Saturday, 16 March 2013

Resort World Genting's YNOT Graffiti Competition

hello lovelies!!! :) 

Hello to everybody out there! as you can see in my blog post title.. it clearly states that i will be blogging about Graffiti!!!!! :) 

Let's get started.. i am a not so good drawer, but i love and always admire people's drawing! it will always be full of meaning in it.. i remember when i was a small girl back then, i used to go for drawing classes and i even managed to compete in drawing competition till state level! and i got consolation prize.. lol lol.. >.< my drawing never ever been good, i just dunno why?? i don't have the hands to do so! hehe :)

but anyways, graffiti is another way of drawing.. but graffiti is drawing on the WALL!!!! Graffiti can either be drawing or writing scribbled, scratched or sprayed on the wall.. it is known as 壁画 in Chinese.. 
a little history of graffiti before anything.. (i myself do not know graffiti well, but i make an effort to do some research) teehee.. :)

Graffiti existed in this world for over a million of yearsssss!!!!! During the olden days, the Romans wrote and drew illustrations on their cave walls to indicate something.. as all of us learn Sejarah (history) last time, we always can see some crafting of illustrations in our textbooks!!! i guess at that time, that was their graffiti.. 
Graffiti came from New York, it was then spread throughout other states. People back then just know how to write their name on any street walls, but then it slowly and gradually became an art that people know how to admire... did i forget to mention that they even use graffiti as a way to mark territory? how cool is it.. :)
Graffiti is an art by the youngsters, it inspired the young artists to express themselves through graffiti, they draw what they wanted and how ugly they draw, is still very nice! :)

but then, graffiti tend to become something that the society thinks that is kinda bad by vandalising the walls!!! the people thinks that graffiti represented gang activity.. Lee Quiñones also known as George Lee Quiñones is an American graffiti artist, he is one of the artist to change the grimy place near Brooklyn bridge into an incredible gallery of art! Since 5 years old, he had been drawing till now.. Just only a young boy, he knows how to draw colourful characters of his neighbourhood, animation series, even science fiction.. he just had the talent in him.. hahahaha! 

another talented graffiti King is TATS CRU!! It is a group of professional muralists that paints New York's subways and streets! sometimes, they are paid to do so for advertisement.. :) i always watched TVB dramas, and when the people start to draw on the walls, the police will come after them, because to them it is against the law.. lolsssss..  :P Malaysia has graffiti too, but is hard to find those nice nice ones... all i see when i was walking along the streets are a true vandalism of drawing vulgar words on the walls.. >.<

some pictures i got from the Internet to show you all first before you all get bored and stop reading.. 

eh.. so cute!!!! see.. graffiti is just so nice.. not a vandalism.. :)

when the smurf gets angry!!! haha.. :P

it's complicated to see.. but it is always nice to see too! 

just imagine how long it took to draw the whole building.. 

okay, after all the historiesssss and the picturesssss.. got the idea on how graffiti looks like? i bet you do!!! so now let's continue!!!!

Resort World Genting will be having a graffiti competition, named YNOT Graffiti Competition.. in fact, is happening now.. lols.. the call of submission is during the period of 21st February 2013 till 13th March 2013 which has already close for submission!!!! but right now.. is it the voting period from 15th March 2013 till 28th March 2013 

summary of it!!! easier to see.. :)

This is the first time Genting is hosting a graffiti competition. Genting's YNOT graffiti event is consulted by Philip Wong. He was appointed as a committee member of Asia Invitation Art Exhibition there and continues to recommend Malaysian artists to receive Asia Art Awards in Seoul. When he was 6 years, his dream was to become an aspiring artist, he not only draws, but also perform in performing arts. His speciality is transparent glass painting since 1993 (which is the year i was born.. lol) He had also launched his Necktie Art in aid of the National Art Gallery Art Endowment Fund in 2010. Besides drawing for the sake of drawing, he contributes his art for auction in any community service for example the Hospis Malaysia fund raising etc. His art reflects his ideology when he says that everyone is the same and treats no one differently... :)

