Monday, 21 January 2013

the japanese fooooodssss

bonjour peeps! :)
I just came back from appreciation dinner with the awesome people! haha :P
anyways.. i will blog about it soon.. (wait till i get some picturessss first) :D
so how about some foodie post for today? hehe
*it's kinda backdated post.. :)

so my dear friend, Wedle came to our house and showed my a flyer of this Japanese Restaurant- Youtsuba 四叶.. they gave a 10% discount for those people who have the flyer.. hehe :)
so she said hhhmm.. why not we got there for lunch! :)
okay.. so all this while.. i don't really fancy Japanese food because i thought it's costly! :(
but i remembered last time, i always go to Sushi King with my besties back in hometown! 

then last year, i went to Sushi Zanmai during our trip! the sushi there is delicious and the price is reasonable! :) after that time, i was in love with Japanese fooddddd! 
so once Wedle said that why not we have our lunch there, so i said okay! but have to wait for my housemate, Kelly to wake up! and while we were chatting, we decided to watch movie.. so i browsed through GSC on line.. and found this movie The Tower! watched the trailer and found out that it's kinda nice!
so okay! we couldn't wait and we went to Kelly's room and waked her up! forced her to wake up and we got ready and dress up! :)
so so.. actually they wanted to rent a car out, because there were 4 of us, myself, Kelly, Wedle and Jia Wen (Wedle's housemate)... but at last, we decided to sit taxi out.. since we are going out for a long time.. 
we got the taxi driver to drive us to the Japanese restaurant.. then we will walk over to Dataran Pahlawan.. 

time for looking and reading the menu.. many things were in Japanese words.. and i really do not know what on earth they are showing.. all i know i was just looking on the photos, and to decide what shall i eat.. >.<
but Wedle, a Japanese Anime lover knows Japanese language.. so she ordered like crazy.. hehe @.@
macam don't need money!!! haha :P
so after ordering and while waiting for the food to come.. 

girls being girls! camwhore time! :)


Me! trying on the iphone camera.. 

this girl couldn't wait for her food.. :(

The 4 girls :) 
my head look so big.. lol.. 

Wedle! the anime lover.. :)

Kelly and Jia Wen

Jia Wen, also known as 咖喱汁..
a new friend on that day! :)

Kelly and Wedle! :D

then the food came... first is the furry bean... i do not know what it called.. since is furry, i shall call it furry bean.. :P

furry bean! They put some salt on it, so it tasted quite salty after eating a lot.. 

then this.. i dunno what on earth is this...
Wedle ordered and she ate all.. no idea what is it.. :)

Kelly's set lunch.. Udon with onigiri.. :P

And this is mine! Chicken terriyaki!
not bad.. and price is reasonable too! :D

Wedle's Udon.. took the picture with shaky hands.. T_____T

and Jia Wen's Pork set.. there is pork rice and also Udon.. 
Very big bowl.. she was complaining that she is so so full.. 

So after eating.. we paid.. and walked to Dataran Pahlawan.. It looks so far.. 
but while talking and while chatting, the journey was short! :)
and we stopped by Judo Centre! All of them are judo people!
*scary, shall not 得罪 them.. or else i will be throw by them.. :'(

off we continue our journey to Dataran.. once we reached, we first went and get movie tickets! :)
then we went shopping.. walking around.. i did not get anything! :)
they bought so many things.. LOL!!! >.<
they bought bags.. watch.. etc 
me no money to buy! T________T
time was up.. and we went for movie! for those who haven't watch it yet.. 
shall show you the trailer.. :)
The tower trailer... a very nice movie! highly recommended! :)
it's a touching yet funny movie! people are busy sobbing there... we all were laughing all the way!
hahahahaha XD
i even saw a guy taking tissue and wiping his tears.. :(
awwwwww~ but i never cry.. too bad! :P

so after movie ended.. went walking around again.. and it was late.. everyone was hungry.. 
so they decided to walk over to Jonker to get some quick bites before going back.. 
we went behind the stage there.. 

