Monday, 31 December 2012


Hai guys!!!!! :) 
Shall blog about something before the year 2012 ends!

So hi!!!!!! today will be the last day of the year 2012!
what shall i say about my 2012 year?
yeap, first of all.. i stepped into degree year! lolzzzzz.. @.@

Degree year ain't honeymoon year! it all started very peacefully.. 
but then, it became busier and busier and now very very very busy!!!! :)
hehe.. but everything is under controlled! i just can't believe how i manage to finish up 3 assignments in 3 days! >.<
*not to mention the days of research of info la!!!

Then the year 2012 i went to quite many places.. not exactly out Malaysia.. 
but at least.. many family trips! :) 
Always appreciate all the family trips and outings!
#it's just so lovely to be with my family! :)

Many ups and downs for the year 2012.. 
I may be happy at some times.. but i may be sad at some times.. 
but the last day of 2012, it was HAPPY!!!! 

Okay, let's start.. how did i spend my last day of the year 2012???
many people dolled up and went out with friends for party or maybe countdown party!
but me.. i woke up and laze around at home!
watching gossip girl! hahahaha.. 
and during late noon, only i went out with boyfie!!!!
went Chinese new year shopping.. 
as you all know, cny is around the corner.. 
since we had some break now.. we decided to go out and get some clothes for ourselves! :)

after shopping and walking for almost 5 hours..
(i just didn't know how did we do that)
and went for a movie names CZ 12 by Jackie Chan

nice show!!!!! go watch it please!!!!
you will laugh somehow!!! :)

all the gorgeous actresses and handsome actors.. :)

That's how i spent my last day of the year!!!!
practically walking and shopping and watching!!!!!! :D
sounds great huh???
nooooo.. I'm tired now.. @.@

 so let's see.. what did we get.. haha.. :P

okay.. i know this is crazy.. @.@
but not all are mine lah!!!!! 
actually i had lesser packets as compared to boyfie! >.<

he wanted me to take this photo!!!
seems like lots of lots of bags.. 

that's all what we got...  :)
cost a bomb in my purse again!!!! T_______T
i need to get some sponsor!!!!! :'(

Okay.. let's wrap up this post with something!!!!!
my year 2013 will be an awesome one!!!!!!!!!!

gonna list down my resolution.. :)
  1. gonna start studying for finals!!!! and do well, and get good results.. :)
  2. gonna enjoy my Chinese New Year with family.. :)
  3. gonna head to Chiang Mai and Bangkok after CNY!!!! woootssss.. looking forward! :D
  4. come back for a new trimester.. :(
  5. will have a motive for the year!!! strive for success!!! never give up!!!! :)
  6. have a closer relationship with my dear big daddy!!!! (GOD)
  7. gonna be diligent in doing my devotion everyday.. :)
  8. gonna hunt for a better hand phone, as my hand phone is going crazy somehow! :(
  9. blog more often!!!! :P
  10. Be more grown up!!! lol.. :)
i think that's all!!! what??? such a resolution!! haha
i just don't understand.. whatever!!!
anyhow!! i will live a better life as compared to the year 2012.. 
and i will be a more grown up girl.. :)
(won't be so childish anymore) haha :P

okay.. how about you???

first of all.. 
thanks to big daddy for giving me such wonderful yet challenging 2012.. 
next.. thanks to my family for giving me such moral support!
thanks all the readers who read my blog for the year!!!!
really appreciate it a lot!!!! love all of u..
end here.. with a great big love from me!!!!!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

27.12.2012 (the day she was born) ♥

hi guys! i know.. 
am currently so active in blogging.. haha :)
anyway, an interesting topic to talk about! :D

First of all, the day of 27th December my lovely mummy was born!!!! LOL.. >.<
and then she came to this world full with life experience and obstacles.. 
and today, she live a perfecta life :)
well, i may have hurt her in many ways.. 
but i still love her the way she is!
no matter how fierce, or how sweet she is... 

