Friday, 13 July 2012

13.07.2012 ♥

What shall i start as for today's post???
*thinking.. :)


13.07.2012 (Friday)
Oh yeah baby!!!
Yea, today it's an extremely extraordinary day!!
what is it all about??

It's an anniversary of U.S!!! ♥
(not United States but me + you)
last year on this day, God make us together and yea.. we managed to continue our relationship without any problems for a year!!!
#supergoodnews!!!! ♥
maybe some people will think we are just playing around..
but no my people!! although from the starting, we are NOTHING
but we became SOMETHING!!! ♥

We do everything together, i mean everything..
Studying in the library together is our DATING SPOT!!! ♥
usually couples date each other for shopping, eating, playing..
but we are DIFFERENT, we do extraordinary things whereby other people won't do..
yea, almost all of our time were taken up by studying..
therefore, we are the best friend, and also the best couple!!!
weeeee ♥
*self-praising.. ahh~~ whatever!!

And we always solved problems together..!!!
so we hardly quarrel..!!
*good news i guess..???

people tend to ask anyone of us whenever we are not together..!!!
LOL!!!! XD
whenever there is HIM, there will be ME..!!!
Nah~~ sometimes we are alone with our own friends..
we do have our own friends..
therefore it is not a must that i have to stick with him 24 hours a day.. :D
* it's quite a challenging time when we are not together..
so we leave some own private time with our own friends.. :))))

And here comes our first anniversary.. telling the truth, i was kinda excited for this day to come by..
people may think we are just 'puppy love-ing', but no, you got it all wrong people!!!
we are serious.. but of course as what i said, we always study together..
and our priority will be STUDY!!! we know the consequences if we flung our finals.. :)))

Yea, and we never even bother to celebrate any monthsary..!!
*not a necessary to waste the time and $$$$
we just wished each other.. that's all.. :)
we even did not celebrate our birthday together..!!
*due to time clashing.. T____T
but yea of course.. today will be the day we celebrate everything.. ALL IN ONE!!!

so here are some highlights of us throughout this 1 whole year!!!! ♥

* can click on it for a better view!!! :D

pretty huh?? it's just part of it.. ♥
did not want to overload my blog with too many pictures!!!! teeeheee ^.^
been to many places together.. not really many, but at least a few..
dream place for both of us: PARIS!!!!
oh~~ i wonder how much hard work we have to earn till we get that money to go..
and of course we shared many similar interest that we did not know till the day.. :)))

anyway.. we never reveal out any of our photos on FB or even on my blog... haha
i wanna save it for this special day..
actually, we thought that it is not necessary to let all our photos public..
once in a while.. people see it, and they will admire us!!!

Ooooppssss.. we even have our secret group in FB, whereby we chat and post meaningful things there..
it became our second account...
at least we can have our own privacy!!!

okay.. so for this extraordinary day, we went for classes as usual.. :D
but to give ourselves a little celebration.. we went to~~~~

okay, before that..
i shall introduce our little present...
A couple watch, an a couple tee!!! :D
actually we had 2 sets.. but we can only wear 1 out.. haha!!
each bought by us as a little presssiee.. ♥
*we saved up our money anyway,  in order to get these..!!!!!

more pictures coming up!!!! ♥

Yea.. that is our watch..!!! 
and many more pictures combined together.. :))

Dear lover,
Thanks for giving me such a wonderful year!! i appreciate it a lot.. :)
Thanks for everything you gave me.. 
the support, the advice, the courage, the love 
I apologise if i did any mistakes throughout this year..
Will try to change to a much better person!!
and of course..  thanks a lot for the time spent together doing EVERYTHING!!!
Let us be EXTRAORDINARY and do many more things together..
All the best to our studies and our LOVE!!!!! 
#Awww~ Am touched... LOL!!!


Love, Fiona...  

and thanks to all my classmates for the wishes...
kinda touched by all your wishes..!!!!!
i was like walking in the class, and i can hear wishes around me.. hehehe

so so next.. 
our anniversary dinner..!!!
went to this Japanese Restaurant for dinner... SIBARAKU.. :)))

went after class.. so kind of our lecturer to let the class leave early.. LOL!!!!
Okay.. this restaurant is like so so awesome!!!
very nice and Japanese style restaurant.. :D
Price are all reasonable.. not that expensive.. but of course not that cheap also lah!!!
had a very nice seat.. exactly the style of Japanese..
*nice nice..!!!!

Had a tough time choosing what will be my main course..
there are far too many choices!!! and all look so super delicious.. !!!

i wish i had more money to eat..!!! haha
anyway, had a wonderful meal.. XD
went around Mahkota shopping.. to digest the food in my stomach.. 

oh ya.. #rewind back.. 
before we went for dinner.. we went for ICE AGE 4
super cute adorable movie.. haha!!!!! XD
*highly recommended to all childish teenager.. oopsss.. >.<
am childish too.. :'(

hehe :D

anyway.. is time for photos!!!!!!!
took too many photos.. so bare with it~~ =.=""

SIBARAKU Japanese dinner.. :))))

prettiest photo of all!!!!! 


 last picture for the day.. :)))))

Yea, and that's how we celebrated our 1st anniversary..
spent time together.. and is L.O.V.E 

stay tuned for next pose!!!!