
Lot F/L2B.3, Level T2B, First World Plaza.. 
if you do not know where is it about... 
go and find Bowling centre.. then you will see Nike nearby! :)

Nike's website: Nike Malaysia
Nike's Facebook: Facebook Nike Malaysia

that's all for today!
have to get back to assignments etc.. 
will blog about Genting Graffiti asap!!! :)
stay tuned! :D