anyway, i was kinda disappointed when i got to know i couldn't stay beside her during her birthday!
i remembered last time during my secondary school years, every year when it comes to her birthday, i would wake up during midnight.. 
trying to sneak out to the living hall without any noise.. and placed her little pressie on the dining table!
i know that she will be able to see it because she always wake up the earliest! :)
but since i came to Uni, this never happens anymore!
there are no more sneaking adventures at home anymore! :(
i even have to give her pressie in advance.. T_____T
*how pathetic is it.. :'(

but she knows, as long i have the heart with her! she is contend without me beside her!
so.. as i would know that i have to leave home earlier.. 
therefore, i spent some time going out to shopping mall and tried so hard to get her something
(something that i think she would use) lol.. =.="""
and after a few rounds around the mall, i decided to step in THE FACE SHOP!
(is like a shop selling all those girly things lah!!! haha) :P
then. i spend quite some time, choosing which will suits her more, and bla and bla!!!
i got the sales girl to recommend me some products.. because it was my first time stepping and purchasing this type of things!! haha.. 

everything in it are way more costly than those we get at Guardian or Watson.. haha.. 
but is worth it! :D
so so so.. after some looking and seeing and testing and trying.. 
it came to a final.. haha.. 

this is the outer box! the box very nice right?? haha :P

inside of it.. hehe.. :)
2 bottles of body lotion (green tea and honey)
each have it's own speciality and function.. 
and in this pack there are another 2 pieces of mask
and a bathing thingy (dunno call what)
and a small free gift from the sales girl! haha.. :)

a close view of what is it! :)
hope mummy likes it! :D

so at first, i thought i wanna get lipstick or cosmetic thingy for her.. 
then i thought what if she does not like it?? haha.. 
so body lotion is the best la!!! :)

so here comes the surprise.. i packed it into my luggage, trying to hide it from her.. 
but too bad.. her eyes are way too good.. she saw it.. and forced me to take it out and show it to her.. 
haha.. but at last she did not wanna see it.. because i told her it was her pressie!
hahahahhaahha.. :))))))))
so then.. everyone gave her some surprise.. my aunt got her a lip balm thingy!!!
(lucky me i never get her lipstick =.="")
and then my uncle (her brother) belanja her makan dinner! Western dinner.. woohoo!!! XD
and my dad (her husband) got her something special.. haha

he surprised her with a cake!!!!!! 
(not really a cake, but a fruit cake!!!! )
it is made in British! :)

 it's called the mulled wine fruit cake! 
hehe.. :)

dad bought it all the way from KL... 
and it was my job to keep it away from the sight of mummy from my hometown to Penang..
(hardest thing to do ever!!!)

so she kinda looked so surprised with the cake.. haha!! XD
glad that she had the laughter and smile on her face.. hehe :)

Happy Birthday dear mummy!!!
you had never ever fail to be the best mum ever!!!!

  a picture of us.. 
hahaha.. we looked so skinny here! :)

a little shout out to my dearest one! :) 

Dear mummy, 
i know i may failed you, may disappoint you, may piss you off, may do many many things to you throughout the 19 years!
but mummy, i know despite all these challenges i gave you, you never fail to love me more.. 
you never fail to take good care of me.. you never fail to comfort me when i need you.. 
you never fail to buy things for me.. and the most important! you are always beside me!
you always encourage me in any things!!! you even fulfilled my dreams to study what i wanna study!
thank you for all the hard work you earned to raise me up! thank you for all the things that you provided me in my life! thank you for such great 19 years of living experience in this world! thank you!!!! 

by the time i grow up and become adult.. i will pay you back what i have owed you.. 
i will never ever forget what you have done for me! 

therefore, i hereby wish you a very happy birthday!!!!!! 
you're not a year older, but a year younger! :)
Good luck in all the things you do!
May the Lord bless you with good health, prosperity, hope, joy, peace and love.. 

