Thursday, 31 May 2012



Hello folks!!! :D
Yea, as everyone knows.. Today is 'results' day.. ^.^
Okay, i was nervous about it because practically i thought that i did horribly.. @.@
So.... Deng deng deng... 

I was doing the subject registration for Beta year the whole afternoon.. 
(almost drove me crazy!!! )
Got it done quick as the places are limited for the particular time.. :)
Well, then later on.. people started to post about results..
Saying that results are out already.. >.<
LOL!!!! XD

Managed to checked it after some inquiry from friends.. 
And out of my expectation, i got THAT KIND of results!!!!!!!
Hahahahahaha!!! i was imagining myself, getting ready to fail.. 
but thanks GOD that you gave me a good one!!!! :D
and of course am proud of myself with that kind of results!!! :D
*just couldn't imagine!!

Anyway, thanks to our GROUP STUDY as well!!!!
Thanks people for guiding me and teaching me those that i dunno.. @.@
Anyway, JOB WELL DONE, FIONA!!!!!!!
hehehehe ^.^

Okay enough for all those!!! but congratzz to all my course mates!!!
Will see you guys SOON!!!!

-from Foundation of Law, i stepped into Bachelor of Law-
-may my 4 years future will be a better one-

Everything is just a SMILE today!!!!! :)

Okay, i cooked my own dinner today.. :)
Chicken soup with Mee Sua (面线)
Super yummy!!!!

Okay, i know it doesn't look that pretty.. lol
my new housemates came back and said it smelled so nice.. :D

Talking about my housemates!!! They are FRIENDLY!!
Well, i have yet to know all of them, but yea, give me some time.. :)
All are Chinese.. so good!!! :D

Okay, wraps up for today!!!
am kinda too excited now!!! All my hard work paid off.. :)

tatatatata <3

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday ♥

stupid faces.. my eyes are so so sleepy @.@

Okay, hi peeps!!!
It's Tuesday, and it means 'packing day' :'(
Truly deeply from my heart: I DON'T WISH TO GO BACK TO MALACCA!!!
Yeah, this sem break past so so quick.. am not sure why..
But thank God that i decided to go back home right after my finals, but not roaming somewhere in this world for holiday trip.. :)
I've make a correct choice to go back home.. weeee~~~
It's nice staying home :D
2 weeks plus of break is not enough for me.. 
I'll have to get back just because of the talk.. or else, i will spend more time at home.. 

And yea, as i mentioned before i moved to a new room, with a new roommate
(don't even know who is she @.@)
And finally, she called me today.. :D
Well, i can say that her voice is mature.. LOL!!!
She is studying Accounting, and she's in the last year..
LOL!!! So, I'll get a new roommate again in a year time.. hahahaha XD
Well, get to know more people.. :D

So, yesterday i went for movie and tea time.. :D
Movie: Men In Black 3 
Tea time: Secret Recipe

and forgot to mentioned..
I bumped into a friend of mine in the cinema, watching the same movie..
and then bumped into him with his gf again at Secret Recipe.. LOL!!!

Is truly a love <3
Men in Black was kinda boring at first.. lol..
I wasn't really paying attention... >.<
And watching 3D for MIB is not an good idea..
It's the second time watching 3D..
this time is GIDDY!!!! @.@
Maybe the 3D spects was too big + loose..

Whatever lah!!! Anyway, it's nice.. :D
RM18 just flew away like this.. @.@

It's chocolate, cake, cheese time.. <3
Awwwwww~~ Awesome.. :D
First, as an appetizer.. 

Oh, this is so finger licking good.. XD

Then, next came the drinks.. 
And since it's tea time, so with every purchase of a cake, they will give either coffee or tea..
So i got another FLAT WHITE (as what i chose)
too bad i was so engrossed with the food.. i forgot to take pictures of it..
so hahahahaha, pictures were all stolen from the net.. :D

And next is main course
Another favorite of mine.. <3

This is delicious and love.. :)

I know i know.. so much food right??
LOL!!!! I shared half half okay??
This meal cause a bomb to my calories.. :'(
(not gonna eat anymore) LOL!!!
Anyway, once in a while.. hehe :D
And my holidays just end like this..
*sad.. sobs.. :'(

Anyway, am not sure when will our results will be out..
so all da best to everyone!! haha

Thistle color from Elianto (as usual)
:)))) pretty color

packing will be start soon.. 
and Malacca, am coming back!!! 

