Monday, 29 April 2013

Beauty Post-Blackheads

loving photos taken with ipad mini!!!! 0.o

Hello readers! Am back for the moment! been kinda busy with assignments and finals this few days.. Assignments are all done! hooray!!! :)
but finals are coming soon.. :(  in less than 2 weeks i guess.. trying hard to focus so that i can score well.. :P

Anyways, a short blog post is better than nothing! hehe :D
let's get started!!!! ever wonder why our face (mostly girls) will have blackheads ?? Blackheads are those tiny black plugs in the face and usually excess oil that are trapped in your skin's sebaceous glands is the main cause of having blackheads. I think most of the girls who has blackheads will tend to get frustrated when she looks into the mirror right???

Ah ha!!!!!! i have some tips on reducing blackheads! :)
wanna know what are those tips?? stay tuned till the end of the post! keke :P

To cleanse and wash your face often is not the key, it not only dehydrates your face, but also makes your face less moisture! therefore, you have to know a few tips instead of keep cleansing your face etc. have a look on the different types of skin!

blackheads can be reduce by using a few home products (which you can get anywhere!)
  1. toothpaste! never imagine that the daily product you used can actually reduce blackheads??? 
    • apply a thin paste on the infected areas and let it be for 25 minutes. You have to wash you face thoroughly after removing the toothpaste on the infected areas. 
    • Do this alternate days! 
  2. Tomato! It has natural antiseptics properties that will dry up white and blackheads
    • peel and mash a small tomato, apply it onto the infected areas before going to bed.
    • wash your face with warm water during the morning (leave it overnight)
  3. Lemon! 
    • wash you face with warm water, and squeeze the lemon into a bowl
    • add a pinch of salt and stir it well, apply it on infected areas and leave it for 20 minutes
    • wash off the residue on your face
  4. Cornstarch! yewwwwww
    • mix 3:1 cornstarch with vinegar into a paste. apply it to infected areas for around 15-30 minutes.
    • Remove the paste with warm water and sponge. 
  5. Rice! it's a traditional therapy used everywhere
    • Soak rice with milk for about 5 hours then grind it till it turns into a paste form.
    • Then take the paste and scrub it on infected areas.
  6. Baking Soda
    • Prepare a mixture of equal parts of baking soda and water an rub it onto infected areas.
    • Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. 
  7. Honey! sounds so sweet.. :0
    • spread honey around infected areas and leave it for 15 minutes. 
    • remove it by washing away! or you can choose to eat it up! :P
The best way to reduce blackheads is often used in facial shops! is to use a facial steamer!!!! :)
ever try facial steamer? i had! it makes me hard to breathe.. lol.. 
and i kept drooling because the steam was a hot one!!! >.<

the Panasonic Nanocare facial steamer.. 

Hhhhmm.. is kinda expensive but i think is worth the buying! in order to have a baby skin...
too bad i do not have the $$$ to get one! perhaps later when I'm working! :) 
therefore, all i could do is to use the homemade therapy!!!! 
you may exfoliate your face once in a week too!!! i do that usually.. :)

am currently using this! it's not bad! hehe :)
and the price is reasonable too.. 

hope it helps!!! good luck.. 
that's all for today's post!!!!
cheerios.. gonna get back to studies.. :)
great day ahead! :D

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Samsung latest S4!!

Ohayo!  good evening! :)

Welcome back! i hope all zee readers are still awake! keke :)
anyways! will blog about something interesting this time! but before anything.. hhhmmm, perhaps a recap on what i did today! First of all, i had a continuous 8 hours of class today, from 8am till 4pm (i almost fell asleep in class) >.<
i totally lost focus during the 2pm class! i just have no idea why, i kept paying attention, but i just can't! 8 hours of class in a day without any break is just horrible!!! urgh! @.@ and my group finished our presentation on 'client interview-debt claims'! woohoo!!! I was the lawyer accompanied with another group member, SK and boyfie was an old uncle who came to us for legal consultation.. hehe :)

since we got hold of the perfect angle... we kept taking pictures
i kept taking photos.. =.="

