Saturday, 30 March 2013

some ways to slim down!

good morning lovelies.. :)

So today i will be talking about some slimming tips i think is really accurate lah! want to say something here is I'm not the skinny person or whatsoever dietitian, or what expert in slimming! i just saw this research and basically i think is quite accurate... so wanting to share out and also to do it myself too! so i can become slimmer.. lols.. >.<

so let's start off with the first tips okays? YES! 

1. drink water often and of course at the correct timing. 

  • Drink warm water, it can help in boosting up our body metabolism rate. 
  • Drink lemonade, of course without sugar in it. not only lemonade is rich in vitamin C but it also helps in having a fair skin! (which what girls always want!!)
  • Drink fruit or vege juices, not only is full with vitamins but it also can help in boosting up energy! 
  • Drink NO SUGAR tea, it helps to burn excessive fats in our body! 
  • Drink isotonic drink, but this is after exercising to fill your body with the output of sweats and sodium.
When to drink all these beverages??
  • in the morning, right after you wake up from bed 
  • during breakfast time!
  • 30 minutes after any meals (lunch & dinner)
  • before bathing and also after bathing (to boost up metabolism and to remove excessive fats)
  • before exercising and also after exercising

What is next? we will go through the food we should eat and when we should eat.

2. eat food more time but in smaller potion
  • Morning 7.00am breakfast (milk with cereal) most important meal of the day!!!!
  • Morning 10.00am breakfast (biscuit with a hot drink)
  • Afternoon 12.00pm lunch (heavier potion of food)
  • Afternoon 3.00pm teatime (fruits)
  • Night 6.00pm dinner (something not too light yet not too heavy) 70% full enough!!!
  • Night 9.00pm supper (2 hours before hitting the sack, drink a glass of milk with a few biscuits)

Why we have to eat so many times? instead of just eating only 3 meals in bigger potion?
  • Provides more energy for our body that we will be using it up during day time. if you skip meals and gorge like crazy, is totally useless because the energy in our body will tend to finish anyhow, and the glucose in our body is not enough for us to do any activity. 
  • to maintain body metabolism, for whatever food we eat, it need around 3 hours to digest the food, so instead of making the blood glucose drop, we eat something to fill up our stomach so the body will have a balance metabolism rate.
  • to control the body weight, if a person skip meals like so often, they will have a hard time on choosing what choices of food to eat and this will mess up their appetite. 
  • to keep a smile on the face, because if a person is on diet and they choose not to eat, they will always be sad.. (cause they can't eat!) but if a person choose to eat a correct type of food and at the correct timing, he or she not only will be fit! but also be happy! :)
Next tips to have a fitter body!

3. mix up all sorts of food into your main course

  • add in some vegetable or egg into your instant noodles (half pack only) this not only makes a person more full but also eat more nutritious food to substitute the MSG in the instant noodles.
  • make some yummy salad with full of various types of vegetables and maybe add pieces of popcorn chicken or fruits!
  • avoid fried foods like french fries (although is my all time favorite), fried chicken etc. try to eat boiled or steamed food! it will serve good to your body
  • avoid excessive carbohydrates for example RICE! rice is the biggest enemy for all people, because when there is too much intake of rice, it will tend to turn into sugar! which is why nowadays people get diabetics! so eat little rice!
  • when you are eating anything, add on with more vegetables or free-fat protein (chicken breast)

Last but not least!!! the most important tips to have your body slim and fit!

4. Exercise
  • Do some cardio exercise at the beginning of your exercise. walking on the track mill is the best! :) 
  • or you can follow some youtube exercise videos as a guide and to do it at home!
  • walk and walk and walk! walking is the best! it makes you sweat and meanwhile exercising too

What do you all think about the tips?? i hope is helpful to you and of course to myself! people said that to become fit is all about 80% diet and 20% exercise! one thing that i always give excuse to myself for not doing is to EXERCISE!!! i always give the excuse that I'm too busy etc. but too really tone up your body, you have to eat properly and exercise! 

one last thing! how do you try to have self-control when you start to feel that your 'mouth is itchy' (literally means wanting to munch on something although you are not hungry)! hehe :) i think drinking water is the best! because it will make your stomach full with water and there will be no place for food! hehe :P
if you all have any tips! feel free to comment and share with me! i wanna know also!!!!!

the top 2 favorite workout youtube videos are theseeeee:-

1. Blogilates! she is just way too awesome!!! liking all her workout videos.. :)
she just really makes effort in talking while working out...! 