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)
the Lord Jesus will always will there for you when you are in trouble or in need of HIM!
I told Jesus to protect you, and to give you a wonderful life! 
so don't worry! he will answer my prayers.. 
live a fruitful life! put down your work and set off to some place to have a relax life!
you deserve it my mother! 
Do not worry about me, i will be just fine!
am a grown up, please stop worrying about me anymore..
you had been so worried for the past 19 years.. it's time to take a break!!!!

i have nothing else to say.. 
and last one
love you forever and ever!
have a blessed birthday! :)

love from you dear daughter, 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Big Bad Wolf book sales!!!!!!! :)

hi guys! i just got back from PENANG!  
Will update a post on Penang trip asap! :)
meanwhile.. i have something to share with you guys!

so last week Friday i took a bus to KL to meet up with my dad and went back to my hometown together! :)
before leaving.. dad decided to take me to BIG BAD WOLF BOOK SALES!!!!!!!
well, we are a book lover.. therefore, going to this type of place just suits us! :)

yeah!!! we are here! they were at the Mines Resort Center.. :)
cars were lining up to get parking.. ooopsss!!! but dad got a parking easily as he went there a few time already.. >.<
they welcomed us with such a nice banner!hehe.. 

so then, when i stepped into the hall, i was waaaaaaaa..... the hall is just so so big!
books are everywhere.. haha.. 
so i decided to take my time to look out for some nice books! :)
apparently, normal time it will be packed like crazy, but maybe at that time it wasn't the busy hour.. 
therefore, people are not that packed as what i thought.. :)
so walking and walking around, i took so books in my hand.. haha
(macam so rich can buy so many :P )
i took a box to put all the books, and went to a corner to slowly choose which i liked the most.. hehe
after some time, i chose out only 3 books.. LOL..!!! XD

then i walked and walked, went to the section were religion books are placed.. 
i started to stand there for quite some time looking at all the books.. 
and i started to put some more books into the box again.. =.="""
#thought that i can control myself... haha
we spent almost 2 hours in the hall.. >.<
and it was raining heavily outside.. 
but it was time for us to go.. before the jam starts... 

so these are the books i got.. oooopssss!!!! 
far too many.. @.@
wonder when will i finish up all of it.. hehe :P  

am currently reading the bottom right book.. 
the Dreamseller-the calling.. 
it's just so touched reading all the short stories inside.. 
sometimes quite funny too.. :)
i brought back these 4 to Malacca only.. 
others i left it at home..

after purchasing and paying off money.. 
we went out of the hall.. 
and woohoo! something caught my eyes! :))))

this one????? 
yeap!!!!!!! wolf's collection of cars!!!!! there is wolf 1, wolf 2, wolf 3 and 4... 
interesting huh?? :)

Wolf ONE! black in colour! nice :)

the side view of it.. :)

WOLF 2.. blue in colour! awesome! :D

Red ONE! Amazing! :P

this one dunno what?? so whatever @.@

went back to the car and get ready to drive back.. 
but too bad.. we were trapped in the JAM!!!!!!!!
and we took almost 4 hours just to reach home.. :(
so sad.. T_______T
and i was starving.. hungry until not hungry already.. haha.. 
once i got back home.. i went and hunt for food.. :P

after a wonderful delicious amazing dinner.. i went to the living hall.. 
and my uncle brought me something! :)

tada!!! a new handbag for me!!!!
am a happy girl once more!!!! :)  
i always get pressies when i get back home.. 
so i should go back more often.. blek :P
nice huh?? uncle got it form Philippines.. hehe.. 
floral bag! just so pretty! :DDDD
thanks uncle.. :)  

so so so.. what did you guys think?? hehe
i know i went away for a long time! haha.. 
but these few days will be full of posts day!!! :)
see ya guys!
stay tuned for the next episode of F10NA's blog :)

take care 

p/s: want more info about the big bad wolf book sales.. 
you can visit Big Bad Wolf Book Sales :)
thank you for reading! :D 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

the time when we are back together once more! :)

Hi guys! Am back again!
hehe :) 