Currently, assignments are all done! getting ready for passing up, and time to focus on finals! Final exams will be in 2 weeks time, and i haven't study anything (better go bang on the wall) and oh ya! something more important than anything! i ate LALA BIHUN for dinner today!!!! 
with such cold weather, ate a bowl of hot burning Lala Bihun and i'ma happy girl! :D
first time eating, and of course it was delicious! hehe :) housemates kept telling me about that place, and i didn't even notice that it was situated just right beside my friend's house! so mission accomplished! YAY! :)

ohhhh.. and recap backwards a little bit.. yesterday was the last CF we had for this trimester, and yea i served in CF becoming a backup singer! i just hope that my singing was okay, because i'm not that talented lah!!!! so if my singing just makes your ears itchy, then I'm sorry ya! hehe :)

okay! back to the topic! of course you will know what will i be talking about! S4. so let's get started! :D
First of all, Samsung Galaxy S4 just came to Malaysia not long ago! and i bet people will be lining up to get one for themselves too!!! It's a better version of S3.. lols 

the front of the phone!
It weighs 130g only :)

the back of the phone! 
loving the white color! 

side view! 
It has Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.0 inches 
and it's protected with 'Corning Gorilla Glass 3'
(sounds very tough) :P

of course! it has a slim body!!! 
Dimension is: 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm (5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 in)

it's using Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
and it has dual camera (duh???) 13MP(back) and 2MP(front) 

Samsung Galaxy S4 makes your life richer, simpler, and more fun. As a real life companion, the new Samsung GALAXY S4 helps bring us closer and captures those fun moments when we are together. Each feature was designed to simplify our daily lives. Besides, it cares enough to monitor our health and well-being. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not only there when you're having fun, but it also brings people closer, to simply everyday tasks and also adjust to you! In conclusion, S4 will be and always be there for you! :)

watch this video for more information about S4! :)

interesting?? yes! i'm in love with it too!!! Now a great news is that DiGi has come out with a DiGi plan that suits Samsung S4 just for you! You're able to pre-order now and you will receive S4 on your doorstep on 27th April 2013 :) (that's in 3 days time) 
It is only RM1199 for the device and you get to choose which plan you want!

*click on the photo to have a better view!
or you may visit DiGi's website

Hhhmmm.. what do you think about it? how i wish I'm one of the billionaire! then i can get one Samsung Galaxy S4 for myself! ;) Therefore, for those who wish or intend to change his/her phone! Samsung Galaxy S4 will be a good choice! :) 

Last but not least! you can visit Samsung's website here and they have Facebook page too!!! Faster go grab one if you like it or in need of it!!!! :)

thanks for reading! 
have a good night sleep!!!! :D
stay tuned for more interesting post!!!! 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Nuffnang event: Genting Graffiti Art Finale

***warning warning: will be a super duper long post! :)***

Welcome lovelies! as promised.. 
i will be blogging about my very first Nuffnang event!!!
*claps hands!! :D

A very good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.. i know this is a kinda back-dated post! but is better to be late then never right?? hehe :) 
will start right now! this was my very very first Nuffnang event! thanks to Genting & Nuffnang for inviting me over to Genting to join their Graffiti event! :) I did mentioned earlier in one of my blog post.. if you forgot about it, you may recall back here :)
We were are told to gather at Wisma Genting, KL at 8.00am-8.30am..(that day was a Saturday) I went down to KL with boyfie during Friday to meet up with my dad! then later on my mum and brother.. :) 

Thanks to dad who fetched us over to Wisma Genting early in the morning! Once i reached there, many other bloggers were there already! (super on time!) of course, i was still very shy to make friends, therefore i sat there only till the bus arrived! Tik tok tik tok!! time passed super fast! and after 1 hour, we were all at Genting already!!!! yippie! :)

First thing we did was to get down from the bus and checked in our luggage (i went on backpack) and then we headed straight to Outdoor theme park! of course, we were given our express pass, which we can walk in and out Theme Park like a boss! :P

the express pass! weeee :)

i couldn't really remember how does the event flow went.. therefore, i shall just give a brief instead of being so 'long gas'! :)
first of all, we were all welcome by the handsome hosts-Dennis and Chris from Elecoldxhot! 

spot them with the logo of DJ Eva T?? 

they were of course very funny yet friendly! then, they had a BMX showcase! (bike performance)

a few combined pictures!!!
they were all very awesome!!!!
loving the white and blue shirt guy! :)
their skills are way too good 

then it was the Graffiti Art RainCoat Fashion Show!!! 

wooo! way to go ladies! :)

they drew graffiti art on the raincoat!!! :)

meanwhile, boyfie and me decided to head over to the self sprayed Graffiti board! we were allowed to make our own graffiti!!! hhhmm.. sounds interesting! :)

woooh!!! boyfie took the can and started to spray!!!
i knew what is he gonna do after i saw his initial.. :P

retarded face blocked.. :P
i drew the LOVE!