Asam laksa, Char Keoy Teow and drinks.. :)
and we ordered Lala-seafood also! :)
yummy food they have! 

And it was getting late.. and we went back home!
half day trip in Malacca! :)
had fun! that was the last time i ever go out anymore until finals finish, because finals was like in 2 weeks time at that time! haha.. 
Went back home and rested! had a fun day with the girls! :)

we shall go out more often kay? hehe 

shall wait for the next post to be up! so stay tuned!
♥ F10NA

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Beauty Post

hi guys! am wearing a color lens.. it's brown in color anyway! :) 

so hello! i know.. it's already so long.. haha.. 
too bad, i have no choice but to abandon my bloggie.. 
time is just far too pack for me.. :(
i don't even have the time to really sit down and study for finals.. 
and my finals is reaching soon... NOT SOON!!!
It's less than 2 weeks.. :(
#so dead! 

anyway! i just finish and done with my French drama.. :)
i think it was just okay.. because many unexpected things happened while we were acting.. 
some of them forgotten their cue to speak.. and some even forgot what to say! >.<
i think i was okay.. because i spoke a few lines only.. :)
so it's over!!! yay!!!! time to really focus for finals.. :)
so to proceed to the actual post i wanna talk about.. 
hehe.. shall show you a picture first.. :)

this.. got any idea what is it??? hehe :P

Yaya!!! for those who guess correctly! congratulations.. but sorry.. i have nothing for you.. :P
as you all can see.. OSLEE!!! :)
my phone camera is kinda lousy.. so bare with me.. hehe 
i found out that my face is getting bad to worst.. 
so i decided to survey on some facial products.. and i got to know this brand-oslee.. 
actually is kinda famous in Guardian.. 
i know it because i always step into Guardian with my mum quite often.. 
i saw it selling.. but all this while, i keep using Bio-Essence Tanaka White.. 
it's okay for me.. but i do not know why my face is getting bad.. haiz.. @.@

so i kept surveying on Oslee products for a few days! 
and i decided to get a travel set for myself to test on it first! 
to see whether does the product suits my face.. hehe :)
am so lucky that they had the monthly promotion.. and i saw the promo pack of travel set!

purchased it.. and at last!!!finally!!!! i received my parcel today! :)
*am a happy girl :D 
open the pack up.. and i saw so many things inside! 
Oslee treated my so so so good..!!! :)
they gave me so many additional things.. hehee..
*felt so pampered at the moment.. 
anyway!! thanks to Oslee! if it's good for me.. 
i promise to purchase more kay?
you can visit Oslee main web page to look up at their products..
and also their Oslee facebook page... pay a visit.. no harm but you will get something instead! :)
Now, another post of Beauty.. but is body beauty!
as all my secondary friends can see that i been getting fatter fatter since i stepped into Uni..
i do not know why.. but that is the fact.. all i can do.. is to feel sad when i looked into the mirror.. :(
i will try my best to exercise more and get a better body shape okay?
i know i am fat.. i know.. seriously i know.. T______T
and i posted something on Facebook.. which is.. 
#do not judge me, and i will not judge you!

but right after i posted that.. someone just commented on my body shape.. 
i already said please do not judge me right???? 
what can i do? i am trying my best to save up some time to exercise.. 
but 24 hours is already not enough for me! 
am sorry.. but i just wanna say.. please do not judge me.. 
thank you :)

i learnt this from the last CF, just yesterday!!! Pastor Tan came and speak about Judge Not!
again.. i learnt so much throughout this whole 2 trimester as part of the committee of CF!
I really enjoyed serving in CF! yay :)
so the seniors gave us a token of appreciation.. hehe 

tada!! this is what they gave us! hooray!!!
:) thanks a lot! 

and proud to announce! I'm serving in CF once more!!! yay yay yay!!!!
super excited, as this time i will be CG leader!!!! haha
#notsureishouldbehappyorsad :P
anyway, i will try my very best! hehe :)
assistant secretary post is officially over.. :(
thanks for all the guidance! weeee :)

that's all for today! gonna get some rest.. and start studying.. :)
see ya!