Saturday, 24 August 2013

Malacca Camp 2013

hellooooo people!
am back for a quick update since I'm free for the time been! :)

Let's get started! for those who didn't know, i went for Malacca Camp organized by the CF alphas before i went for my Raya break! :) decided to express my gratitude to the committees for doing such a wonderful and great job! 

introducing the girls who sat around me in the bus! ;) 

the sitting bus partner-Hannah! 

Reached the destination which is Methodist Centre-Port Dickson! :) Was really impressed with both the outlook and in look of the centre! Super awesome and pretty!!!! :DDDDD

we started off with doing our group cheer!
I was in group ISAAC!!! :) 

okay lah!!!! random selfie in the toilet in my dorm.. LOLsssss

Submit & Restore- the theme for this year's camp! 
taken from James 4: 8 

the dorm-mate a.k.a Helen! :) 

We had wonderful time of activities the committees prepared for us! :) we played treasure hunting all around Methodist Centre... Our mission was to find the kidnapper through many stations that needs and develop teamwork! :) We really had fun because we get to sweat as well as get to bath under water while singing Negaraku! :O
We managed to go through all the stations and make it to the final station, but we got the wrong kidnapper! ooopssss...>.< but is okay! we told each other, winning is not the main point! :) 

fast forward: this is taken during morning exercise! 

look at the amount of people on time for exercise???? @.@

hhhhmmm.. did not take many pictures because i was busy listening to sermon, playing games and so on.. but anyways! We had Pastor Lim and his wife as the speaker for this year's camp! :) I found Pastor Lim's sermon was kinda boring the first night! (maybe i was just too sleepy) but then, i found it interesting the second day!!!! LOLLLL... 

the chapel of Methodist Centre.. 

the dormssss and the pool too! :) 
very nice right????? :P

Thankfully enough we were given ample time for resting! :) 

we were given the t-shirts to wear it during the last day for photo session! :D

Camp commander gave permission to all of the campers to stay up late simply because it was the last night! :) girls went for supper but i chose to stay in the room... hhhhmm.. enjoy the quiet time alone.. :) 

and the next day! we had boys and girls session.. 
whereby we were separated and get to discuss about some stuffs! 

OHHHH!!! and you may wondering what is this all about???? 

we had this game played since the starting of camp called 'the angel and mortal'! :) we all randomly got a mortal whereby we can treat the fellow like King or Queen or ill treat them! sad to say, my mortal was sick, if not I'll ill-treat her loh!!! *just joking :P
errmmm.. so i got Mei Theng as my mortal, and since she was sick, i bought her sweets, took lunch for her, bought her key chain, wrote her lovely notes etc etc.... :) she was kinda shock during the last day when we started to reveal out who are our mortals! she was shouting all the way!!! 

so now you know what is the picture above all about??? :)))) 
and surprisingly my angel was Scott who was good enough to take food for me, bought stuff for me, carry my bag etc etc.. :) very grateful.. hehehhe.. 

and lastly, 

introducing the brainsssss behind this successful camp!!!! :)
pretty girls and handsome guys!
thank you each and everyone of you for being just so awesome
and willing to serve! :)
Daddy in heaven is smiling and proud of all of you!

camp ended with photo session (and sadly, i tak ada any photo in my phone) so it shall be kept as memoriessss.. :) never regret joining this camp! good experience and gave me another chance to submit my life to Big Daddy! :) 

Friday, 2 August 2013

ambassador of glasses online :)

hello and welcome back to the dead blog! :) 

sorry for being so away from blogging! was very busy with assignments and mid-terms! the busy season is finally OVER!!!! :D hhhhmmm.. as stated in the title of the post, kinda guess what I'm gonna blog already.. am not gonna explain how it goes again (too naggy) therefore, i shall go into the main topic now! :D
Glasses Online Malaysia had been very generous enough to sponsor me contact lenses! and I'm really grateful so therefore, this post is specially dedicated to them.. ????? :P

before anything.. Glasses Online Malaysia is an online shop selling eye wear including contact lenses, sunglasses, glasses and sport based sunglasses. Glasses Online is based in Kuala Lumpur a.k.a KL.. 
i was given the privilege to choose what brand and what color of contact lenses that i wanted.. and so, since i had Blincon colored contact lenses before, i chose it again! this time i chose BB Black! :) 

have a look at how my eyes changed.. 