tatatata <3

p/s: eating homemade cake can't be explain by anything..
but 2 words: HAPPY + LOVE

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Random updates


Hey buddies!!! :D
I'm stuck at home doing nothing!!! Practically nothing.. :'(
*super boring
Intend to go out with friends, but then too bad.. 
they were busy.. so T_______T
okay.. i wore pretty lady like today.. (skirt)
waiting to go out with friends.. but then..
aiks aiks.. >.<
Is okay lah, wait till the next i come back :)
#disappointed.. >.<

So, what i did this few days?? 
All i do is play, eat, sleep.. :'(
Sad lah this kind of life although it's relaxing.. :)

Okay, i finished those story books that i brought back...
and i'm bored to death.. >.<

so below are those stupid things i did during the night..
Trying to simply update a sort post.. :D

Lalalalalalalala~~~ <3

Phrase for the day: 
A video needs it's contents and sound.. :)
therefore, a couple needs a boy and a girl.. :D
*peace.. :D
tatatata <3

Wednesday, 23 May 2012



早上玩电脑,下午和你聊天/读故事书,晚上看电视,聊天... :D
有点难以相信!!!! :D
还有,回来的目的除了休假,也回来运动 !!!!!!!
一天比一天肥的我,激烈运动了几天,果然看到效果... LOL!!! :P
所以呢,加油吧!!! 会继续努力的减肥
说到肥,我有很像 pooh bear 吗??
被叫 pooh bear, 是因为蜜糖的关系...
家里的蜜糖完了,想去买一罐,结果被叫 pooh bear... 
我跟他说,我不是,我是 piglet... :)


最近一直听华语歌,还不是因为 ASTRO 新秀大赛....


tatata... <3
*peace :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunday :)

hello people!!!
Am back after quite some time.. was brainless of what to blog..
So this morning, so good of me.. woke up early and prepare myself to church..
#goodthing :)
Well, since i hardly come back home, so people were asking who am i.. LOL.. :P
hehehe. many people got to know me just TODAY!!!!
Well, friendly people.. :D
So, service over earlier, and headed for baptism class..
I went for the class just to listen, as i do not have anything to do..
Brother was attending class.. :)
You see right.. i just admire this church..
they are able to hire those singers from overseas to come over to this small little town..
am not sure why!! but yeah, it's awesome!!!
So, tonight.. there will be this American singers..
Don Wyrtzen.. i overheard it's Don Moen, and i was so so freaking happy..
but actually it's another guy.. lol..

Well, as what they said.. Don is a professor of music at Southwestern Seminary and College, Fort Worth, Texas.. he composed more than 400 sacred songs!!! well, this is totally awesome!!!! :D
Well, i was lazy to do more research on him...
Listen to one of his playing.. :)

so yea, he will be in my church tonight.. but then i can't go.. :(
Thanks to my brother's exam..
Sad.. T__________T
Well, of course i hope i could attend.. To listen to their singing!!!
It's just so AWESOME!!!! The last my church invited a group of Koreans..
Okay, i missed it again..
(i was back at Malacca that time)
That's why i say i admire my church so much!!!!!
Anyway, SBC why you no invite all these people.. hahahaha XD
to those who will be attending, enjoy!! hehehe :D
Okay, went for shopping after church.. :)
back home after that..
and yea, it's my Sunday..

p/s: I have to teach my dear brother tonight...
and remember to help me click on those advertisement by NUFFNANG & GOOGLE!! thanks :D

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hai hai!!! :)
People.. will be talking about PERFUMES today!!!
Well, i'm into a business of selling perfumes..
Am selling many choices of perfumes..
All branded and reasonable price.. :)
Since am so bored for this 3 weeks, so i decided to do some business to earn some $$$... :D
Well, prices depend on the brand of the perfume!!!
My dealer bought it from KL..
All are original stocks.. hehehe :D
Well, readers. Take a look at those pictures i posted..
*can click it to have a clearer look..

I have CK, DKNY, DUNHILL.... 


Hugo Boss too... 

Channel.. the most famous brand of all!!! :)

Ralph Lauren too... 

