Monday, 15 October 2012

Homemade Cheese Cake..

#while waiting for my turn to have a hair cut :P

Hi people..!!! Am back at action... :)
How was your weekend?? I had a normal one.. 

Anyway, last Saturday, mummy decided to bake cheese cake.. :D
*super yummy.. :)))

Here is the simple process... 
I bought this ready made cheese cake flour from Tesco for less than RM10
*once the packet was opened, the smell of the cheese is like so wow... hahaha 
So, following the steps they gave us...

Step1: Measure 300g of butter and beat 6 eggs together. Mix it well..
*a kind reminder, remember to cool the ingredients down into room temperature. 

Step2: Pour the whole packet of cheese cake flour into the mixture of butter & egg..
Pour it in slowly while keep the stirring on.. Beat it till the dough becomes almost white in colour.. 

Step3: Pour the dough into a tray and spread it evenly.. 
*remember to spread some butter onto the tray to prevent the cake from sticking onto the tray.. 

Step4: Put the tray into the oven with a temperature of 220 degrees and 25 minutes.. 
*heat the oven up for 10 minutes before placing the dough for baking.. 

Step5: Voila!!!! The cheese cake is done..!!!! But let it cool down, and put it into the fridge for better taste..
Yum yum.. Enjoy.. :)

While mummy was mixing up the dough.. :D
*and I was so busy taking pictures.. LOL.. :P

The dough in the oven.. Sorry for the background of horses.. haha 

After 25 minutes.. cheese cake is done..!!!
*smells good... hehe ^.^

Last one: the cheese cake is brought out for cooling down.. 

The next day Sunday, i ate it for breakfast.. nom nom.. :)))
Although it's not as nice as those cheese cake selling outside.. especially Secret Recipe
but homemade cake is the best..!!!! :D
Anyway, after having a few slices of cake, it was time for Sunday service.. 
Since everyone had a tiring weekend, so we decided not to go anywhere, but just shop at The Store

It's like ages since i last stepped into The Store.. hahaha
Not much sales going on, but i was looking for a white formal shirt..
But too bad, all the ones i found, the material was too thin, and the price is far too expensive.. T____T
So i did not get anything... hehehe :D
I went back home and had a nap.. actually is a long nap..
i was so so tired, like did not sleep for so long... :P

Okay, so i was wearing Bausch & Lomb Pure Vision 2 (HD) contact lenses for a week already.. 
and so far so good, my eyes were pretty suitable with it..
the record i broke was to wear lens for 14 hours a day.. which is not that good.. >.<

randomly taking pictures..
apparently in this picture, i had big eyes.. and double eyelid..
*i swear i did not photoshop my eyes.. haha :P
I had no idea how did my eyes became so huge.. 
how nice i have this huge eyes forever.. :'(

Well, one more week of holiday i have.. Why time passes so fast.. T____T
I don't wish to get back there.. >.<
My life is so tiring at there.. :'(
Okay, so for the time, i will just enjoy my holidays..
No more thing in my head to blog about.. 
Be back soon.. :))))

Monday, 8 October 2012

Bausch & Lomb Pure Vision 2 (HD)

Hi peeps..!!! Yeap, in this picture, i have BIG EYES... :P

Anyway, good weekend you had??? Yeap, i had a wonderful starting of my holiday...!!!! Weee
First of all, i went to KL with my buddies for holiday.... :)))
if who haven't read it.. can read it here
Then i went to Port Dickson for LifeGame camp..
*inspiring camp.. you guys should join to experience real life.. :DDDDDD
And after all the travelling around... 
at last.. I'm back home..
(a place where i can laze around.. hehe :P

OOTD for Sunday church service.. :)
is the dress pretty??? hehe :P
*but is kinda super transparent... haha

Okay, after church service.. my parents decided to drive up to Ipoh for shopping.. LOL =.="""
Nope, the truth was we went to Ipoh to get my brother's spectacles done..
He broke like 4 spectacles in 10 months... >.<
*i seriously do not know how he wear spect????
Okay, so while i was in the shop..
i was walking around checking on the contact lenses.. 
mine was expired already.. so i decided to get a new one.. 
After the lady boss was done with my brother, i consulted her about my eyes and which lens is more suitable for my eyes.. :))))
Very kind of her, she told me this and that...
And i went for a check-up of my eyes...
Apparently, my current spectacles I'm wearing everyday has a higher power than my original power..
The last optical shop i went bluff me... :'(
It's very bad for the eyes... the power will increase as the day goes on.. 
The lady boss told me that a lot of kids had this problem too.. 
But she said it was her responsibility to ensure that her customers have stable eye power or decreasing eye power.. :)))
I went through a manual eye check and 3 super awesome machine to ensure that my eyes are okay.. :D
I have high astigmatism... which is a very very bad thing..
I have to stop looking at computer that often... >.<
Yeap, and after all the checks, the lady boss recommended me Bausch & Lomb Pure Vision 2 (HD) contact lenses... :)))
Yeap, is RM130 per box.. and i had to get 2 boxes since my power is different..
Is only for monthly.. and after every month, i have to change it... 

