Tuesday, 13 November 2012

C.F.... Brazil....

Am back H.O.M.E !!!!!  ♥ 
happiness :)))))

Hi peeps..!!! Yeap, i know it's very longgggggg since i last blog..
Too busy with the starting of the new trimester.. :P
I still remembered that during my Foundation year.. During the starting of the new trimester, I'll be like super free everyday.. I can even relax and sleep the whole day..
This stop happening since the day i joined CF (Christian Fellowship)...  ♥ 
Yeap, i did not know about CF until my church friends approached me and told me to join.. :)
*thanks for their recommendation :D

#not an advertorial post.. :P
it's just so sudden, that i thought to blog about this.. hehe :D

I was so excited yet scared on the day i joined CF for the very first time..
this is because it was a total new thing in my life, and i thought, okay, why not try it out?
Okay, to tell the truth..CF members are friendly!!! :)
Almost everyone approached me to introduce themselves..
So i was not really diligent in going every week to CF, as i gave myself an excuse of being too busy/tired
But after a few weeks of joining, they approached me to ask me whether i am willing to become the part of the CF family (committee)? I was like????????
and i was thinking so hard and deep whether i could manage my time properly
but then i told myself, go and give it a try. :)

I was chosen to become the assistant secretary in the F.A.M.I.L.Y♥ 
Then i started to be diligent in joining CF, CG (Care Group), Prayer Meeting, Committee Meeting
All of these filled up my timetable :)
And with Major Project going on, my timetable is full..!!!
#don't really have the time to laze around or waste my time :D

A small introduction on what we usually do :)
  • C.F: It's a gathering of all members to worship together and to listen together on a particular topic, we will invite speakers to come over and speak, and after that we will have supper together!
  • C.G: It happens every Thursday, whereby we are divided into small small groups to have bible study together! We get to discuss together, chat together, and we have OUTINGS too!!! :)
  • Prayer Meeting: It's where members come together to pray for the Campus, Country, and whoever we would like to pray for. We will have prayer needs for our self, and members will pray for us!
  • Committee Meeting: This is only for the F.A.M.I.L.Y! Where we seat down together and give feed backs, discuss on what we had done for the particular week!
So? After this short introduction about what i do every week?
Are you excited to join? If you are, then do join us!

Christian Fellowship (CF)
Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 8.00pm-10.00pm
Venue: FSER 1039

Prayer Meeting
Date: Every Friday
Venue: FSER 4019

Come and join us! You will love it after the first time!
CF members are like my 2nd F.A.M.I.L.Y in Malacca!
I can express my feelings in front of them, i can do silly things in front of them, i can even cry in front of them
*sounds stupid, but it's true!  


 Next, my parents just got back from Brazil..!!!
Weeee~~~ They enjoyed so much... T_________T
My dad went for conference meeting, and my mum tagged along..
(and i have to stay at Malacca) >.<
They went for almost 10 days...

Scenery of Brazil??? Nice?? Awesome??
*ME WANT GO!!!! 

What is this? Famous footballer in Brazil??
Tak tau lah!!!! :P

This one i know..!!!! Jesus Mountain  
For those who did not know about Jesus Mountain..
please go and watch the cartoon RIO.. hehe :P

Okay, since i was not there, i can't blog anything about it..!!! :'(
Will go there if i have the chance and money!!! :)
So they got me souvenirs!!!! woohoo :)
According to them, things are super expensive at there... >.<
Even a normal set of MacDonald is RM28 >.<
I guess Malaysian will go bankrupt if they stayed there.. hehe :P

Everything is super expensive that those normal tourist T-Shirts cost RM50 
I was like WHAT??????? 

So this was what i got from them from B.R.A.Z.I.L :)
  1.   RIO t-shirt with a Jesus statute there :)
  2. Key Chains for myself, and friends.. It's a map of Brazil :)
  3. 2 pairs of Nike socks :)
  4. 2 pairs of Ballerina Flats (Green and grey-pink)
  5. Purple flowery Havaianas Slippers!!!! :)
  6. Toffee Sweets :)
  7. 2 pairs of earrings (treble clef, and feathery) :)
  8. A Jesus collar pin :)

Yup, so many things from Brazil, and all those cost a lot of $$$$$$
Thanks for all the souvenirs!!!!  
Okay, end of post..!!!

p/s: gonna enjoy my holiday and will be heading to Singapore this weekend!!!! :D  
See you!! :)))))