Yeap, i just finished my 2 mid-terms in 2 days.. 
#i know right.. super tiring.. >.<
what to do??? lecturer wants it like this.. :P
anyway, talking about mid-terms... 
unexplainable.. :(
i was down with fever before exam... (forever that weak)
and wherever i went.. i just stick a cool fever and go out.. 
haha.. cool fever is getting more expensive years by years.. 
i got my friends to get me 1 packet from Guardian.. :)

see how i look like with the cool fever.. @.@

After the sticking of cool fever like every hour.. i felt so much better that i can run and jump! :P
i seriously went out like this lo... first time.. haha :)
i was so eager to get well, because i know i have mid terms these two days.. that's why.. 
aiks aiks.. >.<
i need to take care of myself well, if not i really will die soon of sickness..
So what i did during the weekend was.. 
running around, going everywhere with my secondary classmates!
weeee~~~ miss them so much.. 
everybody kept asking me when was the last i met them.. haha :P
Anyway, they just finished their STPM, so they planned and came to Malacca! hehe
*i think they wanna meet me!! haha :P

We went around Malacca, to Jonker Street, Potuguese Village etc... 
Okay, including me there are 15 of us! bringing small kids around.. hehe
They came by 3 cars.. drove all the way from my hometown.. >.<
and we travelled around using GPS!!
I came to Malacca so long, and i just can't recognise any roads.. >.<
*besides going to shopping malls!!! ridiculous..!! 
i should drive more in Malacca
They went to A Famosa but i did not follow them! :(

so let pictures speaks.. although there is only a few pictures.. T_______T
#no one wants to take pictures.. that's why.. 

from the left: Jung Hooi (Terrance), Yuan Jing, me and 1s3n 
Yea! Jonker street!
why are guys just so so tall??? really don't understand.. :)
did not really buy anything.. but just walk around.. 
squeezing like nobody business.. haha

and this fellow.. wanted to act as a guy who is peeing in the fountain.. 
some more.. wearing Christmas hat!! >.<
Oh my Goodness!!! @.@

last day before they left.. we took this at Al-Ikhsan.. @.@
We did not take many pictures.. but only a few.. 
what we have.. are only memories..!!! :)

Maybe you all will be wondering why there is only and always 4 of us together only.. 
i shall tell you why.. because everyone is like walking separately.. 
but 4 of us only walked together.. that's why we are always in the photo.. haha! :P
anyway, to introduced them to you guys! all of them are my secondary schoolmates! 
we ain't from the same class, but we know each other!
#how famous are we during that time! :)

so throughout that few days, i really had fun with them laughing, giggling, and chit-chatting with them!
it just reminds me of my secondary days..!! :)
people, please come more often.. 
i don't mind going out with you guys!

so.. shout out to 3 of them!
  • Yuan Jing: have fun at Taiwan! Take good care of your  gastric! please eat more.. lol.. :P 

  • Terrance: please take care of Yuan Jing!! haha :P will go find you when I'm back at TI :) enjoy your long holiday! :D

  • 1s3n: enjoy at Canada..  boost up your English! when you're back, will speak English to you.. :P take good care of yourself :) take more pictures.. not of yourself, but of Canada's scenery.. :D get me some souvenirs! thank you ^.^

and to all the other 11 friends!! take care, enjoy your holiday!
come more often... and keep in contact!
yeap, that's all for my shout out! :)

Wooooo.. there is another thing here.. hehe
well, i had my first ipod when i was around 13 or 14 years old.. 
but i did not use it at all..
(dunno why)
then, when i was 18, i tried to on it back.. 
but sad case is, the battery died.. :(
and i have no idea what shall i do to it.. 
but somehow.. miracle happens!! :)
Actually is not that miracle, but a friend of mine bought the battery on line from UK, and fixed it for me!
Hooooray!!!! i know!!! when i got back my ipod with the lighted screen on.. smile was on my face! :D
*lucky that i did not throw it away.. was thinking to throw it anyhow.. because it just can't switch on.. 
Thank you very muchie.. :)
hehe.. :)

there it goes.. my baby.. 
will take good care of it!
will not spoil it anymore.. hehe :)

that's all!
chao!! tata .. take care people!
♥ F10NA

Monday, 17 December 2012


Sometimes, life is just too complicated for me to understand.. 

