Sunday, 24 June 2012


Sunday's black and white combination!!!

Hello and good day people!!!
Yeap, today is Sunday, and it's my first experience being an usher..
i know, some of you may think that why am  i so crazy of being an usher only??
but yea, since it's my first experience, so am super excited!!! :D
so as an USHER.. we are suppose to smile and greet members once they stepped into the church..
But then, i smiled widely!!
hehehehehe ^.^
Okay, after service started.. time for offering..
Went around passing the bag..
and that was ushers job...
not forgetting to do headcount!!!

tada!!!! usher vest!!! :D
got the best picture of all.. LOL..
people were all looking at me..
*shyshy >.<

I was asked to do so.. :D
anyway, thanks to the Church for giving me an opportunity to become one..
hope to serve the church many more times, and of course in different ways.. :)
so that's it.. simple job right?? @.@
after church, went for Yong Tau Fu lunch.. :D

Yesterday was Dumpling Festival!!! :D
but too bad.. :'(
i did not have the chance to eat dumpling this year!!
i miss my grandma's handmade dumpling.. :'(
i still remember that last year is till had the chance to eat..
as my relative was having wedding dinner at Malacca, so my family brought me some..
but.. this year.. Oh~~~~
i miss it so so much..

all i can do is to get a nice photo of it from the Net.. >.<

i guess, that's all for today!!!
just wanna drop by and share my experience of being an usher.. 
teeeheee ^.^
peace~ <3

Friday, 22 June 2012


pinned up my fringe for today.. :)

Hello peeps.. :D
It's another boring weekend..
afternoon class is cancel, everyone is so freaking happy..
but me.. :'(
*i rather go for class to fill up my time.. :)
i woke up pretty late this morning..
off my alarm and continue sleeping..  hahaha XD
but still, i managed to be early in class..

Class were superb boring..
plus i was coughing, head was spinning in the air..
God please don't let me fall sick.. >.<
i need to be healthy!!
my unit will be BORED again..
ALWAYS.. during the weekends.. :'(

i shall sleep to pass my time.. hehe XD
tutorial homework are almost done.. and now assignment is pilling up.. 
okay.. this gonna be a short post as my brain has NOTHING!!!
anyway, this Sunday.. 
I'll be USHERING for this week's service.. :D
first experience.. so hope i don't become a clown in front.. LOL

Anyway, i sent a reply letter to RBC Ministry in Johor to get a copy of OUR DAILY JOURNEY every 3 months..
and yea, i got it yesterday... :D
*happy to the max.. 
They even gave me a membership card.. hehe.. 

but then on the letter.. they spelled my name FIONA KHOO MEI TING!!!!
Okay.. since young, my name is always Mei Ling..
*not always lah!!
now, is Mei Ting??!!
Oh~~ when did i have so many names??? @.@

anyhow.. thanks to them for the book <3
okay.. will stop here.. 
will blog more about the experience of becoming an usher... :D

stay tuned..

p/s: have a look at the below pictures.. 
pictures are a little way to small..
can click on the pictures to have a better look.. :D

Okay.. so lovely of my dearie.. 

See.. i posted this as my status.. and my lovely friends replied me this.. :D
glad to have them beside me.. 

thanks people!!
appreciate it a lot.. 
make up my day.. :D

Saturday, 16 June 2012

when people doesn't know how to cherish their life..

teddy is watching behind.. hehe 

my hair is so so so long now.. :D

Hello readers.. :)
Had a super boring Saturday.. :'(
Woke up pretty late as i had nothing to do.. LOL.. XD
Did some house chores and sat down and continue my Hong Kong drama..
but of course i did some revision first lah!!!! >.<

Every weekend, the whole house will be so so quiet, because there is only 2 of us in the whole unit.. 
And practically i thought Kelly was in her room the whole day..
but didn't know that she went out to Aeon for shopping!!!!
Okay, if i knew she went out, i should have followed her.. :'(
hehehehe. :D
am lack of vegetables and fruits!!!
i need to get out to buy some.. >.<

since i was so free.. i decided to cook my own lunch (late lunch)
*lettuce and black bean fish is all can food, so i didn't have to cook it.. 

okay.. i know it doesn't look so nice as compared to outside food or home cook food.. 
but at least, is better then eating out right?? 