i do not have double eyelid and i did not put on any make up!
so yea! this is how i look with the sepek single eyelid eyes... >.<

the contact lens actually made my eyes bigger.. 
which is a good thing! :) 

tak tau what to caption! >.<

even with the glaring sun, 
the eyes look big enough as compare to normal.. 

yup!!! a huge THANK YOU to Glasses Online Malaysia for being so good! 

the main point here is, not only having bigger eyes or what? but is all about their service!
Glasses Online provides free delivery to all and also free 30 days return if there is any wrong with the stock.. and the most important is all the brands they are selling are 100% genuine! :) and seriously they really packed the lens nicely.. (impressed with the service they gave) and i believe not only their lenses are good! but also those eyewears they are selling! :) 

and there is this good news to all my readers!!!! Glasses Online is kind enough to provide a promo code for my beloved readers to have special discount when you purchase anything from them! So for my readers, insert this promo code- GOfiona20.. which is a RM 20 discount when you purchase RM 100 and above from Glasses Online :) 

and besides that, upon the first sign up, you will get a RM10 gift card! 

so that's it! as a conclusion, all i can say that is not many contact lens can really suit my eyes, because i have a really sensitive eyes and Blincon is one of the most comfortable colored contact lens for me as compared to other brands.. :) 
And for transparent contact lens, I'm using bausch and lomb contact lenses.. both are the current top lenses for me! :)
and since most of the people now are busy enough to get out and slowly shop for their eye wears, therefore why not try Glasses Online Malaysia? they had impressed me with wonderful service, and i believe you will experience it so! (provided you purchase eye wears from them lah!!!!) :P
you can even check out their FACEBOOK PAGE for more info! do not hesitate to contact them because the workers are way too friendly! hehehehehe :)

just a last shout out to them! 
a huge thank you to them! :) 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

back in action! :O

hello and welcome back
(this sounds so 'stranger' to me now)

anyways! a big hugs to all loyal readers for staying back and constantly visiting my blog! really a big SORRY that the blog was really dead... i just have no choice.. many things i haven't finish up! so therefore, please bare with me for another few weeks, then I'll have Raya break... and I'll be much more free to keep updating! :D
I'm in the midst of having mid-terms exams.. and due date for passing up assignments.. i have more responsibilities than others.. somehow, i have to accept the fact that I'll sleep lesser day by day. I'll get more backaches and shoulder aches.. and i really hope that i won't fall sick! (due to stresses i face everyday!)

so that's it for the naggy introduction! hahahahahaha :P
time for some quick update about many more interesting things that happen to me! :)

first of all! this is a brand new elephant cover i got for my phone! :) 

hhhmmm.. the previous white old cover spoil, and so i had to get another one! and i got this cute clothing for the phone at Ixora food court (for those MMU-ians) the shop where the signboard written Indo rasa! all the way at the back on your right! :) the uncle is such a wonderful friendly person, that you couldn't resist not to buy from me! and btw, i waited for only 3 days for the phone cover! meanwhile, a tip for those who wanna get themselves one! better screen shot the cover you want in your phone, and show it to him! it will be easier to explain to the uncle on what type and what color of cover you wanna get! :) 
*i got mine with smiling face on me! :D

next: if you follow me on instagram! you will see this photo twice.. :P

we celebrated our boss punya birthday at Philea Resort, well plan went really well when all of us intended to surprise him with lotsa people over there! :) then the boyfie was spotted and found because he was just too big size to run away from his sight.. meanwhile, the girlfriends and myself ran like nobody business and manged to escape and the plan continues.. :) 
many people attended and he had the smiley face on him when the clock strikes 12am! :) 
the above picture is the 2 cakes that friend's bought and made for him! so nice right? 

and then tadaaaa!!! the happy 2nd anniversary with the boyfie! 

nothing much to explain or say but we went for movie marathon that day (due to the busy-ness, we watched 2 movies together) we watched Pacific Rim (highly recommended) and Despicable Me 2 (the banananannana).. and after the movie, we went down town to 99 Garden for dinner! :) chose the place simply because the scenery there is just so nice (although all we saw was buildings) :)
thank you for being there throughout the years.. dunno what else to say because i do not have the brain to think of fancy stuffs.. :P

and then another friends' birthday! :)

this time it was Caleb's birthday! (the 'since foundation bestie') so we never celebrate any, because it was mid-term season.. but we bough him pressies! :) i personally chose all the 3 books for him, and i have full confidence he will love it, because i know him well! :D
happy smiling all the way when he received the pressiesss.. well, nothing much to say again.. but although we are not that close anymore! but somehow, we still are close together.. :P
(*not sure what am i saying)

