Monday, 18 March 2013

beauty night routine before hitting the sack

konichiwaaaa readers! greetings from Emerald Park.. >.<

hehe.. :) it's almost midnight now.. and I'm still blogging, not even sleeping! >.< i guess i slept too much during afternoon nap.. :P
i was reading chicken soup for the soul 'say goodbye to back pain!'  and i fall asleep... haha

anyways! as you can see from the title of post, is talking about night beauty routine! yeap! i am gonna talk about my night routine before hitting the sack! :) never fail to not do these steps.. :)
lets get started!!! hehe

STEP 1: i always wash my face first of course.. (like duh??) 
I'm using Bio-Essence Tanaka White Range (Gentle Cleansing Foam) 
oh ya.. long time ago i did a review on Bio-Essence, you can read it if you had not read the blog post before.. you can read it HERE.. :)

this is it!!! my cleansing foam (it's of course nice to use)

after cleansing my face.. 
STEP 2: i apply toner first.. 

this is the toner, it is known as double whitening clarifying softener
so hard to say, just say TONER lah!!!! :)

STEP 3: do face mask (it depends actually-usually i do it alternate days)
i do not have any specific face mask but recently i got super cheap deal face mask from Bangkok Watson.. so currently, i am using Watsons's face mask! it's okay.. their texture of the mask is super thick..( i think it has 2 layers) 

aloe vera moisturising facial mask! 
not bad :) 

zee happy face while applying mask
*super ugly photo.. :P

this photo was taken for demonstration purpose.. i don't do that usually... haha

i will listen to music while applying mask (because have to wait for around 25-30 minutes)
if i do not listen to music, i will fall asleep.. 

STEP 4: is either i apply night cream when i never do face mask or i do not apply after mask.. :)
*since the mask has it's own moisture.. 
i am using Garnier Light Complete Night Restore Cream.. find it quite good.. not too oily for my skin.. :)

sorry for the lousy photo.. bad camera i haz! :'(

STEP 5: apply lip balm to moisturise the lips too ! :)
I am using Nivea Essential Care during night time!

i usually use this during the night because it's much more oily.. >.<

but of course.. daily routine to apply lip balm is a must to me.. :) cause the skin of my lips are very thin.. and it always crack.. 

again.. i got this from Bangkok with super cheap deal.
should have grab more.. lols.. :P

STEP 6: apply hands, legs lotion!!! :)
I'm using all sorts of lotion lah!!! 
but i always apply Crabtree and Evelyn (lily collection)

feels that it's quite good for my skin! 
thanks to the recommendation from Jacq! 
btw, it's quite exy.. but i got offer when i bought it! 

Some information about the goodness of lily! :)
  • Soothes and conditions with lily of the valley, peony, magnolia, and elderflower extracts
  • Contains myrrh extract to condition nails and cuticles
  • Delivers antioxidants through a potent vitamin C&E complex
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or propylene glycol

so that's all for my daily night beauty routine! how is yours??? you can comment to tell about your routine! i guess everybody has different ones.. :)

lastly, a picture before sleeping! hehe.. :)
*see how moisture is the lips!! 

good nigtssss people!!!! time to sleep! hehe :)

 p/s: you can go to Garnier's Facebook Page to get some info about their products.. 
and also Crabtree & Evelyn's website to view their various collections.. :)
but price wise is kinda costly. so ya! :) get ready some $$$$ :)