Full set of Pure Vision 2.. 
Please ignore my green rabbit behind.. hehe :D

The lady boss gave me a trial pack to test on this lens for a week to ensure that my eyes suits the lens..
If is not okay, i have to get back to her to get another type of lens..
*super duper service from the lady boss.. :))))
Since i left my lens solution back at Malacca, so the lady boss, gave me a small bottle of solution and also a travelling pack solution.. :))))
(am a happy girl yesterday!!!)
oh ya, did i mention that i have to get a eyelash curler????
Too bad, i have a curve-in eyelash.. and is actually touching my eyes..
therefore, sometimes my eyeball will feel uneasy..
So i have to curl my lashes everyday.. =.=''''''
hehe ;P

Okay, all i know is that Pure Vision 2 is a silicon hydro gel lens.. which contains up to 90% of oxygen..
(which is a good one)
And the lens is thin.. the material they used are good material..
the lady boss told me that colour lens are no good..
i have to stop wearing colour lens.. 
Pure Vision 2 is mainly for teenagers or young adults to wear daily..
I had started the first day of wearing it.. 
And i shall give some feedback after a week..
So stay tuned...!!!! :))))
p/s: Signing off now.. see ya.. Am gonna laze around again.. hehe :))))

Monday, 1 October 2012

The days when we are together.. ♥

Hai guys..!!!! :))) 
Warning: Super long post.. hehe 

Since i was like away from my lappie for so so so many dayssss...
It's time to blog about something.. hehe :D
Yea, so what we did right after our finals was..
We went to KL...!!!!! lol =.=""""
Our trip was planned in such a sudden whereby we were randomly talking about plans after exams.. 
and since it was so sudden.. we decided to go somewhere nearby..
motive was to relax only lah.... :))
exam finish during Monday, and we left for KL on Tuesday..
*so fast.. seems like so excited for the trip.. =.="""
Yeap, 8 of us went with 2 taxi.. 

while waiting for the time to board on the bus..
At McDonald's.. :D
4 girls.. 

We had bread for breakfast before we headed to KL for better lunch.. :))))
Oh well, we reached about noon hour.. and we checked-in to the hotel.. 
we stayed at Berjaya hotel.. :DDD
*pretty awesome hotel..
thanks to dear Jacq for the booking of it.. :)))))
not to mentioned that we took LRT to the nearest station from our hotel.. 
some of them were so happy because it was their first time sitting LRT.... hahahaha :P
Well, take a look at our hotel.. 

the girl's room.... 
i wonder how did we managed to sleep with just a BED..??

2 of the guy... Ben & Siow.. :)
superb messy loh their room... >.<

the other 2 guys' room...  Peter & Caleb.. :)
still that messy.. aiks aiks.. >.<

After putting our luggage down, we were ready to go out.. and someone ( i forgot who) decided to take a family photo.. hahahahaha..
i think it was me.. LOL... =.=''''

hehe.. 8 of us.. one big happy family.. :DDDDDD
love all of them.. 

Okay, since half day was gone.. therefore we decided to go to the nearest shopping mall..
Pavillion.. haiz..
We went for lunch first and headed for shopping... :))))
Walking up and down, everything in pavillion is so so so freaking EXPENSIVE..!!!!
even the food too.. :'(
we decided to grab some food at the food court... at least the price there was still okay.. >.<
Went shopping around, walk and walk and walk.. guys went for their own shopping, and we girls went for our own shopping too.. gossipping, talking, walking.. hehe 
after some time, we thought that we should head to the newly opened H&M at Lot 10
We walked there, and we girls bought something.. hehe..
I bought myself 2 basic tees and a skirt.. the material of the clothing is really soft.. :)))
*nice to wear.. :D

Okay, then i got a phone call and the guys asked for hotel room key... >.<
according to them, their legs are gonna break.. hahahahaha...
we girls continue shopping around.. and almost evening time only we went back..
the guys complained badly about us... hahahahahah.!!!!! :P
We went for dinner after that and decided to catch a movie-Resident Evil.. 

Yea, you did not see wrongly.. we took the midnight show.. =.=""
Wearing almost half sleeping clothes.. hahaha..
Scariest movie ever.. Urgh..!!!!

