Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bangkok trip 2013 :)

sawadeekah!!!!!! greetings from my home.. haha :)
will continue my Bangkok trip.. 
if you haven't read my ChiangMai post.. you may read it here.. :)

once again.. i went to ChiangMai and headed to Bangkok during the period of CNY with the family! :) i went for 5 days 4 nights, but is not enough.. :( was so rushed the last day because our flight was later afternoon.. >.< mummy said how nice if there is one more day for us to shop.. lol =.="

after a long 17 hours of train journey, we finally reach Bangkok!!!! (like really finally) haha.. but we really had a good rest in the train after two days of non-stop walking.. :) we took skytrain from the railway station to our hotel destination, i did some research in the train about our plans on where to go about (because Bangkok is way too HUGE!!!) and we booked Tune Hotel situated at Asoke, Bangkok :) it's a very new hotel, does not even exists for more than half a year.. we got a very cheap deal for less than RM100 for a night at Tune Hotel.. :)

hello Bangkok! :)

had an early checked in by paying another 120 baht because we had to place our luggage safely and have a shower (due to the whole night in the train, body felt so sticky.. ) had a nice shower and get ready to explore Bangkok! our hotel is situated right opposite a shopping mall named Siam Paragon and is even situated near the skytrain station! :) so convenient.. keke :)

first of all
#day 3 ootd 
short dress: Goggles
short pants: Voir Exchange
Shoes: Thailand
Hat: ChiangMai
Sunglasses: Voir Exchange

We went into the shopping mall first to have some air-condition! weather was extremely hot! the shopping mall has all the branded shops! (not a place for us) so we walked around.. and when all our sweat are dried up, we went out again and walked around to have a look at their buildings, temples, monuments etc.. :)

while walking, i had my hair braided into 2 sides :)
macam small kid lah!!! >.<

walked and walked and walked.. walking non stop.. and we saw this something like pintu gerbang situated right in the middle of the city! and so.. we crossed the road and rest there.. it is situated at China Town, when we stepped into China town, it was so obvious because all the building has the Chinese name on it! 

:) i don't even know what is it all about! don't care less.. keke :P

since we had no photographer.. so we placed our camera and took this picture
not bad what! hehe :) everyone wearing black except for me.. T____T

this picture basically is when we were trying to cross the road.. 
dad requested us to take this.. haha :P

Basically, our trip is to explore Bangkok as a whole, by walking and walking to see their buildings (but that's what traveller does right) besides all those shoppings lah!!! so we did not had really expensive meals, or expensive buyings etc.. our motive is to explore! not to shop! :)
so i can't express out how to trip went because i have no nice nice photos.. haha.. i prefer our ChiangMai trip because it was much more challenging in the sense that we had so many first time experience! :) but of course Bangkok was equally awesome! :)

Time passes so fast even when we are walking walking!!! during night time, we walked all the way from dunno where to dunno where because i saw in the map that there is a everyday night bazaar! so everyone was so eager to go there.. but mana tau, the night bazaar had been closed down for more than 2 years.. :( hope was gone at that moment!!! haha..  the news was told by one of the tut tut driver! so then, we asked him where about to go, then he recommended Platinum Mall there and central world plaza (that's where Naraya is) so we sat his tut tut (super good experience, because the engine of the tut tut was so so noisy, and the driver tried to speed up but he couldn't.. haha) 
reached there and we headed inside Big C supermarket (known as Carefour here) for dinner! Dinner inside shopping mall is way cheaper than eating outside.. 

after that we went to Platinum mall but it was closed! shopping malls at Thailand close very early! don't understand why @.@ but we went to Central World Plaza, it was closing soon too, but my mum and I managed to grab 2 bags from Naraya! i got a bigger one.. and she got herself a smaller version! :) Things at Naraya is so so nice and cute! haha.. :)
The worker went around to tell all the customers that they are closing in 10 minutes time! and all i saw was people started to get 'gan jiong' and start rushing around to grab more things.. =.=" really salute them! haha 

after all those shopping, all the malls were closed, so we walked around the night bazaar there.. :) by the road side, many stalls were selling souvenirs lah! practically all the shops are selling the SAME THING! that's where people bargain.. because all they want is BUSINESS! :) not all shop owner are friendly, some very cocky.. >.<
so then all of us were so tired.. so we went to the nearest skytrain station to catch a train back! their latest and last train is 12am :) while walking.. we saw people sitting down and getting their nails done! i was so excited and happy when i saw the stall! i was hunting for nail arts stall since in Chiangmai because nail arts in Thailand is a MUST for me! 