as the title of my blog post is YNOT graffiti competition.. what is YNOT? let me tell you a brief of YNOT!!!
YNOT believes that the youth in today's society has the ability to do great things but today's society is yet to discover their capability and thinks that is better to block away their capability. YNOT believes in asking the question, "WHY NOT?" as the sky can be the limit for their untapped potentials. this is obviously to help develop the youth in our country. Therefore, they brought up this competition for the youngsters to express their feelings and skills in graffiti art! and of course to lead them to a better future!!! :)

the YNOT Graffiti Competition is divided into 2 categories which are :-
  1. open category
  2. student category
The competition is open only to all graffiti art enthusiasts who are 18 years old and above as of 1 January 2013. but the call for submission is closed already.. Judges will judge based on the few criteria which are the :-
  • Colour: How well contestants use and combine colours (i like colourful colourful ones)
  • Originality: Unique and creative graffiti (genuine ones)
  • Technique: Evaluate based on their spray can control and techniques 
  • Composition: Design and attractiveness of their art
  • Content: must be theme-related and appropriate for public display

Something to note that: only aerosol spray paint is allowed in the competition. Paints and other materials will be provided by the organiser at the contest venue with six types of colours available (white, black, green, blue, red and yellow) 

you all can view their website HERE for more info on their rules and regulations on the competition. 

Now, is prizes time!!!! :) they divided into 2 types of prizes which are the judges award and the Facebook Voting award. 

Judges Award
  • Open category
    • Champion: RM3,000 cash and Langkawi holiday package
    • 1st runner up: RM2,000 cash and Awana Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • 2nd runner up: RM1,000 cash and First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • Consolation: First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
  • Student category
    • Champion: RM1,000 cash and First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • 1st runner up: RM800 cash and First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • 2nd runner up: RM500 cash and First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • Consolation: First World Hotel superior room 2 days 1 night stay
Facebook Voting Award basically has the same prize as the Judges Award!!!! their prize are so cool!!! If I'm good at graffiti i sure go and join.. but too bad, i do not have the talent.. :'(

want see my work for graffiti?? very ugly de lah!! but just to share only.. hehe

tried in one of the website.. 
did one on my name: FIONA.. 

so ugly.. i just try for fun.. lols.. >.<

anyways, in conjunction with the graffiti competition, Resort World Genting has installed 8 masterpieces all around bus stops at Klang Valley.. :) It was prepared by 3 colleges and 2 artists.. they beautified the bus shelters into so nice!!!! wanna have a look?? 

Alpha College at Lebuh Bandar Utama (Bandar Utama).. 
their art macam like people singing and dancing.. hehe

Aswara College at Jalan Ampang (nearby Avenue K).. 
they really have the talent in graffiti.. so nice!!!! 

IACT college at Jalan Barat (near PJ Hilton)
so many people sitting at the bus stop.. lols.. 

Aswara College at Jalan Pudu (infront Tung Shin)

Alpha College at Jalan Semantan (opposite UOA)
the last graffiti (oppa gangam style) haha :P

IACT College at Jalan University (opposite Mahsa)
what is the word??? FUN? 

Nazmi at Jalan Sultan Ismail (opposite Hard Rock)
so nice right??? draw until so alike.. :)))))

Chekri at Jalan Raja Chulan (near Segi).. 

hahahaha.. so cool of them to follow what the graffiti is.. 

the common oppa gangam style.. :)

so how do you guys feel about graffiti art work??? after some researching and spending time to admire those arts.. i feel that graffiti is just too awesome! why i say so? it is because people are so talented that they can use aerosol paint spray to come out with a drawing which really show out their talent in it! how awesome!!! :)

besides,  they did not vandalize.. the beautified the whole bus shelter! i hope there will be more and more graffiti work out there to spread the ART to the society! 

okay.. want to know when and where is the finale of the YNOT Graffiti Competition? 
It will be on the
DATE: 13.4.2012 -14.4.2013 (Sat and Sun)
Time: to be confirmed 
Venue: where else, of course GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!!! 

to those who wants to vote.. 
you can vote HERE.. fast fast vote
your vote may make a difference!!! :)
so faster vote!!!!!!! :)))))
so!!!! thanks for reading.. hehe 
i hope that you learn something new today! :D