Luncheon meat with egg..
*favorite.. :D

During the process of cutting, washing and cooking.. 
i cut my finger.. :'(
got cut by the luncheon meat can.. :'(
freaking pain.. >.<
did not realized that i got cut till blood started to flow out and it started to be pain..
small matter.. so CHILL LAH!!!!! :)

Okay, now.. BREAKING NEWS!!!!
As all my Facebook friends saw what i posted yesterday and today!!!
Yea, my hostel, Emerald Residence had a SUICIDE CASE yesterday morning!!!!!!!
Well, i was at class, paying serious attention.. haha.. 
then when i stepped out of class, my ex-roommate a.k.a Wei Yen, told me that there is a girl trying to suicide.. 
*people will be wondering why i keep LOL!!!! It's freaking scary..
I LOL just because i felt that the suicide case was STUPID!!!!

this Malay girl, 22/23 years old, studying LAW,  last year student.. 
she always had discipline problem in campus.. 
then, since she put so much effort in studying LAW, and gonna graduate soon, of course she felt happy for herself.. 
but then, MMU expelled her as she has a lot of problems.. 
she couldn't take it and there it goes the suicide case.. 
she ain't an EP resident.. she just drop by to her friend's house with a cake.. 
intend to ask them to celebrate her birthday for her.. 
then i dunno what happen.. 

and off she went to the balcony and sat at the bars.. 
oh oh oh.. so so dangerous.. and it's at the 3rd floor.. 
everyone freaked out and called for help..
she started to throw glasses, plates, hangers, pails, mops.. EVERYTHING!!!!
and thanks to her, an officer's car glass got smashed by her action!!!!
how ridiculous!!! >.<

i did not know what happened next.. but when i walked back to my hostel..
everything was over, so too bad.. 
she is just trying to get attention from people!!!
i guess.. >.<

anyway, hope that she is alright!!!
p/s: i think i have to learn how to distress myself..
haha.. she is studying LAW, and ME TOO!!!!

her news came out in today's newspaper, am not sure about The Star, but Chinese Sin Chew paper had it..
i read it online.. 

if whoever knows how to read Chinese..
you can click on the link below and have a look at the news.. 
HERE to read it!!!!


End my day with a prayer to protect myself out there without anyone taking care of me..

Dear Lord, 
thanks for everything you gave me right now..
since the incident happened..
i found out that not everyone know how to cherish their life.. 
but Lord, i do.. 
i will take good care of myself and wouldn't let my family be worried of me..
God, please protect me anyhow, where or when.. 
also give me the power and strength to overcome everything going through.. 
guide me through on what am i suppose to do next.. 
and also pray for CF to be one part of my family in campus
thank you Lord.. 
In Jesus most precious and holy name i pray, AMEN!!!!

♥ tata people!!!!! :D

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


today is a SMILE!!!!! :D

Yeap, today is Wednesday, nothing to be proud of!!!!
but today is 13.06.2012... indeed a special day for me.. :)
classes were all in the morning, and i almost couldn't get up from BED..
*slept too late last night.. >.<
after 2 hours of tutorial, went back home and take a good rest!!!
Wanted to take a nap, but worried that i can't sleep during night time..
so did some REVISION and RELAX.. LOL!!!!!!

outfit for the day-out for dinner.. 
#waytoosimple >.<

Had fish and chips for dinner..
it includes some SALAD..
fish was kinda soft.. TOO SOFT..
but it was okay.. :D

I wonder when will the busy life start again..
it's like too SIMPLE if my life is too FREE..
just could not bare with the boredom.. >.<
Tutorial homework is coming soon.. on the way
we are require to work in a GROUP!!!!
Yippie!!! it's a good news.. LOL!!!! 
a group of five person.. :D

Okay, am officially gonna be BALD!!!!
ain't kidding.. i just found out that the top part of my hair is getting lesser..
i hope i saw it wrong.. >.<
anyway, gonna keep longer hair.. and hope that my fringe will be longer.. 
wanna braid my hair up..
*nice <3
but pray hard that my hair drop lesser.. 