so i sat down and started to flip and have a look at their photo album to choose the design i want.. :) too many and i was so blur! @.@ there was this design that caught my eye sight! last year i did flower ones! so this year i got my nails done with MUSIC NOTES!!!!! YAY!!! I'm a happy kid! :)))))))
waited for a girl to finish, and it was my turn! hehe.. 

1. getting my nails done! :) super excited for the outcome
2. close-up picture of my hat.. haha (not sure how it relates to my nail)
3. My nails in yellow lighting 
4. Close up photo of my hand.. :)
5. showing of my nails! :) without my face! >.<
6. my nails! yay!!!!! also another close up photo 

nice or not? please tell me it's nice! haha :P and guess how much it costs???  ONLY 59BAHT!!!!!!!
where to get this kind of price!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD so even it is not nice also whatever lah!!!!! that's why i say nail art is a MUST in Thailand! :) so happy with my nails! and to my surprise it dries up so so fast! like immediately??? :) okay.. nails done! time to catch the skytrain and go back and have a good night rest! but before that.. 

of course chik-chak chik-chak first lah!!!! :)
eyes popping out?? i have no idea how did my eyes did this.. >.<

That's the end of the third day for our trip! So here comes the fourth day! What is first? of course ootd lah!!!! :)

#day 4 ootd
Mickey minnie shirt: Tesco, Thailand
Blue pants: Voir Exchange
Shoes: Thailand

basically today we intend to walk around and explore more! before that we had our breakfast nearby first.. :) then we met this taxi guy! he asked us whereabouts we are heading to! actually, we had no idea where are we going! so he said why not bring us to floating market? so we thought about it, and yeah! off we went! 

in the sampan on the way to the market! the back of my brother and i :)

We paid so much for the entrance to the floating market! i think we kena conned by the lady!!! because the price she gave us was way too pricey.. then dad went and bargain with her.. and we got a cheaper price.. i just wonder why they allow people to bargain.. price for ticket isn't it fixed? o.0
we stopped at the coconut sugar farm first.. 

see how the brother welcomed us! haha :P

Coconut sugar is made here.. we tested how it taste.. yewwww~ too sweet for me.. therefore, i did not buy any sweets from there.. i scare i kena diabetics ah!!! 
after that, we proceeded to the floating market! the guy who drove the electronic sampan was so impatient.. he speed up until all the dirty river water was splashing in the sampan!!! 

that's how it looks like at the floating market! nice?? 

we bought some local cuisine and ate in the sampan! it was way different as compared to 10 years ago! 

10 years ago (2003) and 10 years later (2013) 
big difference? the brother is so cute 10 years ago.. haha

we could not spend more time around, because we had a dinner cruise! and the floating market is 1 hour away from town.. (so far) =.=" so we left early and went back to the hotel around 4 something to prepare for the dinner cruise! mummy got dinner cruise from myimart which is way cheaper than the original price which cost around RM300++.. lucky us! we got it for only RM120 :)

they had a van sort of MPV to send us to the destination-River City! they came and picked us around 6pm.. and since the town was jammed with so man cars.. we reached there like almost 7pm.. we had to wait till 7.45pm only our cruise will arrive! :) many people were crowding at the place! and so we decided to take photo first! hehe :)

the family! :) 

the blogger :D with the cruise behind! 

before heading into the cruise.. we saw this shark outside!!! haha!
and of course, we rushed there to take picture.. haha
1. the dinner in the cruise.. very yummy! :)
2. the parents with the shark.. haha.. (mummy trying to bite the shark?)
3. the food again..
4. inside the cruise.. very romantic :)
5. the siblings with the shark.. hehe
6. FOOD again.. =.="

cheers with the family! will have a wonderful year ahead! :)
may peace, love, joy and hope be with us! 