2. Popsugar Fitness! another favorite one.. her workout videos are useful too!
she always have a partner with her.. hehe
Popsugar Fitness

yeah!! i hope in the end i will get to loose some weight!
and same goes to whoever out there!!! :)
that's all for today's post!
hope you learn something.. lol

oh ya! something to tell!
went for keyboard lesson just yesterday!
although I'm a pianist, but the biggest problem is i dunno how to read chords.
so for the sake i wanna serve in CF, i force myself to learn how to!
managed to play 3 worship songs on the 1st try! super happy!!!! 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Wednesday shopping spree!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.. :) 

Hello lovely people! just got back from a 7 hours non-stop shopping.. first time in my life i walked so much (besides going holiday shopping lah!!!) 
today.. i finish class around 1.30pm, so then i rushed home, because i made an appointment with the housemates to go out 'gai gai' (literally means shopping!) so then i went back and took a quick shower and dressed up nicely because it was the only day i could wear so colourful out! 

everyday wearing white and black can faint ah!! @.@ 
i was kinda happy because i get to wear colourfully and go out happily! hehe :D
was in a great hunger because i had 8am class and i drank coffee with bread only.. >.< we waited for the bus for quite some time, and the bus driver keep turning round and round bukit beruang! >.< and his driving was kinda jerky... and the weather so HOT! (beh tahan...)

okay.. i will not be so long winded, now! shopping time!! after we had our lunch, we went straight for movie! Ah Boys To Men 2.. super nice loh!!! never regret watching the show even though we sat the 3rd front row.. will blog about it for the next post! :)

after movie was around 6.30pm.. went to Popular and met up with 2 another housemates! they were trying their best to spend off their RM250 voucher.. and me, i had RM50 additional voucher, therefore i went hunting for Pilot G2 ink.. bought 10 of it! hahah XD and got boyfie a pencil case, and got some pens.. 

meanwhile, some of us went walking around seeing some cheap cheap shirts.. 4 for RM50, didn't want to spend so much money on just t-shirts.. so the housemate wanna share! 4 of us chose what we wanted and paid money! the saleslady very nice lo!!! they keep talking to me.. haha :P

after that, boyfie had to go back to his hometown, so he went off first.. and i continue hunting for my formal blouse.. and since Padini is having 70% sales, so i decided to hunt at Padini! couldn't get any nice nice cheap cheap blouse as i expected, so i went over to SEED, thank God i got a blouse.. but kinda pricey, too bad i have no choice but just to buy! :) walked around, and saw some really cheap clothing!! grab it and went to the counter for checkout! 

tadaaa!!! this is what i got!
mostly white in color! :) 
got a stripes cardigan.. hehe
got a same one with one of the housemate.. 

spent quite some time at Padini, got hold of a slipper, but hor.. i think it's not necessary lah!! even though is only RM9.50! is okay.. hehe :) after Padini, teman them go makan dinner, and i just sat down talking! by the time they ate finish, it was kinda late.. so we decided to seat taxi since there will be no more working buses.. while waiting for the taxi to come, we kept talking rubbish.. my goodness! >.<

reached home and quickly took a shower because i was very sticky and smelly! yewww >.<
then continue talking with the housemates.. and i got gastric, very hungry! aiks.. 

before finishing my post!
i got this from Popular.. hehe :) 
for RM50 

that's all for today's post.. 
stay tuned for the next Movie Post again!!! :)
btw.. i wanna announce a good news!!! 
i repeat once again!!!! free ticket to PREMIER MOVIE!!!! 

blek :P
click on the photo to have a better view !! :)
that's all ! thank you! :)
tata!!! :D

Monday, 25 March 2013

selfish attitude!

annyeonghaseyo!!! good evening people! :)

the picture above is a combination of all the stupid photos i took today before class! :) very nice leh?? hehe :P currently, loving to post the two hands hole at the eyes! 

as what i wrote for my post title! i am gonna tell out to the world that the selfish attitude of people! 
I'm not trying to pin-point of anybody (although i have a few people in mind lah!!) but i have no evil intention or any harm to people.. :) i just want to tell out! so bear with me! thankkkiewww :D

selfish people are everywhere!!!!