Burberry too!!! Am using one of the Burberry perfume!!!
Suitable for girls.. :D

Well, nice right?? perfume is something a girl and of course a guy would use..
So consider buying it from me ya!!! Prices are reasonable.. XD
Range from RM170-RM200..
(depends on the brand you want) :)
btw.. all the perfumes are 100ml..
as compared to outside, they are selling for 50ml only with a more expensive price..
Well, outside are selling for more than RM200.. so get it from me!!!
so do consider!!!!!!! :D
E-mail me if you wanna to have more info and for those who wanna buy.. :)


try to pass this post around to your friends also.. thanks very muchie... :D

Monday, 14 May 2012

the day that i moved.. :)

Hello hello~ Yuppie!!! Exam is over..
Of course is a good thing.. :)
but then i was so worried about my new room thingy..
So i wasn't that happy after exam.. >.<
Went out to the town, DP for movie.. hehe..
Watched "DARK SHADOW", pretty nice movie..
but then it was kinda boring at the beginning..
The guys were sleeping in the cinema!!!! hahahahaha
I guess watching movie after exam isn't a good thing.. hahaha :P
After shopping around.. went back home.. :'(
Wanted to have a nap, but then moving room isn't something easy..
LOL!!!! I moved all the light light things first.. by my own.. >.<
very tired..
Clothes were moved.. books were moved..small book rack were moved..
But before that.. i was sweeping, moping and wiping the whole room..
*so freaking dirty!!!! Lotsa hairs and dust.. >.<
Spent so much time cleaning.. :)
I felt so fresh in the new room.. maybe it's new.. hehehe :D
the next day, Saturday.. my parents came to help me..
They bought me a small tiny fridge and clothes hanger.. :)
Managed to move everything up with the help of my parents and friends.. :)
Thanks a lot people!!!!! <3
After hours and hours of cleaning and moving..
Tada~~~~ it was done!!!
Take a look.. :)

Old Room vs New Room.. 
i guess it's much tidier.. :)
btw, please ignore he messy-ness of the old room.. was in the process of packing..

The living hall.. not as many things as compared to the old one.. :)

The side of my room.. and the small little fridge.. hehe
it looks so cute.. hehehe =D
oh ya, and mummy brought a multi-cooker for me..

Nice?? Weeee~ 

So when everything were done.. it was almost 6pm.. 
even chatted with one of the Malay housemate.. but she will be moving out soon..
did some check out process and say BYE to Malacca!!
Will be back in 3 weeks time.. :)
Went to Seremban to buy Siew Pao(chicken) and egg tart (my favorite) LOL!!!!
i saw some antiques.. Caleb's favorite..
hehehe.. :)
Take a look ya.. :)


the side of it.. 

the olden days telephone.. 

and typewriter, camera.. hehehe
it looks pretty.. :D

After that, went around to find food!!!! for dinner... 
after eating, it was kinda late.. started out journey back home..
I just couldn't wait to get back home.. i miss my home.. :'(
It's been so so so long since i last went back..
It's 12.30am when i reached.. i was so exhausted as i could not sleep the car..
helped a friend of mine to bring her bags back too.. cause she sat bus back..
and i sit car.. so yeah!!! hehe.. :)
Anyway, after i reached back home, get ready for bed..
And sleep!!!!
That's the day.. :)

so how was yours?? i bet everyone are preparing for their own holiday plans..
not for me.. but being at home is the BEST!!!! XD


p/s: today is Mother's Day!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world!!
Love you mummy.. <3
Gave her a small present and she was so happy..
Cause i bought her favorite thing!!! hahahaha XD

Last but not least..
Today will be the last day for the DIGI WOWWW contest..
So peeps, once again.. please vote for me ya!!! 
Thanks ya people!!! :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Miserable.. :(

Hai readers!!! :)
Just finished my exam.. dunno whether to say is good or is bad..
Aiks.. i shall say it's so so~~~ >.<
Forget about it.. It's over!!!
Last paper to go, and i shall do well for it.. :)
Okay, what shall i say now??

My lovely room.. :)
I shall say I'm sad, deeply sad because i have to leave my room this weekend.. :'(
I'm sad because i have to leave my room, because i have to leave my dear roommate, and sad because i have to leave all my beloved housemates.. :'(
*i feel like crying now.. :(
Why God do this to me? everything will be the same in the new room, but the feeling is different..
I was so happy last time when i got to know I'll be having a new room..
but then now, moving room is a nightmare to me.. 
i hope something can pull me back to this lovely room.. 
I've stayed in there for almost a year, and i have to leave it.. :(
maybe I'll cry when am moving all my things up to the 6th floor..
but then.. my housemates welcome me back.. :)
they said i could come down anytime, since I'm alone up there.. :(
aiks.. seriously don't understand.. >.<
nevermind, i shall moved out when i get a better place.. :)
#emotionalbreakdown :'(
things will be moved up this Friday and Saturday..
have to do spring cleaning..
i hope i won't have any roommate, and the whole room will be mine!!!!
whenever someone asked me about this..
tears will be in my eyes..
i hope to cry, but nah~ it's just a small matter.. >.<
so whatever lah!!!
anyway, will be studying for the last paper!!!!
so, GAMBATEH my friends.. :)
tata :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

stupid EP management..

