Saturday, 25 August 2012

in the mid of everything

In the toilet.. LOL!!  

Hi friends..!!!
Days are back to normal even though it's a holiday.. :'(
One week of holiday seriously is not enough.. Yea, for those who are still schooling, they may find it awesome to have a 1 week break..
but too bad, for us Uni students.. having a short break is not sufficient.. at least few months of break.. >.<
Physically & mentally exhausted now.. @.@
been so super busy with assignments, presentations bla bla bla..
i hope i can continue all these, i hope i won't fall flat one day..!!!
*stress level super high

Okay, anyway.. i hope i can handle everything properly..
Everything will be under control.. :)))

Since it was Raya break, my family had a break too.. :D
So, i went to KL to meet up with my parents.. hehe
and since i had class during Thursday, therefore no point of me going all the way back home in within that few days.. i chose to go back to Malacca earlier, and yea, i was all alone..!!!
But good thing is i managed to finish a lot of my work..
(if i was at home, none will be done) T________T

We went to KLCC for Popular Book Fest, and of course.. Books are my favourite..!!!!!
Weee~~ Took so many books, end up putting some back..
(too many which cost a lot of $$$)
The hall were crowded with so many people..!!!
They had the book fest for almost a week, i guess..
People were even selling Chinese tea there.. =.=""""
Besides going for the book fest, we went shopping around..
and for the first time i went to this Setia City mall..
and it was super nice..!! even the toilet is like WOW!!!!

pictures will describe what I'm trying to say.. :D

The part for people to wash their hands.. 
below the glass mirror, there are compartment for tissues & soap.. 
u just have to pull/press it out.. :)))
I wish MMU's toilet is that pretty...

It's front and back.. the toilet is like super grand.. 
Mirrors were all over the toilet.. 
and with mirrors around, girls will go crazy..!!! @.@
*taking photo.. LOLsssss

Day 1: in the hypermarket buying things..!!!

Day 2: In the car.. lol..  ♥ 
pretty photo we took.. :DDDD
Day 3: no picture.. haha :P

Day 4: Hehehe.. 
it was like a routine for us to take photo in the car.. 
haha :P  

And this was me i one of the shop.. taking photo with the metal bottle.. >.<

Had a fun & relaxing time during the days at KL.. i purposely left my laptop back at my hostel.. hehe
trying to rest my eyes & mind.. :)
And yea, laptop-less & book-less days were just so nice..!!! :DDD

back to reality after the rest.. >.<
feel like putting the pillow onto my face and cry.. lol.. -.-"""
Anyway, 2 presentations next week are waiting for me..!!!
Slides are edited by me.. and I'm gonna be sot sot.. T___T
Good luck to me..!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

almost a month..!!!

Hello peeps!!
Am back.. after a month.. hahaha :))))
was so stress out with mid-terms and assignments
at least.. all mid-terms were OVER!!!
and i can proudly say that i did quite well for some papers..
out of 5 subjects, result for 2 were out last week..
and out of my expectation, i did okay.. :)
although it was just a mid-term, but i hope i get better grades..
Thank God that he answered my prayers..!!!
--God is Great--  

Many people did better than me..!!! and I'm impressed!!!
but i have to be contented.. that is what i deserved.. :D
and for those who did not too good.. don't be sad or disappointed..
Study hard for the coming final..

People changed i guess.. why did i say that??
people surrounding me were so so hardworking, diligent at work during the very first semester for foundation..
*when i first stepped in MMU
i was so happy with them around me
but unfortunately, during this brand new degree year.. i chose them as my partners...
and found out that they changed.. perhaps he/she changed..!!!
changed in a year time???!!!
too fast i guess!!!!
regretted deeply.. :'(

but thank God once more that i got a bunch of hardworking, smart, diligent, playful friends this year!!
we study & play at the same time..!!! 
i hope they will be the same till the day we graduate together.. :)
yeap.. so after we had our last Constitutional mid-term paper..
out beloved friend, Jacqueline was 19th on that day..!!! 

therefore, off we went for celebration..!!!!
11 of us.. went with 3 cars.. 2 were rent.. 1 was Jacq's car..
First of all, we went to Seaford restaurant somewhere near Klebang..!!!
Beautiful scenery at there..
we were lucky enough to see the sunset.. :)
After ordering.. time for picture..!!!
all were busy taking picture..

first of all..!!! a group photo..!!!
5 gals with 6 guys 

the girls..!! 

the guys..!! :)

teeheee :D

"said by the guy at the bottom"

a smile put at our face..!!!! :D

not forgetting the BIRTHDAY GIRL..!!!! 

CHATIME while waiting for the time to past..!!
with the 100 bucks.. >.<

Friendship is built with the hands of everybody..!!! 
too bad we do not have a photographer to take for us.. 
therefore, Jacq have to sacrifice.. :'(

in the movie theatre.. 
guess what movie did we watched???
RM11 x 11 of us
pretty number of the day.. 

We went walking around the mall.. but since it was time when people close shop.. 
therefore, we went out the mall, whereby a big huge field exist..!!!!
we sat down and chat.. laugh.. act.. LOL!!
fun night we had together.. 
and when time was up.. we went in for MOVIE!!!
for the very first time, i had such a big group with me going out together..!!!
time flies pretty fast when we are having fun..
we were planning for more and more fun after our exams!!!!
hope that it will succeed..!!!
Good luck to us.. and friendship last forever..!!!
Love all of you guys..!!! 
end of today's post..!!
will be back really soon..!!!! :))))