in my opinion, selfish people has their own personality that no one can understand why they have to live that way! selfish people are those that do not even care about their surroundings and never ever will bother about people's feeling. For example, if an old ah ma is crossing the road, selfish people will never bother to offer help to that old ah ma.. :) 

true enough, everyone has a little selfish heart, i never say that i do not have! i admit that i have selfish personality too, but of course, not always! (not trying to praise myself) sometimes, i show out my selfishness when i think that it is okay for me to be selfish, for example, during an expensive buffet lunch/dinner, there are different ranking of food! higher ranking of food are those like sashimi, lobsters etc. of course, i will take more potion on the higher ranking food right? why? because i paid for the buffet! since the chef or waiter will add more to it, no harm for me to take more right?

Selfish can be defined as focusing and always thinking on one needs, own happiness, pleasure, desires etc. not to say that we have to avoid selfish  people but to know understand them well, so that whatever we say or do will not hurt them! :)

there are some tips for you all here! how to know that you are selfish.. :)
  1. When you realize that you started to have an uncaring attitude and a very strong 'me first' attitude.
    - selfish people are when they do not even care about the feeling of their love ones, they tend to live in their own world.. lol >.< when you realize that you started to care about yourself more than anyone, even do not care about your family members (which are the most important people in your life)
    when you tend to think about yourself only, that's where you know you are starting to be selfish. 
  2. When you have low self-esteem
    - as what i say selfish people will live in their own world because they think that they have no right to motivate or talk to people, this eventually develop a selfish attitude in them. 
  3. Some have high self centered and self obsessed
    - selfish people always have self centered, as what i say, they will not think of others. this is the most common feature a selfish people has! 
sorry people if i have hurt your feelings,. i never say that i am perfect, i have selfish attitude too! so yea, I'm telling and teaching myself also! :) i think that over selfishness can cause a fear to people! people will tend to be scare because selfish people will never bother what is happening around them.. @.@

"Oscar Wilde once said that selfishness is not living as one wishes to live; it is asking others to live as one wishes to live"
got this quote from here.. :)

another scary attitude people has is when they have a motive behind on what they do, called 心机 in Chinese.. whatever they do, they will always have a bad motive behind their actions! just few days back, i got to know a friend of mine always has the bad motive behind what she does... i did not realize it until her bad side of her started to reveal out.. started to stray away from her, because her action is kinda freaking me out! 

trying my best not to judge people! so ya! in the process of learning.. :'(
once again.. sorry if i hurt your feelings, i really did not talk about whoever.. just a general post. please understand me! thank you. currently, all zee housemates, all zee besties, all zee friends, all zee classmates are very good to me! so I'm not complaining about you all! hehe :)

my hostel just done fogging this evening. i think someone kena dengue lo!! if not they won't go waste money to just fog for the sake of fogging.. so everybody, weather is kinda very hot! so please drink more water and rest more! if not when your body immune system is down, you will fall sick easily.. please take care okay? 

the yellow spongebob and the furry teddy says to each other.. 
please take good care! :) 

so that's all for today's short update.. 
gonna start studying before it's too late!
will be having a mid-term next Friday!
*cheers :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Online Shopping Sites

Happy Sunday fellow readers! :)

a news to make.. i quited squash lesson for my curriculum subject.  there are reasons behind! yes, indeed it's my favourite sports.. but too bad, my back doesn't want me to play squash.. after Wednesday lesson, the next day, when i woke up, i had hard time getting up from bed, because my back was in pain.. :'( so i thought it was just muscle aching, mana tau.. day by day pass, till today, the pain of my back is getting worst, coming up to my shoulder pain.. T______T so at last, i decided to drop the subject! :) 
from Migraine to back aching... when will all the PAIN stop??? frankly speaking, i was defeated by all the pains.. :'(

anyways! this is not what i wanna blog about! so let's get started.. today i will be telling all my readers about Online Shopping!!! weee~ (thumbs up for those who are a shopping lover) :P
during the olden eras, people hardly get to shop as they wish, due to the economy of their family! but some family who are super duper rich get to shop as much as they want! then the society started to modernise and build up more and more shopping malls, from small ones to bigger ones! and then until today, people still spend time to go out shopping at malls, but some prefer to stay back home and do online shopping! and just pay through online banking! how convenient shopping is today!!! :)