That's the end of Day 1.. 
Here comes Day 2... 

This is day 2.. 
There is the cleaner auntie behind... hahahah.. XD
Dear Caleb: why u so lonely???

Okay, so we went to MidValley on that day... 
*actually i kinda forgot where did we went some more.. haha
is okay.. Oh ya.. and we went to KLCC after that.. hehehe :P
So what we did in Midvalley was.. erm... i dunno.. 
walk walk around.. haha

Yea.. we saw this shop.. expert in doing cakes.. 
Super nice.. haha.. 
and we saw this cake with macaroons.. :))))
yum yum... with the love 

the girls... hehe 

This two guys.. forever finding places to sit.. 
cause they were tired.. 
this two are kinda like twins.. they are always together.. 
ahem... =.="''''

and this two guys... 
were dancing oppa gangam style in TOYSRUS.. on those kiddo donkey.. 
with a flower on their hand.. =.=''''
(childish lo they two)
they played till the workers scolded them.... buaahhahaha :P

After all the walking around.. legs started to ache.. went to Snowflake and Tong Pak Fu for some tea time.. hehe :)

We went to Tong Pak Fu first.. 

the guys had Durian ice.. 
it's nice actually.. but not really nice for me.. hehe

and 4 of us got Mango ice.. nice nice..
nom nom.. hehe

the guys ordered another peanut dunno what.. haha
quite nice too.. hehe :D

2nd stop: Snow flake.. 
we been eating snow flake for so many times.. hahha

After all these.. we decided to go to KLCC... hehe...
for the night scenery..
We went shopping around again.. but at last we went out to get the night view..
hehe.. :))))

Nice huh?? i think this is Public bank.. lol.. >.<

Again.. this two guys.. beside oppa gangam style.. 
they are AH GUA!!!!!!! 

This twins...
aiks aiks.. what are they doing?????

Ben.. hehe :D

the guys.. 
oh ya.. you all will be wondering where did another guy went.. 
okay.. let me tell you.. he went shopping by himself at other place.. =.="""

AH guassssssss...!!!!

the gang.. hehe..
thanks to Ben for this picture.. :D

yea... peace..!!!!
the girls.. :) 

Oooppssss... our personal professional photographer.. Benjamin Tun....!!!!!

And the day ended here.. all of us were exhausted yet excited for the next day..!!! hehe

Day 3: Sunway lagoon....woooohooo.. :))))
the twins were waiting just for this day.. they were so happy like small kids.. haha :P
We did not have a family photo for today as all of us were dressed up readily to jump into the water.. :D

Here we are.. Sunway Lagoon...!!!!
Am not that excited cause i just went there 2 years back.. hahahha

like what Ben said: gogo Power Rangers..
try to give a guess which is my hand.. :D

all of us.. so excited to explore.. lol.. haha

stupid Scream Park.. that scared all of us like HELL....!!!!!
everyone was like holding each other hands so tightly and shouting.. aiks.. >.<

and this 3 brave guys went for pirate ship.. 
is not the normal 180 degrees.. but 360 degrees.. 
*pening.. @.@

and off we went for water park.. therefore no more pictures.. 
we had so much fun there.. hehe..
shouting out all our burdens.. stresses.. tensions..
good one.. :DDDDD
again.. some of them had never been into Lagoon.. hehe..
i guess all of us enjoyed super..!!!!!
After the whole day of just a bread for breakfast in the morning.. 
everyone was energy-less.. hahaha.. 
we went walking around at Sunway again and had our dinner.. 
Sushi Zanmai.. way better than Sushi King..
(thanks to Peter for the recommendation)

and tada.. not to forget out family photo for Day 3.. hehe
we love each other.. 

Headed back home and had a good rest.. :)))))
Another day ended... 

Time for the last day-Day 4
We went to the nearby shopping malls after checking out..
Low Yat, Sungai Wang & Times Square.. :))))
I got nothing but white formal heels for just RM10.. haha
*good deal, got a pair for myself and mummy.. :))))

I got nothing else besides that.. hehe.. 

Family portrait-Last day.. T_____T 

Actually this was the picture on the first day.. haha :P

Peter says: Hmmmm.. trying to bully me..
Nah~~ not even a chance :P

Anyway.. we had a great time together.. 
and hope that all of us enjoyed that few days... 
let's make sure that there will be more time for this type of trips...!!!!
Love you all....!!!! Happy holidays... 
and we shall meet soon during school reopen...!!!!

p/s: next vacation for me..
LIFE GAME CAMP..!!!! at Port Dicksons-Golden Sand..
Weeee~~~ :))))))