I thought life would be simple for me! but there are the ups and the downs for me to go through, which is a total hard thing! >.<

Thinking deeply, i found out that i am still not ready.. I have to face obstacles all by myself.. perhaps with the presence of GOD beside me.. :)

God, please strengthen me up! I need the power and confidence to become a new F10NA!
*telling myself that my life will change into a better one in no time! :)

No one really understand me except for YOU! YOU know me well, you know me the best! You understand everything that i do! You're just so me! haha... :D

So with all the ups and the downs, there is still YOU with me!
thank you very much.. :)

p/s: before i leave! i have tumblr like weeks ago!!!
and i started to get in love with it! hahaha
feel free to visit my tumblr :)
thank you very much.. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blessed Thursday!

Hi guys! Blessed Thursday! :)

Okay, first of all...  I FINISHED MY PRESENTATION!
Oh yeah baby!!!! :DDDD
Presentation for this subject-Legal Method had always been only 5 minutes per group of 4 people..
*i know it's far too short.. >.<
but today.. due to time constraint.. he reduced the time to 3 minutes!
On earth?? How are all the 4 members gonna present?
and i was like cutting my lines to shorter.. and i went super fast.
like rocket into space.. :(
I was trying so hard to talk fast with a good pronunciation..
i did not wanna ruin my English speaking.. >.<
Therefore, that is the end of it..
we did not managed to conclude everything. but it's normal for this particular presentation.. @.@

oh yeah.. so i will be having mid-terms this few days..
better catch up my studies.. :)
#good luck people!

will be back really soon! :)
p/s: i thought i was strong enough to go through all the obstacles
but the true fact is: i do not have the strong heart.
God please strengthen my heart. thanks :)
#gonna head for bible study tonight! cheers :D

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

the end of IT.. :D

Hi guys! I just got back from CHOICES 2012: THE ROAD NOT TAKEN.

"Good morning again".. It's late midnight again!!! I know, it's time to sleep!
but i just can't wait to share this good news with you guys!!!!! :))))))))
Yeah, it is the end of Choices 2012: The Road Not Taken.. T_________T
*i dunno whether should i be happy or sad... 
happy because it was so successfully done! and there is time to SLEEP! :)
sad because it's the end.. :(

Okay, let's start.. :D
We had two days straight of Choices (Monday & Tuesday)
we have 3 time slots (1-3pm, 4-6pm & 8-10pm)
So i was the banker for Story Money Making Society
Banker for Story Great Revolt
Lecturer, kind citizen, banker, tsunami dead catcher & relief centre worker for Story GN City 
*i know.. I'm very stressful! >...&lt;

So the first day first slot was kinda messy for us.. at that time we were handling almost 30 participants.. 
then it went pretty well and better for the next two time slots.. and it was just so awesome for the 1st day!
And now.. the last day also the 2nd day.. more and more people came and join us.. 
and apparently we had 50+++ participants for the last time slots.. :)
*awesome! ;D

Okay, being a lecturer was super stress.. i have to handle all the students at one time.. >.&lt;
but it was still okay.. then i went around helping people up! i was there to help the participants in case they are lack of money!
Boyfie came and played too! He played for 2 different stories! He had so much fun..
(that's what he told me) but sadly to say..
i know right.. Forever alone.. T_________T

we danced our theme dance at the ending of the story! It's actually a flash mob we had for our publicity in campus! all of the crews went up to the stage and enjoyed dancing! 
i just miss all the busy-ness.. time just past so fast and two days had pass by.. :(
i hope that all of us had impacted many campus students! :)
To God be the glory! God you are just too awesome for us to love you!!!! 

So.. pictures time now! Let's take a look around at our 9 weeks of hard work of the setting of the city!

this is the entrance of the casino! We drew & painted the drawings... 
Awesome huh??? :)

Now.. give a guess what is this..
it's JUNE BANK! that's where i work.. :)

June Bank's ATM!!! :D
*cannot be use.. :P

I'm the MANAGER! :) 
not only in the bank, but also in the University! :D

The theatre for participants to watch a short video clip and reduce stress.. :D

The construction site.. where participants will work there.. :))))

Owhhhh.. this is the most awesome one!!! the CASINO!!!! 
We had blackjack, big small, fortune wheel :)

Wow! Good job props team! :)

Aha! Grand Prix! those who own a car will be able to race their car here!
almost like a real car! where you are required to step on the break and gas too.. 

Oopppsss... the Police Office.. 