i bet almost everyone tried online shopping before.. as for me! since i came to Malacca, and i don't have the time to go out 'gai gai' (literally, means shopping in Chinese dialect), i started to shop online! as i started to discover more and more online shopping sites, i always try to control myself from buying so much things.. aiks aiks..
it's been quite some time since i last shopped online! hehe :) the last i bought was my Casio watch! but it haven't arrive! hehe :)

so let's see what are my favourite shopping sites!!! :)

did anyone of you ever think where to get nice and cheap clothing??? 
hehe :) 

hey hey!!! wait! i have an idea! 
why not you continue reading my blog and i will tell you where!!! :P

first online shopping site! 
my iMart!

Well, i haven't really shop here before, but my mummy had! she bought a kiddo watch from my cousin brother.. and it came within 3 days times! super efficient, and it looks very awesome lah!!! hehe :)
they have many many super cheap deals... but currently, i have nothing on my shopping list, so yea! save $$$$ :) 
anyway! this is the link: myiMart 
Facebook link: Facebook-myiMart
you can always subscribe to their daily newsletter then you will get to know their daily specials! :)

oh ya!!! forgot to mention! remember the last i went to Bangkok, i went for the dinner cruise! mummy bought the coupon for dinner cruise here too! :)  for those who have not read my Bangkok post, you can read it here :)
nice right?? they have many many cheap holiday packages!! 

next is Groupon! 
this is lagi famous!!! >.<

let me think back.. what did i get here!!! oh ya!!!! the boyfie's birthday present!!! kekekeke :)
since he wasn't with me during his birthday, so i had no choice but to get him pressie online and to deliver to his door step! hehe :)
i got him story cards!! am not gonna reveal the price, but yea! 
i did not get the chance to take photo of it.. but boyfie did a collage of it!!! 

this is it!!! all his photos underneath!

and then, i got him a tight skin gym shirt! the purpose of the shirt is to help support his muscles! dunno how to explain and i do not have any picture.. so yea!!!! :)
besides that, i got nothing else from here.. haha 
link of it: Groupon 
Facebook link: Facebook Groupon
have a look and you will be surprise of their cheap deals!
Next is  Qoo10.. 
i am not sure whether anyone of you heard this website before.. 

anyway, this is another online shopping site that i always look up for any cheap deals.. this website is all over the world! some of their deals comes from Korea, Singapore etc. therefore, their shipping fees are much more expensive then their product price.. so far i haven't get any goods from here before, but last few weeks, i kept looking at their face mask which only cost RM0.30 per piece! super cheap lah!!!!!! buy 5 pieces only RM6.90 including shipping fees, but at last i chose not to buy it! haha :P
the link is: Qoo10
Facebook link: Facebook: Qoo10
they have daily deals too! and sometimes, it's just so so cheap!!! @.@

Hulala!!!! one of my favourite online shopping site.. :)

Yup! i got my Casio watch from here.. but it will arrive at my door step only in one to two  more week time! :(  just can't wait for it's arrival.. hehehehe :) anyways, the watch i got was way cheaper than market price.. hhhmmm.. i wonder why @.@ 
but mummy got herself and of course for dad a couple watch from here too! and they received it already! according to my mum, she told me that it's very nice!!!!! :)
even my aunt got influence by my mum, and she got herself one set too! @.@
so far, Hulala offered reasonable price and nice products for their customers! love it! :)
in case you want to look up for anything.. here is the link: Hulala
Facebook link: Facebook: Hulala

till now?? got bored already? you better not!!! because there are a few more coming up! continue reading to know more online shopping sites! hehe :D

next on the list is Lazada!!!!