Was chatting almost every night with my housemates..
and we suggested to have STEAMBOAT one day..
but the biggest problem we are facing now is 'WE DO NOT HAVE ANY POTS OR PANS'
shall go get one soon.. :D

will be having a busy day tomorrow sorting things up and getting everything done.. 
time will be pack as after every class, I'll be having only an hour break..
treasure the time :)
gonna make breakfast for tomorrow..
so time to get to BED!!!!
Good Night fellow people.. :D
--LOVE YOU ALL--  <3

Monday, 11 June 2012


outlook for the day: SUNDAY
for CHURCH!!!!!:D

Okay.. hello :D
I changed my blog skin again.. >.<
am never satisfied for what i chose.. LOL
will see how long does this new blog skin last for.. hehehe

Tomorrow.. will be the starting of second week of the new trimester... 
Time will be pack again.. 
will be sleeping late again.. 
aiks aiks.. >.<
Tutorial homework are like MOUNTAIN
and assignments are all coming soon..
Oh oh oh.. will see how i manage my time.. :)
housemates are all back and yea.. unit is back to normal..
as compared to the last few days.. =.="""

recently too free.. 
so decided to grab a drama and watch.. 
i always love TVB dramas a.k.a HONG KONG MOVIES.. hehe.. :D
so i got this movie from my roommate..
it is called 怒火街头
the movie is something regarding to LAW.. hehe
so it's interesting.. :D
synopsis: there is this guy, name called L.A Law (LAW 霸) he is a famous well known lawyer 7 years ago.. 
but then he got himself into a case whereby he was too stuck up and thought he was right all the time, but actually nope.. 
then he quit being a lawyer since that time..
and he got back into the law society after 7 years.. Things went better days after days.. 
and he met this lady, they worked together and at last they fall in love.. hehe.. <3
the guy sacrificed himself + his job just to safe his girlfriend..
so sweet of him.. <3

overall, it's a nice drama..
highly recommend to all..  
but i guess this drama is kinda outdated.. 
so whatever!!!
did not want to post too many pictures as my Internet line is bad.. >.<
anyway, drama is done..
and busy life is back.. :D

am tired.. gonna sleep well and have a good rest
tata people!!!! :)

Friday, 8 June 2012

the night where the stars hit the moon

started to braid my hair since it's kinda long enough.. 
but it's still not that pretty.. shall wait for it to be longer.. :)

Thinking deep..
Writing in the dark..
Hoping for something miracle to happen..
And i cross my 5 fingers among the another 5 more fingers..
And i started to talk to God..

God, i pray that you will give me the power and strength to overcome what am i going through at this moment.. 
God, i pray for your guidance to guide me through a correct path.. 
God, i pray for your protection and ask your Angels to come down and protect me.. 
God, i pray for whatever you think is right for me.. 
God, i pray for your wisdom and allowed me to study hard
God, open my heart and let me go through all these..
In Jesus most precious name I pray, AMEN!!!!!!


Prayers for the night before i go to bed..
Things were kinda tough and busy for the very first week of class..
And i haven't been updating any post.. :P
some classes have been started and yea, today had our very first Constitutional Law lecture..
so far it's okay for me to understand..
and yea, revision right after class is important..
so, hope i can cope everything.. :D

and not to mention about our BOOKS!!!
It's freaking super duper EXPENSIVE..
I knew it since the day i chose to study law.. haha..
no choice but to bare with it.. <3

Okay, am officially buddies with all my housemates..
we did not really chat that much at first.. but then we started to have some chat during the night before bed time..
hehehe :)
nice people!!! and yea, even my roommate is such a nice girl..
*btw, it's her birthday this Monday!!! and i got her something!!!!
i hope she will not cry after receiving it.. hahahaha!!!
Everyone will be back to their respective hometown this weekend, and left the 2 of us, KELLY & ME
Kelly is from Kelantan.. way further as compared to mine.. hahaha
We will rule the whole house i guess.. heheheh :D

Mostly are all from Johor..
Nice people.. and nice to know them.. :)
Nothing much to talk about since my life is still the same as usual..
so, just drop by to clear off those dust on my blog..
and it's time to go!!!!
tata <3
and nice weekend coming ahead.. XD