Inside the prison! Creepy huh???
I drew part of the drawings.. :D

Hehehe.. the hospital! :D
People will come and do their health check up and get heal from any diseases.. 

Cyber Cafe where people can play PIKACHU! :)

The daycare centre where participants can adopt a child here! :D

Housing properties.. 
this place allow you to buy a house, a car or get your wedding ring! :)
i took one for myself to wear! but I'm forever alone.. :(

The side of the bank.. 

Music lounge! Live music going on throughout the game! :)
This place allow participants to seat down and rest..
with all the lightnings we had!!!! The whole hall was just so pretty nice! 

So people who did not register and play the game! Did you regret???? I bet you did.. :P
Anyway, thanks a lot lot lot to all the participants who came and made the game so awesome!
I just hope that you were touched or impacted by us!
God send us here to impact you all!!! :)

So many daysssss of sleepless nightsssss.. now it's time to catch up with my studies and rest well!
All da best for those who are having mid-terms tomorrow! Rest well! Good luck!
God will bless you for what you had did! :D
God you are AWESOME!!!!!!!
We love you!!! 

Thanks to all the 7 directors! You all really did a good job..
It's time for you all to rest... :D
Thanks to all the crew! for being such a wonderful family to me!!! :)

a last picture of me.. :D
Good night people!
Rest well!!!! 

L0V3 from F10NA! 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

A random one! ♥

Sunglassesssss... :) 

Hai guys! I'm back again.. you know what, i found out something... :O
that... I'll tend to blog when i stay up late to rush my work.. >.<
This sounds a little crazy, but I'm not sure why, maybe by blogging, I'll feel less stress!
and happier when doing work.. :P

Yea... i just came back around like 12am.. 
*i know right.. >.<
but i have no choice! although I'm super tired + exhausted.. 
but I'm looking forward for the day to arrive! Super excited about CHOICES 2012!
and yea, we have to sacrifice our sleepless nightsssssss...and busy daysssssss... @.@
i just hope that I'll stay strong till the end of my trimester.. 
but it seems like I'm having a weak anti-body... I'm having migraine like so recently.. 
maybe is due to lack of sleep and stress.. >.<
ya, i can proudly announce that I'M VERY STRESS!!!!!!!

No one will understand what am i going through.. I have to handle everything!! like everything!!!
(i know.. it's part of LIFE!) :D 
people may think that i make my life so busy with so many things is just so stupid..
but please.. it's none of your business okay?
as long I'm happy enough with my life, you shall not interrupt.. :P
sorry lah, if i have been neglecting all my works and assignments..!!!!
i promise I'll hand in up after next week! >.<

i need time for myself (like duh???), i can't put all my time and effort and heart into STUDIES! 
my life will be fill with colours! i will go through what road i chose.. 
and i will bare the consequences myself.. 
i totally know what am i doing.. 
(normal people will never understand)

Looking at the free and nothing-to-do daysss of my housemates.. i truly deeply envy them.. 
but a boring life is just so bored for me.. haha :P
i rather go out and be busy instead of growing mushrooms at home.. hehe
despite the business... 
i just love how people tend to care for me.. :)
*thanks a lot 

Okay, i dunno why I'm so emotionally affected now.. haha..
but I'm happily emotionally affected.... :)))))
this few days, i can see how people cared for me..
once again, thanks everyone! 

#A big hug for you all!!! :))) 

Oh ya..!!! and a good news is!!!!!
(i thought i would have to stay back all alone at Malacca during Christmas)
Family suddenly decided to go to Penang for Christmas holiday.. 
so i was like talking to mummy on the phone, and was randomly asking her will they be going anywhere for Christmas... and she said YES! 
I was like so hyper at that moment! because i know it's time for me to leave Malacca.. haha

Yippie!!! Christmas is coming soon!!! :D

So... ladies and gentlemen... I'll be going to PENANG for Christmas!!!! Wooooohooooooo.. :DDDDD
Okay, a promise i shall make now.. 
I'll promise to take more photos around wherever i go.. and update an interesting post!!
so stay tuned!!!! thank you :D 

Chao! Gonna proceed with my assignments..
good night.. and have a good rest! :)

L0V3 F10NA