Lazada emphasise more on electronic and mobile devices! their price for smart phones are really super cheap as compared to market price!!!! if those who wants to get any phones or tablets or whatever, you can get it from here! according to all the reviews customer gave, it seems very good! but i'm not sure whether is reliable or not! but i think it is.. haha :P
Facebook link: Facebook-Lazada

since i have not get anything from here before, i wouldn't dare to say their products are good lah!!! so hehe :)
all i can say is the price they offer is quite reasonable! :) :)

Ever wonder where i got some nice clothing with super cheap price??? 
i got it here! :) Nile website give their customer super cheap cheap cheap price! :) one thing is they compare their own price with the outside market price! and there is big difference in it! >.<
so far, i got a nail clipper, a storage box, belt and a dress here! :)
boyfie got socks, and i forgotten already! @.@
so far, the dress i got haz good quality! and it is cheap! i think it cost less then RM20.. 
and their efficiency is really good! i receive goods right after the day i banked in money to them.. :)
liking their service! 
Website link:
Facebook : Facebook-Nile

the last one on my online shopping site list!!!

Zalora is a combination of many many combination of various brands! for example, Vincci, Nike, Converse, IPanema, Banana Republic, Hush Puppies and others.. 
Zalora offers free delivery worldwide! and sometimes they have cheap deals.. like back at hometown, while i was browsing their website, i saw they were having cheap sales for converse canvas shoes.. the price was only RM88.88!!! super cheap right?? i know! but too bad i did not get one firstly, because i have too many ballerina flats already, and secondly, they only have RED color, which i don't quite like! so i forgo the shoe!!! @.@ 
so far, i did not get anything from Zalora yet, but their things mostly are branded products and their price is not that cheap for a student like me! so i hardly get things from here!!! 
but for slightly more $$$ people! you can shop here.. hehe :)
link for you to visit: Zalora
Facebook link: Facebook-Zalora

That's all for all my online shopping sites! i hope all of you enjoy it! hehe :)
and i hope that i did my part to share the goodness all over! keke :D
thanks all who read my blog. :)
stay tuned for next post! thankkkieeewwwww 

p/s: a shout out to my dear housemate, Kelly
Happy Birthday dear one!!!! 
remember to study hard and don't be so 'duo luo'
all da best and good luck to you!

Friday, 22 March 2013

CF Introduction Day! :)

hello dear ones!!!!
am trying to show off that i have macaron to eat.. lolzzz... :P

Hello people!!! Today is Friday!!! TGIF! :P i was suppose to go for prayer meeting, committee meeting, meet up to discuss about something, keyboard class, then go out with the awesome peeps! mana tau, migraine hit me!! :'( 
now, i don't even have the mood to leave my house.. migraine is really killing me! I'm not sure why, but i always refuse to eat Panadol because i scare i die of Panadol.. =.="
i had migraine like yesterday evening.. and i was struggling the whole night.. T________T
i have no choice but to put cool fever on my forehead to suck up the heat i have.. but is still useless.. aiks aiks... 

okays.. let's skip that! and move forward for something NEW!!!! :D
Last Tuesday as usual is was CF Day!!! and for that day, we chose to introduce our CF theme, vision and mission to the members!! :)
as i am in the committee, so i knew about the mission etc.. but i really just can't imagine that all the committees came out with the mission and theme with the same mind and ideas! how awesome is that!!!! 0.o

so, as usual, CF starts with worship session, but i was ushering that day, so i didn't get the chance to worship God with them, all i did was i sang outside.. lol.. >.< and then it was game session! hahahaha XD
unexplainable.. is okay! let's skip that.. 

after everyone settled down, we started with our introduction.. 

that guy there is our PRESIDENT CHRIS!!!!! :)
actually right, you see him diam diam.. but actually no lo.. 
he always tell us lame jokes.. i was like WHATTTTT???? 

the theme for our CF
(see, equip, empower, do)
Our mission basically is to reach out to the campus people and be mission minded.

then is the bible verse to go with the theme.. 
is taken from Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains
    are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
    who bring good tidings,
    who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
    “Your God reigns!”

then came with the background!!!
then Chris ran out of words and he said OUR WALLPAPER!!!! 
seee.. i told you.. he very funny one..!!!! 

a nicer photo of our wallpaper.. 
nice right??? :)

so then, we invited Pastor Joanne who is our CF adviser to talk about our mission.. 

Summary of what she said:

  1. God will always love us consistently, not only on our good days or bad days. But he has 100% pure love towards us no matter we think that we deserve to get the love from Him or not! :)
  2. God chose to love us unconditionally. If all of us wants to reach out to people, we have to develop the unconditional love. Indirectly, we are fulfilling God's way of loving, which is known as Agape Love! from John 3:16 
Conclusion: Daniel 10:19 
“Do not be afraid, you who are highly esteemed,” he said. “Peace! Be strong now; be strong.”
When he spoke to me, I was strengthened and said, “Speak, my lord, since you have given me strength.”