a big thankyou to Glasses Online for this sponsored colored contact lenses

the story goes like this, on this particular day, i was checking my email (as usual) and then i came across this email from them asking me whether am i interested in becoming their ambassador???? i was like WHAT????? :O the first thing i checked was the IP adress, thinking what if it's a cheater or what.. and somehow, sixth sense told me that i should believe in them.. LOL...
went and browse through their website and found out that okay, this online page existed.. and therefore, i replied them! i got to chose what brand, what color of contact lenses i wanted.. hehe :)
and of course, i have to blog and review about it, but i told them not now, because I'm too busy! :)
the above picture is what i chose- Blincon BB Black lenses.. :) will review about it asap!
felt very grateful and thankful that the blog brought happy smiles on me again!
*somehow i wonder how did they find me, they said through the blog, but how??? >.<

and lastly! i had another cover.. this time is a pink giraffe! :)

housemate ordered taobao stuffs, and so i decided to browse through their goods online, and somehow their things are much cheaper than Malaysia.. erm.. but obviously is made in China.. but when the stuffs reached! the quality, color and so on is just way better than i expected.. (maybe they improvised their stuff already after so many complains about the low quality and so on..) this cover cost less than RM15 which is super cheap and they gave me screen protector, the earphone plug thingy with a cloth together which is to wipe the screen.. and many other stuffs! :) 
 bought a purse too, and cost so much cheaper than what i saw at Malacca.. the purse that my brother bought for me at Thailand koyak-ed and i was super emo!!!! no choice to get another purse! :)
hhhmmm, you all may consider getting stuffs at taobao now, because the quality is much better as compared to last time! :)
(*but please don't blame me if you get lousy stuffs okays? so happen all the goods housemates and i bought were very very good) :D

that's all for this quick update!
as you can see July was a very good month for me!
because i see happy faces everyday!
but one thing which is not happy, is the busy-ness and lack of sleep..
so tata from now!!!
*cheers and stay tuned for the next post.. :P

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Randoms and only randoms!

hola!!! :)  a candid blur photo! 

Welcome back! hhhmm.. apologise for the MIA! because am just too busy with EVERYTHING! studies, tutorial home works, assignments, CF, CG... don't even have time to go out window shopping, no time for movies (there are so many nice movies currently!!) and busy enough, i don't even have time to blog.. @.@
forgive me, and i hope i can spare some time out! and i have this pending post about the new phone i got! hhhmm.. i just wonder when shall i blog about it!

anyways! just some randoms stuffs that i encounter in my life! :O

why am i wearing mask??? simply because Malacca had a very bad haze last few weeks!

Haze was just so terrible that i don't even have the mood to step out of my house! all the baju i washed had the haze smell! it's so unbearable, but what choice do i have? towel smelled of smoke, and i just wonder whether my body smell of the haze also.. =.=
thank God that the haze is gone now! and i can see a clearer sky! :D
i believe everyone were praying about it, hoping for rain and so on. but sad to say that, there was no rain at all! but God promised us by clearing the sky! :) 

API of the haze was over 700++ at Muar and i think i can just faint and die if i were at Muar! And Malacca ain't any good either! Malacca had 500++ API if I'm not mistaken! i kept complaining about the haze and hope that i could go back to my hometown simply because they didn't had any haze..
and after a few days, the haze flew all the way to my hometown.. :( 
no chance for me to go back home.. emooozzzzz... >.<

but really thank God that He really cleared of the haze! (perhaps not all, but almost all!) :D

and so, i decided to boil barley! because i takut i fall sick!!! :O

i did not measure on how much barley should i put.. i just simply simply.. and apparently, it came out wonderful delicious! haha.. (not trying to praise myself) but at least, it's nice to drink! hehe :) 
p/s: i did not add any sugar, because i put in the 冬瓜糖 (kundur manis?) 
promised the committee to boil some for them.. but am still thinking when and how, because is kinda hard for me to boil for 11 person, and all i have is a rice cooker! 
perhaps, will find a way! hehe :D
shared with housemate, and barley was my lunch that day! 

celebrated housemate's birthday last night! :)

The housemate's birthday is today! but i bought a cake (those spring roll cake) for an advance birthday celebration! a shout out to her! Happy 19th Birthday to her! and wishing her all the best, and good luck! :D
she went out for celebration with her friends and boyfie, and luckily i was able to come back on time, for a quick singing song, and eating cake celebration! :) 

friends around me mostly are June and July babies!!! especially my group of classmates! almost all of them are July babies.. will be hunting for presents for them soon! hehe :) 

end here! because i have nothing else to say! hahaha XD
nopes! i have to prepare for tonight's CG bible study! 
therefore, chao!!!! take care and byebye! :) 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Welcome back!