thanks to the stranger for taking this photooo for us! :)

After everything, we were brought over to the new ride! we were given free pass to ride it! hehe :) the new ride is called THE WAVES! (sounds interesting???)

proudly present you THE WAVES!!!! 

go try it for yourself please.. 
it's awesome!!!! :D

i know am short.. but am qualified to play!!! YAY! 

boyfie said it is a must to ride on this!!!! :P

After the ride, everyone was hungry! and so, we headed to Happy Valley Restaurant for our lunch!!! :)

1. Soup 2. Vegetables 3. Taufu 4. Fish 5. Logo 6. Egg 7. Chicken
8. Prawns 9. Little girl love eating rice! 

thanks to Genting! we had super awesome lunch!!! all sponsored by Genting! hehe :)
and then we proceed back to the stage at outdoor theme park! they invited DJ Eva T too!!! 

they were all getting ready for the Songkran Festival (which i did not join because i just recovered and the weather is super cold) :0

before anything!!!! see who we met??
Jin from and also JinnyBoy TV

ooopss! retarded face again!
actually my eyes were closing.. =.="

boyfie wanted to steal the car.. >.<

wooo!!! sexy lady! o.0
she is trying to hide her boobs with the water gun.. lols. 

for those who do not know what Songkran Festival is? i shall tell you.. It is a water festival at Thailand! they sprinkle water on each other to give blessings, but now! people use the whole pail of water to play instead.. >.< It is known as 泼水节 in Chinese! :)
Therefore, i went into my hotel room and rest while waiting for the time to pass! Genting is generous enough to give us a deluxe room! with a very nice view of the whole Genting! :)
(too bad i forgot to take photo.. )

dinner time!!! :)
some random photos!
spot how they spell Nuffnag Nuffnang??

Once again Genting was treating us too well! they provide us a super expensive buffet dinner! i asked the receptionist for the price, and it cost almost RM80+++ @.@ tummy was like super big after eating such wonderful meal!!!! :0
after dinner, we proceed back to Outdoor theme park for the ever waiting Elecoldxhot dance performance!!! woohoo! :)
they had 2 performances, first was the LED light performance, and second was a normal one!
i recorded it with my camera! therefore, you shall watch it! hehe :)

wooohoo!! talented dancers!!! 
and boyfie and me with the London bus! :)

1. LED light performance!

2. Normal Dance Performance! 

Both equally awesome!!! hehe :) we finished around 8.30pm and we had our free and easy time!!! of course! i went to look around for my family! they came along too, but with their own car and to have some relax time! hehe :) 
we went walking around and tadaaa! that was the time i got my little baby! 

Nike Running Shoes!
blog about it in the previous blog post.. :)

Of course, everyone was dead tired! had a wonderful sleep! and boom! it was the next day! (super fast)
woke up kinda early, because we were told to gather at 8am for buffet breakfast at First World Cafe! ooopsss.. no picture! (was busy eating) :P
we were all treated just like a King! everyone grabbing food to makan.. haha :P

a combined photos of all the Graffiti Art! super awesome!!! ;)

a few photos of graffiti and also the lunch for the 2nd day! :)

and we did a Harlem Shake video too!!!! will try to get the video asap!!! hehe.. but you will see my hands thats all! lol.. ;P

a group photo!!! spot me!! :)
took this from Elecoldxhot's Facebook! :)

After all the photos viewed? how do you think about the trip? hahaha! XD
one word: AWESOME!!!!! 
really a big thank you to Nuffnang and also Genting!!! :)
Last but not least: ootd!!! :)

#ootd Day 1:-
Mickey Minnie Shirt: Bangkok
Leggings: Somewhere??? @.@
Shoes: BarleyCorn Leather
Cardigan (not in pic): Padini

#ootd Day 2:-
Chiffon shirt: Brands oulet
Blue pants: Voir Exchange
Shoes: BarleyCorn Leather
Shawl: Singapore (mum's) mine is purple in color! 

just wanna make a shout out! 
thank you to Nuffnang for this kind invitation!
thank you to Genting for being so generous to us!
thank you to boyfie for being my partner for that 2 days!
thank you to family who supported me all the way up the hill! :)

if you missed any photos?? you may pay a visit at my Facebook Page: Graffiti Genting Photos... :)
you will be amazed with all the other pictures! hehe :)

thankyou for staying back!
stay tuned for more interesting blog posts!!! :)
cheerios! :D

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Nike (Part 3)

good afternoon lovelies!