This is what Pastor Joanne had told us, and i remembered it so well, because i feel that is just way too meaningful! we really have to develop the consistent love and the unconditional love to reach out to other people! :) 
so everyday, i commit myself to God and i told him that i will have the unconditional love and consistent love to other people. 

then.. Just yesterday i had my very first bible study with zeeee members.. :)

The first topic we were talking about is 'The Power of God's Word'! the text is taken from Psalms which is a poem :) and then we had so much fun! laughing at each other because i asked them to read out the verses with feeling.. hahahahaha :P
it's my first time becoming CG Leader, so i hope i did pass the message to them! we had quite a lot of sharing, but it's inspiring, i can see how my members really change when they get to know God! :) 

slept quite late last night, because i was having bad migraine, and was chatting with zeee housemates.. :)
talked to God before sleeping, and He make me sleep soundly throughout the night.. 

pray hard that my migraine will go off asap! 
thanks all for reading!!! :)
will be back soon! :D

Monday, 18 March 2013

beauty night routine before hitting the sack

konichiwaaaa readers! greetings from Emerald Park.. >.<

hehe.. :) it's almost midnight now.. and I'm still blogging, not even sleeping! >.< i guess i slept too much during afternoon nap.. :P
i was reading chicken soup for the soul 'say goodbye to back pain!'  and i fall asleep... haha

anyways! as you can see from the title of post, is talking about night beauty routine! yeap! i am gonna talk about my night routine before hitting the sack! :) never fail to not do these steps.. :)
lets get started!!! hehe

STEP 1: i always wash my face first of course.. (like duh??) 
I'm using Bio-Essence Tanaka White Range (Gentle Cleansing Foam) 
oh ya.. long time ago i did a review on Bio-Essence, you can read it if you had not read the blog post before.. you can read it HERE.. :)

this is it!!! my cleansing foam (it's of course nice to use)

after cleansing my face.. 
STEP 2: i apply toner first.. 

this is the toner, it is known as double whitening clarifying softener
so hard to say, just say TONER lah!!!! :)

STEP 3: do face mask (it depends actually-usually i do it alternate days)
i do not have any specific face mask but recently i got super cheap deal face mask from Bangkok Watson.. so currently, i am using Watsons's face mask! it's okay.. their texture of the mask is super thick..( i think it has 2 layers) 

aloe vera moisturising facial mask! 
not bad :) 

zee happy face while applying mask
*super ugly photo.. :P

this photo was taken for demonstration purpose.. i don't do that usually... haha

i will listen to music while applying mask (because have to wait for around 25-30 minutes)
if i do not listen to music, i will fall asleep.. 

STEP 4: is either i apply night cream when i never do face mask or i do not apply after mask.. :)
*since the mask has it's own moisture.. 
i am using Garnier Light Complete Night Restore Cream.. find it quite good.. not too oily for my skin.. :)

sorry for the lousy photo.. bad camera i haz! :'(

STEP 5: apply lip balm to moisturise the lips too ! :)
I am using Nivea Essential Care during night time!

i usually use this during the night because it's much more oily.. >.<

but of course.. daily routine to apply lip balm is a must to me.. :) cause the skin of my lips are very thin.. and it always crack.. 

again.. i got this from Bangkok with super cheap deal.
should have grab more.. lols.. :P

STEP 6: apply hands, legs lotion!!! :)
I'm using all sorts of lotion lah!!! 
but i always apply Crabtree and Evelyn (lily collection)

feels that it's quite good for my skin! 
thanks to the recommendation from Jacq! 
btw, it's quite exy.. but i got offer when i bought it! 