Hello lovelies! :D
#love me or hate me :P

Welcome back to the blog! i hope you are still ever waiting for an update.. sorry for being so slack in blogging! blame all to the tight schedule okays? hehe :P
am here to let you know what had happen throughout the few weeks! important ones.. :) 
before anything.. let's see some major activities i had! 

first of all! the ever waiting club registration. 
as you can see in the picture, CLC were flooded with students! 

And obviously, i was part of the club registration too! i was representing Christian Society, and basically is all of us were on duty to seat at the booth to take care and promote our club! :D
and we did back our CHOICES 2012 flash mob! which i still remember all the steps because the song is just simply too nice! :D
our club were flooded with alphas, pretty and handsome ones! :) all of the alphas are way too semangat.. 
many of the strangers came and sign up for CF, and obviously it was a good sign! :D our club are getting bigger and bigger! everyone are willing to come together and worship and serve God.. 

if you did not see my instagram photo.. this it our booth! :) 
we have ECF-English Christian Fellowship
CSS-Catholic Student Society
CCF-Chinese Christian Fellowship

and wanna watch our flash mob video?? i bet you want to, because CF Rocks!!! :) 
click here to watch the video at Facebook! :) all glory goes to God! we did a awesome job and thankkkiuuuu everyone who are willing to participate! :) and we ended club registration today morning.. 
i was just thinking back when i was just about to join CF, and really thank you the CF-ers because i had really got to know God through CF, and i had a really joyful time serving! :D

and just today, we had prayer meeting, and we were told to share our very own testimony.. of course, i shared mine, and i really am impressed with God's work to my life! he really brighten and enlighten my life up! 

and of course, i had my very own INSTAGRAM like 2 weeks back!!!
super awesome! :DDDDD
so if you know me, or want to know me, please kindly follow me okays?
thankkiiuuu.. :D

and the last thing is i had my HPV Vaccination just today!
for free! :)

didn't know that I'm still eligible to have the vaccination injection, and therefore, i went over to LPPKN clinic at MITC, Melaka to have my very first dose! the nurse gave us briefing in case we puke after the injection, or we faint or whatsover! but thankfully, I'm all well after the injection! :D
and i have to go back for the second dose next month, and the last dose during December! >.<
i told the nurse i was scare.. of course lah! it's been so long i haven't get any injection.. hhhmm.. and she did it very well, less than 2 seconds, I'm out from the room! and I'm feeling numbness on my hand.. @.@
went back and take a nap, because i was kinda dizzy and I'm okay now! :D
so for those who were born in the year of 1993 and 1994, faster go get your HPV Vaccination now!! before it expire! :D

for any additional information, please visit LPPKN official website.. get to your nearest LPPKN clinic and get the injection asap! 

okay! that's all for today's post!
stay back for more interesting blog post! :) 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

1st CG Outing

hello and welcome back lovelies!
sorry for being MIA for so long!! 0.0

Class commenced for the first week already! and surprisingly, lecturers are hardworking enough to start teaching! =.=
and there are plenty of tutorial home works to finish up! and I'm hardworking enough to do all of it!!! @.@
*oh ya! and btw, a review on my phone will be coming up asap! :D

as usual, first week was kinda boring and free for me, but CF and CG as usual.. the first CG was an outing! and so, i kinda decided earlier on where to head on to! :D thankful enough, i had 8 little babies with me on that day! hehe :D

proudly present you the babies.. :P
from left: Edmund.N, Edmund.C, Isaiah, Kevin, Samuel

and the other babies!!
from left: Edwin.H, yours truly, Elizabeth, Janice

i treat them as babies simply because I'm the mother for all of them! :O simply because they acted like small kids.. haha! :P
my CG members are way to SIAO! they can laugh crazily over a small matter, and they really will cheer a person's day up! :D
(go and find them if you're moody) :P
and ya! since it's a June intake, therefore, i had additional babies into my CG! hope to get to know them more and pray harder that i can lead them well enough emotionally, physically and spiritually.. :)

and because it was an outing, i brought them to Kensington which is located in the town. we had our dinner there, and we played indoor 'get to know each other' game.. 