Was suppose to attend church service today, but i couldn't get out of bed.. the pain was just killing me.. :'(
God please take away the pain okay??? thankyou! 
anyways! before i start today's post.. would like to tell you readers that i joined RUNNING MAN MMU Malacca ECF edition last night! it was just a superb awesome game!!! hehe.. :)
run like crazy in campus, and my legs were out of energy and it felt so weak! thanks to my partner who were actually chained with me.. if i was alone running around, i will just die flat there.. >.< haha! :)
good fellowship time we had! and i hope for more Running Man!!!! hehehe

back to topic! the topic for today will be Nike (Part 3) and why i put Part 3?? is because i blogged about it way before.. (2 years back!!!) wanna read the previous post? here you go.. Nike (Part 2)...  Nike was my very first expensive shoe i had 2 years back! it was the casual walking type of Nike.. Mummy bought it because i was about to step into Uni.. :) and 2 years later, she bought me another Nike Running shoes.. :)
always admire the brother because he get to buy costly and nice shoes (because he is a boy) and i always wanted Nike shoes! got the previous Nike shoe from Al-Ikhsan.. and this time, is from Genting!!! hehe

you all may be wondering why i got it from Genting, because Genting stuffs are never cheap.. but you are wrong!!!! Genting Nike is some kind of Factory outlet.. therefore, their price is way cheaper than Nike shops outside!!! :) i actually never notice about it, until i really went in and really look at things.. then only i found out that their price is actually cheaper (thanks to boyfie who pulled me in Nike shop)

without further ado.. lets see my brand new Nike!!!! :)

little baby!!! hehe 
super comfy and nice :)

nice or not?? wore it for the first time for Running Man last night!!! it's super light! :) my legs are kinda sensitive therefore, i can't wear hard shoes or shoes that will hurt my leg.. >.<

okay, anyway!!!! for those who are at Genting!!!
they are having a weekend sales! their sales are 15% off with purchase over RM250 in a single receipt!!!! so faster go grab something from there!!!! hehe :)

what are you waiting for?? faster go grab something!!!!

for those who do not know where is Nike at Genting.. 
this is the address:
Lot F/L2B.3, Level T2B, First World Plaza.. 
if you do not know where is it about... 
go and find Bowling centre.. then you will see Nike nearby! :)

Nike's website: Nike Malaysia
Nike's Facebook: Facebook Nike Malaysia

that's all for today!
have to get back to assignments etc.. 
will blog about Genting Graffiti asap!!! :)
stay tuned! :D

Thursday, 18 April 2013

when i was just a small little kiddo!

Hello dear lovelies.. 
Welcome back to zeeeee's blog! 
been cracking my head on what to blog because the photos for Genting YNOT Graffiti Finale are not ready! therefore, the post shall be postpone! :) but stay tuned for the next post kay??? (not yet start today's post, already talk about next post.. =.=) 

Okay, so let's get started!!! been very busy this week due to assignments, tutorial homeworks, CF event (BSAD) and etc etc... but somehow, i haz time to blog! keke :)
today's post will be flooded with my pictures.. because it will be a post about my kiddo life! lols.. :)

I'm a photo-taking lover since when i was a kid! hhhmm.. my mum will be my personal photographer.. keke :) it's very common when mother take photo for kids lah! because they will think their kids are so cute.. but now, no more already :( all also must self-shot

when i was just a small baby! very chubby at that time, and now, I'm still chubby!!!
 i think i was born quite heavy! >.<

then, when i was slightly older!
still love taking photos!!! :)
i remembered i had this photo taken with all my plushies!!!
got minnie mouse, got this and got that! @.@

with my tricycle!
always fetch cousie behind! hehe :)

and when i grew older again! 
face still equally chubby! :(
i haz little hair when i was a kid.. (dunno why??)

this are all my childhood favorite photos.. quality of the photo is kinda lousy because i took it with my phone, instead of camera.. but as long can see my face then enough! hehe :)
and now i grew up into a young lady still love taking photos.. :P

and i grow up till like this
still chubby as usual.. >.<

grew up becoming crazier in posing! :P
face did not change at all since i was a kiddo!

all my ugly photos are revealed out!!!! (i know i am not pretty! but i am chubby in my own way!) =.="
trying to flash back my memories! keke :) 
just a short post to keep my blog alive! will be back soon once i have some ideas on what to blog! 

thxforreading! byebye! :D