Some information about the goodness of lily! :)
  • Soothes and conditions with lily of the valley, peony, magnolia, and elderflower extracts
  • Contains myrrh extract to condition nails and cuticles
  • Delivers antioxidants through a potent vitamin C&E complex
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or propylene glycol

so that's all for my daily night beauty routine! how is yours??? you can comment to tell about your routine! i guess everybody has different ones.. :)

lastly, a picture before sleeping! hehe.. :)
*see how moisture is the lips!! 

good nigtssss people!!!! time to sleep! hehe :)

 p/s: you can go to Garnier's Facebook Page to get some info about their products.. 
and also Crabtree & Evelyn's website to view their various collections.. :)
but price wise is kinda costly. so ya! :) get ready some $$$$ :)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Resort World Genting's YNOT Graffiti Competition

hello lovelies!!! :) 

Hello to everybody out there! as you can see in my blog post title.. it clearly states that i will be blogging about Graffiti!!!!! :) 

Let's get started.. i am a not so good drawer, but i love and always admire people's drawing! it will always be full of meaning in it.. i remember when i was a small girl back then, i used to go for drawing classes and i even managed to compete in drawing competition till state level! and i got consolation prize.. lol lol.. >.< my drawing never ever been good, i just dunno why?? i don't have the hands to do so! hehe :)

but anyways, graffiti is another way of drawing.. but graffiti is drawing on the WALL!!!! Graffiti can either be drawing or writing scribbled, scratched or sprayed on the wall.. it is known as 壁画 in Chinese.. 
a little history of graffiti before anything.. (i myself do not know graffiti well, but i make an effort to do some research) teehee.. :)

Graffiti existed in this world for over a million of yearsssss!!!!! During the olden days, the Romans wrote and drew illustrations on their cave walls to indicate something.. as all of us learn Sejarah (history) last time, we always can see some crafting of illustrations in our textbooks!!! i guess at that time, that was their graffiti.. 
Graffiti came from New York, it was then spread throughout other states. People back then just know how to write their name on any street walls, but then it slowly and gradually became an art that people know how to admire... did i forget to mention that they even use graffiti as a way to mark territory? how cool is it.. :)
Graffiti is an art by the youngsters, it inspired the young artists to express themselves through graffiti, they draw what they wanted and how ugly they draw, is still very nice! :)

but then, graffiti tend to become something that the society thinks that is kinda bad by vandalising the walls!!! the people thinks that graffiti represented gang activity.. Lee Quiñones also known as George Lee Quiñones is an American graffiti artist, he is one of the artist to change the grimy place near Brooklyn bridge into an incredible gallery of art! Since 5 years old, he had been drawing till now.. Just only a young boy, he knows how to draw colourful characters of his neighbourhood, animation series, even science fiction.. he just had the talent in him.. hahahaha! 

another talented graffiti King is TATS CRU!! It is a group of professional muralists that paints New York's subways and streets! sometimes, they are paid to do so for advertisement.. :) i always watched TVB dramas, and when the people start to draw on the walls, the police will come after them, because to them it is against the law.. lolsssss..  :P Malaysia has graffiti too, but is hard to find those nice nice ones... all i see when i was walking along the streets are a true vandalism of drawing vulgar words on the walls.. >.<

some pictures i got from the Internet to show you all first before you all get bored and stop reading.. 

eh.. so cute!!!! see.. graffiti is just so nice.. not a vandalism.. :)

when the smurf gets angry!!! haha.. :P

it's complicated to see.. but it is always nice to see too! 

just imagine how long it took to draw the whole building.. 

okay, after all the historiesssss and the picturesssss.. got the idea on how graffiti looks like? i bet you do!!! so now let's continue!!!!

Resort World Genting will be having a graffiti competition, named YNOT Graffiti Competition.. in fact, is happening now.. lols.. the call of submission is during the period of 21st February 2013 till 13th March 2013 which has already close for submission!!!! but right now.. is it the voting period from 15th March 2013 till 28th March 2013 

summary of it!!! easier to see.. :)

This is the first time Genting is hosting a graffiti competition. Genting's YNOT graffiti event is consulted by Philip Wong. He was appointed as a committee member of Asia Invitation Art Exhibition there and continues to recommend Malaysian artists to receive Asia Art Awards in Seoul. When he was 6 years, his dream was to become an aspiring artist, he not only draws, but also perform in performing arts. His speciality is transparent glass painting since 1993 (which is the year i was born.. lol) He had also launched his Necktie Art in aid of the National Art Gallery Art Endowment Fund in 2010. Besides drawing for the sake of drawing, he contributes his art for auction in any community service for example the Hospis Malaysia fund raising etc. His art reflects his ideology when he says that everyone is the same and treats no one differently... :)

