Monday, 24 September 2012

The end of the semester... :)

Yiippppie!!!! I'm like jumping off my toes..!!!!
Because is the end of FINALS..!!!!!
had a total 'lack of sleep' weeksssss..
And now i still refuse to get to bed.. >.<
*bad girl.. 

Anyway, i was struck with sicknessssss....
(high fever, headache, flu, backache etc.)
and it was like during EXAM PERIOD!!!!!
i kept telling myself, be strong FIONA, you can do it..!!!
It's gonna over..
*sitting on the chair at the exam hall writing non-stop for 3 hours ain't joking... @.@
drives me mad...

poor me.. i even have to bring my antibiotic into the exam hall.. @.@
Why lah at this time???????

anyway, I'm still recovering, not really in very good condition, but still okay..!!!
And, tomorrow will be the day I'm going off for the very first activity for my holiday-KL trip.. 
LOL.. =.=""""
anyway, is just to have fun and relax... 
Contract, Constitutional law etc.. all get out of my head right NOW....!!!!
*it's an order they you guys have to obey... 

shall enjoy my week at KL, and yea..!!! wait for more updates..
*not gonna bring my lappie over, so no blogging..!!!!
*stay tuned...!!! :DDDDDD

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Back to a life full of reality..

Hi people..!!! :D

Back once more.. heart is full with problems and frustrations.. 
Just could not bare with it anymore.. tears flow tremendously.. T_____T
Anyway, what sort of frustration i had?? 

Many things happened in my life that no one could ever believe what i had gone through?
I may looked happy all the time, but deep in my heart, no one besides God know how painful is my heart & brain..!!!
Yeap.. i have to admit that i took everything quite easy, but all i do is to keep it to myself.. all the stress i got, all the frustration etc. 

Finals is reaching like in few days more.. is not easy as what i said before.. Degree is like a total different thing.. >.<
Subject syllabus is like 'mountain' which one can't finish up in a few weeks time.. @.@
All the things i have to cover up before i step into the examination hall, and this is driving me crazy.. 
It is not easy.. really not easy.. 

In this world full of reality, humans tend to live in reality too.. yea, of course, i admit that at times, i am too..
But for those who are living in the reality world all the time? Is it necessary?? what kind of benefit did you get without even putting any effort?? I'm just wondering why people can work so easily and get something so easily..
But i have to strive and work super hard and get what i got today.. Isn't this unfair??

Okay, anyway.. i know that in everything i do, i will get a better future in return..
*peace :)

Believe in Him.. And you will get what you asked in your prayers :)

Topic closed.. what is next??
Super tremendous scary news.. @.@
I guess those who are studying in MMU will know what am i saying...
Nope, ain't kidding.. >.<
I know this freaks everyone out.. =.="""
What to do?? people in this world have no brains to think of other people.. 

you can like click on here to read it in the Star Online paper..
Even Chinese papers had it, but i couldn't traced it online..
That is what happened last few days in campus..!!!
*freaky @.@

After that incident, I'm like so scared to even step into campus..
not only that, trying to 'tahan' not going to the toilet is the worst thing ever..!!!!
Anyways, the University had boost up their security level, and hope it works..
And for the girl who almost got raped, God bless her.. >.<
(lucky nothing happened)

Therefore, be careful for those who are in campus, especially the girls.. :D
Take care of yourself... Please do not walk alone even if you're in campus.. is not safe anymore.. :'(
*i think i should sign up for martial art classes.. hahahaha :P
time is up.. i have to proceed to my books!!! Good luck and all da best to those who will be having their finals next week!!!!
--Strive for success--

Love, F10NA 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Woohooo.. busy days..

that is ME dressing in my formal dress during presentation.. :D

Hey guys.. I'm back again.. >.<
with a total new layout for my blog.. :DDD
anyway.. last week, i just finished up all my presentations and all those handing up of assignments.. >.<
It's tiring.doing all the works in just a week..
But yea, of course.. everything went very well, not as what I've expected..
(i thought it will be bad.. )

And because of all those preparation of presentations, rushing for assignments..
I did not really have the time to even study whereby my finals is like coming so soon.. :'(
I'm like a panda with super drastic ugly face.. >.<
face is getting worst and worst and worst.. T____T
plus the weather is like.. "we are located on Sun but not on Earth .." =.=''''

This few days, i started to get worried for my finals..
because i haven't study any yet.. :'(
group study between my friends started but i still feel scary about finals..
Degree is like a total different story than Foundation..
Last time, we were asked to do 2 questions out of 4..
And now, we have to do like 4 out of 5..
Why lah??? @.@
(it's torturing us.. )
But luckily the paper is 3 hours, my butt will sore after all my exams.. hehe
I do not want First class, i just request for a PASS, and hope that i won't fail any subject..
*cries T.T

Hehe, okay.. i think i should stop all the complaining about ermmm.. my finals.. hehee :))
Anyway, 8 of us (one big family) will be going for a KL trip after our exam...!!!!
(4 girls and 4 guys)
Wooootsss. :DDDD
Yea, although is KL, but our purpose is to sit down and relax or perhaps shopping and relax.. :P
* i have my shopping list ready with me already.. :P

We had a super cheap deal for the apartment that consist of 3 rooms, living hall, kitchen, toilet etc.
Well, am looking forward for it.. hehe :)))
Mummy gave me the approval for going..!!!!
yippiee... :)))

My 1 month break will be fully occupied.. :D
First of all, after exam, the next day, i will be travelling with my besties..
then, once i come back to Malacca, I'll be having Christian Society (CS) committee planning for two days..
After that, i will have a day to pack my luggage and get ready for Malacca Life Game Camp..!!!!!
Wooohooo.. :)))
After the 4 days camp, i will be going back to my home for a family reunion.. LOL..

Suppose to stay home, and become a lazy girl, but too bad i have intensive training during the last week of my break..
therefore, I'll be back to Malacca one week before school reopens..
and i have to celebrate my 19th birthday alone..
*super sad.. :(
hehehehe.. doesn't matters.. :))

Okay, so for now.. I'll study, study and study.
and i will enjoy my holidays after day..!!!!
So chao..!! see ya next time..

p/s: for those who are staying up late, take care okay???
Don't fall sick when you're about to have your exam.. :)))

i think i should get a set of double eyelid tape..
my eyes are so so small.. T__T
hehehe ^^