My dinner for that day: Roasted Chicken
it was huge enough that i couldn't finish up my food.. >.<

and that we headed to Ice Town for dessert which is just the same row as Kensington.. (down the road) 

Super mango! :D
not cheap tough, but it's super fresh! :) 

Ice Town closes at 10.30 pm, and therefore, we had to say goodbye to each other! had a wonderful time with them.. and hoping that they will come for bible study which is next week! :D

and before i end this post, would like to have a shout out! 

the birthday present for the birthday boy, BEN! 

sorry that i couldn't attend the birthday celebration..(which was a few days back) :'(
well, just hoping that you will love the present, and hoping that you will have good health, good life, good grades, good luck etc. :)

that's all, and the end.. 
will not be blogging so often as classes starts already
have to face the fact that I'm a student.. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Book Review-FireSpell

hola peeps! how's your holiday for the MMU-ians??
*love playing with the hair!!! :P

Left less than a week before the Gamma Year (Degree 2nd year) trimester 1 starts... YES! INDEED my heart has the heavy stone... of course, who wants to leave house and get back to the stressful life there? i have no choice.. hhhmm.. but i did spend my holiday fruitfully! i had vacation with the family, had wonderful long chat with the besties, and i had a sweet relationship with my novels at home! :D

Hands up if you are a book lover! *me putting up my hands!!!
hhhmm.. World Book Day is during the month of April which was last month! and i did blogged about it 2 years back! well, if you didn't manage to read it, you may now.. (the random post) 

Since i finished a book during the holidays, therefore today's post will be the very first blog post on BOOK REVIEW! have not try any book review, therefore please forgive me if i did not review it well! :P
I'll try my best to do more book review as long as i finish up reading it.. keke.. 
So are you excited??? hehe :D

Let's get started with a naggy story first.. :P 
I love reading books, but after i went into University, i couldn't take out any of my time to read a book  complete reading a book! I'll start and it will never end.. (lame excuse that I'm busy) instead of spending time on Facebook the whole day, i decided to finish up my novels i had! hhmm.. and mission accomplished! manage to finish a book in a week time.. :D
I brought it everywhere i went and tried to finish it up asap, so that i can proceed to the next book! and YES! I'm halfway through the next book! hehe :) 

So what's the book that caught my attention??? 

Firespell by Chloe Neill 

fyi, i chose this book because i felt that the cover is too nice

the front of the book.. 
as you can see the price tag there.. 
i got this book from Big Bad Wolf at KL for only RM8.00!!! 
*screams & regret for not buying more.. T____T

and the back of the book
the photo looks so spell-ish!!! hehe

A brief synopsis about this book! 
The story start off with this girl named Lily Jones, from Manhattan. And both the parents decided to send her off to a boarding school located at Chicago because they had to go to Germany for a sabbatical program (they are both a philosophy professor) and so Lily was sent to this boarding school named St Sophia. 
Things was very fine for her and she met her hostel mate, Scout Greens which  is a lovely girl and practically Lily's best friend in school! :) 

Of course, in this kind of boarding school, there is always the brat pack (happens in the movie too). They tried to bully Lily by making jokes at her. Then things happen, when Scout started to come home late at night, full with bruises on her body and exhausted. Lily tried to ask what had happen, but Scout doesn't wanna explain further to Lily. 

Well, when things really get heated up, Lily had to find Scout all over the school. At that moment, Lily found out that the headmistress, Ms.Foley had been fishy about her parents being. Lily then also found out that she could actually put out light during the dark with her magic powers! :0
And apparently, Scout was a part of the group of teens with unique magic powers!!! (sounds interesting huh?)

There is another group of bad ones who abused their magic powers, named as the Reapers, and the Reapers are the one who got hold of Scout and tied her up! and Lily to the rescue, because she cherish the friendship she has with Scout.. and finally, Lily found out that she has more magic powers! :) 
and of course, she got to know a guy, named Jason (who is a wolf) and Lily was accepted into the group and soon they had assignments to rescue the city!!! :D

-The end-
*shall not be a spoiler and reveal out too many things... :P
the story is so Harry Potter-ish!!! hehe :P
it's interesting enough for me to finish it up so quick... :D

holiday well spent with this book! :) 

thankyou for staying back till the end!
i hope you fell in love with this book.. lol
here is a website for you: Chloe Neill
and wait till i finish another book! :) 
byebye! cheerios!