as the title of my blog post is YNOT graffiti competition.. what is YNOT? let me tell you a brief of YNOT!!!
YNOT believes that the youth in today's society has the ability to do great things but today's society is yet to discover their capability and thinks that is better to block away their capability. YNOT believes in asking the question, "WHY NOT?" as the sky can be the limit for their untapped potentials. this is obviously to help develop the youth in our country. Therefore, they brought up this competition for the youngsters to express their feelings and skills in graffiti art! and of course to lead them to a better future!!! :)

the YNOT Graffiti Competition is divided into 2 categories which are :-
  1. open category
  2. student category
The competition is open only to all graffiti art enthusiasts who are 18 years old and above as of 1 January 2013. but the call for submission is closed already.. Judges will judge based on the few criteria which are the :-
  • Colour: How well contestants use and combine colours (i like colourful colourful ones)
  • Originality: Unique and creative graffiti (genuine ones)
  • Technique: Evaluate based on their spray can control and techniques 
  • Composition: Design and attractiveness of their art
  • Content: must be theme-related and appropriate for public display

Something to note that: only aerosol spray paint is allowed in the competition. Paints and other materials will be provided by the organiser at the contest venue with six types of colours available (white, black, green, blue, red and yellow) 

you all can view their website HERE for more info on their rules and regulations on the competition. 

Now, is prizes time!!!! :) they divided into 2 types of prizes which are the judges award and the Facebook Voting award. 

Judges Award
  • Open category
    • Champion: RM3,000 cash and Langkawi holiday package
    • 1st runner up: RM2,000 cash and Awana Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • 2nd runner up: RM1,000 cash and First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • Consolation: First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
  • Student category
    • Champion: RM1,000 cash and First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • 1st runner up: RM800 cash and First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • 2nd runner up: RM500 cash and First World Hotel superior room 3 days 2 nights stay
    • Consolation: First World Hotel superior room 2 days 1 night stay
Facebook Voting Award basically has the same prize as the Judges Award!!!! their prize are so cool!!! If I'm good at graffiti i sure go and join.. but too bad, i do not have the talent.. :'(

want see my work for graffiti?? very ugly de lah!! but just to share only.. hehe

tried in one of the website.. 
did one on my name: FIONA.. 

so ugly.. i just try for fun.. lols.. >.<

anyways, in conjunction with the graffiti competition, Resort World Genting has installed 8 masterpieces all around bus stops at Klang Valley.. :) It was prepared by 3 colleges and 2 artists.. they beautified the bus shelters into so nice!!!! wanna have a look?? 

Alpha College at Lebuh Bandar Utama (Bandar Utama).. 
their art macam like people singing and dancing.. hehe

Aswara College at Jalan Ampang (nearby Avenue K).. 
they really have the talent in graffiti.. so nice!!!! 

IACT college at Jalan Barat (near PJ Hilton)
so many people sitting at the bus stop.. lols.. 

Aswara College at Jalan Pudu (infront Tung Shin)

Alpha College at Jalan Semantan (opposite UOA)
the last graffiti (oppa gangam style) haha :P

IACT College at Jalan University (opposite Mahsa)
what is the word??? FUN? 

Nazmi at Jalan Sultan Ismail (opposite Hard Rock)
so nice right??? draw until so alike.. :)))))

Chekri at Jalan Raja Chulan (near Segi).. 

hahahaha.. so cool of them to follow what the graffiti is.. 

the common oppa gangam style.. :)

so how do you guys feel about graffiti art work??? after some researching and spending time to admire those arts.. i feel that graffiti is just too awesome! why i say so? it is because people are so talented that they can use aerosol paint spray to come out with a drawing which really show out their talent in it! how awesome!!! :)

besides,  they did not vandalize.. the beautified the whole bus shelter! i hope there will be more and more graffiti work out there to spread the ART to the society! 

okay.. want to know when and where is the finale of the YNOT Graffiti Competition? 
It will be on the
DATE: 13.4.2012 -14.4.2013 (Sat and Sun)
Time: to be confirmed 
Venue: where else, of course GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!!! 

to those who wants to vote.. 
you can vote HERE.. fast fast vote
your vote may make a difference!!! :)
so faster vote!!!!!!! :)))))
so!!!! thanks for reading.. hehe 
i hope that you learn something new today! :D