everyone was rushing to get their food.. they eat like macam never eat before.. >.< hahaha.. food was okay.. in the sense that it was nice, but not too delicious! they had a variety of food.. including their local cuisine.. kimchi from Korea, sushi from Japan, TomYam from Thailand, salads, cakesssss etc.. :) everyone were snatching for sushi!! their sushi ain't very bad! its yummy! 

while everyone was eating, we had entertainment of saxophone performance and also singing.. the lady was singing all those oldies! haha.. and right after most of the people finished their meal, she invited those who wanna dance to step out to the dance floor!!!!! waaaa~~~~ the honeymoon couple went and dance! :) and the lady singer invited the bunch of Korean to dance with her! those were all young adults! they look so pretty and handsome! haahahaha :P
and when the song Oppa Gangam Style came! they were all so HIGH!!!! and started dancing like CRAZY @.@ of course that is their song!!!!! 

see! camera not too good! and everyone was moving.. so there is no clear picture.. haha. 

little girl was challenging the singer too! hehe
she wants to dance, but she is too shy! :)

the cruise lasted less than 2 hours! went around to see the night scenery of Bangkok! pass by the Grand Palace, which we never visited firstly because the entrance ticket is very pricey.. and secondly, 10 years ago we went in there before! so.. better not spend that kind of money! :)

the bridge looks like Penang bridge! look really very nice in real :)
Malaysia also not bad la! got Penang bridge.. :)

after some time.. time was over.. time to go back! kinda 'bu she de'.. haha :D
went back to meet up with the driver.. and he sent us back to the hotel! and my parents and I walked some more nearby.. to see whether we can get anymore things! :)
walk and walk.. saw many prostitute beside the road, standing and getting customers!!!! i really pity them, why they have to get this kind of job? is it true that they have no choice but to do it? or they do it for the sake of fast money! all of them look so pretty!!!! aiks.. world is changing! @.@ really do not know what they have in mind.. >.<
Went back and have a good night rest! 

the brother and I had this for supper! haha :)
while playing UNO in the hotel.. 

Sad to say, this will be the last day in Bangkok!!!! Our flight was around 4 something.. so we had the morning to walk around nearby! :) first of all.. we had our breakfast at MacDonalds! :) Ate their burger.. to me it tastes the same.. haha :P

#day 5 ootd (last day)
Jersey: Real Madrid jersey bought online
Blue Pants: Voir Exchange
Red Shoes: Thailand
Sunglasses: Voir Exchange

after breakfast, we walked around as dad had an appointment with his colleague.. :)

1. building in the shopping mall (very nice)
2. inside the toilet.. they had the theme of ship! 
3. so nice right?? full of mirrors in the toilet.. haha 
4. The cleaner cleaning the toilet.. and me taking photo.. lol
5. attires bought from Bangkok.. :)
6. souvenirs for the besties.. :) 

went walking around the shopping mall, named Robinson and Terminal 21.. :) bought nothing.. but to walk around and see see look look!!! :) went to Sunshine City too! went in BOOTS (their sort of Guardian) and spent quite some time their.. because things were on offer! and it's so cheap!!!! hehe :)
couldn't spend more time around as we were rushing to go back to the hotel for check out and to the airport.. so we had our lunch at Gaysorn Shopping Mall, we had KFC for lunch!!! :)
their chicken seems like yummier than Malaysia's KFC! haha.. :)

some simple hand language to learn! they placed this in KFC! haha

and after lunch, we headed back to the hotel.. and get ready to check out! and off we went to the airport!!! before that.. let you all see something.. haha

try to read their English? is this on purpose.. or they just dunno how to spell?? o.0

time to leave Bangkok! time passes really fast!!! happy moments are to be remember with nice memories!!! :) had a really fun time exploring Bangkok and Chiangmai.. had so many first timessssss.. :)
nice and wonderful experience! hope to travel to many many countries in the future.. provided i have the $$$$$... :P
back to the reality world! no more enjoying!!!! 

hehehehe.. last picture! :) 
took this in the toilet.. :)

Holiday is meant to be spend well! but of course with the presence of the family .. without them.. where got holiday?? haha :P
anyway! thanks to the parents for this trip! will earn more $$$ in the future and bring you guys for holiday! :)

 kisses from me!!! hehe :)
so that's all for today's post.. 
stay tuned for the next post! tata :)

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