Yeap, today is the first day of exam-Accounting!!!
It was a half half~ Some can do, some "TEMBAK" only.. :)
Whatever la~ It's over.. :D
Okay, today is my unluckiest day i ever had!!!
I got shoo out from my hostel!!!!


oh God, i feel like slaughtering them.. :(
I was crying once i got the news.. :'(
You can imagine that when you're in the situation that some one told you, you're about to loose a shelter.. 
Damn!!! stupid management did not even take the initiative to ask me whether or not i wanna stay back.. 
and they just gave my place to another girl..
WTF??? @#%@%$^%#$^@$

i was controlling myself so good just to give them face.. >.<
They are so un-systematic.. :(
Just couldn't believe that this happened to me.. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
Okay, thinking of it over and over again just make me wanna cry out loud..
If the management gonna continue like this..
I promise I'll go get another place to stay..
They make me move 2 floors higher, and make me pay more for the rental!!
Thanks to all these stupid arrangement they gave me.. i have to start moving right after my exam is over.. >.<
i wish i could take some action on them.. :)
No harm, but to warn them not to play with me..
whoever who took my place, am so gonna REMEMBER YOU!!!
anyway, is not her fault.. i should say
whoever who gave my place away, am so gonna REMEMBER YOU!!!!
Ahhh~~ whatever lah!!!! i was too tired, don't even have the mood to nap after exam..
Thanks to them.. >.<

And, btw.. i moved to a half Chinese, half Malay unit.. :'(
*how can i ever eat pork again????
During evening, i went over to the new unit to have a look.. 
once i stepped in the house, i was like I DON'T WANT THIS HOUSE LAH!!!!
Felt kinda stuffy.. smell weird.. house so empty, not even a plate, or a fork or spoon at the dining..
No clothes hanging at the balcony..
*means they never wash clothes*
that house is just so freaky!!!!!
I wish to stay back, but i just couldn't..
lesson learned.. next time remember to pay rental in advance of 3 months or maybe pay off everything.. :(
No more delaying, this will cause misery to me.. :(

p/s: i once felt that IXORA management is so so so much better than EP!!!!!
tatatata :)
and to my dear roommate, too bad we have to be separated.. 
hope that the new roommate is a good one??? :)

Friday, 4 May 2012

A person's look

Hey folks.. :)
Okay, today was a great day..
Nah~~~ i lost interest in studying for my finals..
Barely touched anything today.. :(
Whatever lah!!! Try to get some rest.. :)
"Am not pretty, but i have a pretty heart"
What's so important about a person's look??
Is it really so important??
Ya, i admit am ugly, am plump..
But that is what God gave to me right?
I do not have the right to reject but to accept willingly.. :)
Who doesn't want their own self to be pretty?
but if you do not have a pretty heart? what's the purpose of your pretty look??!!?!
Of course i wanna be super pretty and slim??
but then if i really can't, i won't force myself.. :)
I love myself.. <3
Anyway, the purpose of today's post is to tell the world how important is a person's look??
Yea, if you have a pretty look, people will look high upon you, but then, what if you have a pretty look, and a evil heart??
Hmmmm.. am thinking..

Given a situation that you are getting yourself a personal helper, which would you choose?

  1. A pretty and sexy lady with less working experience or even do not have a tertiary education certificate.
  2. A normal looking lady with more working experience and have a Degree or Master certificate.
So, which will you choose?? I bet men will choose number 1, whereas, ladies will choose number 2?
Am i right?? LOL.. XD
hehehe.. :D
Am not trying to say anything, but yea.. appreciate what God gave you...
Those who are good looking may not shine in the future..
but those who are normal looking may shine in the future.. :)
(by studying well, and lending a helping hand to the society)
*i dunno what am i saying.. >.<
btw, does a man really cares about their partner's appearance?
I hope they don't.. XD
Guys, a note of reminder.. :)
Girls with good appearance will get attracted by other guys!!!!!
hahaha!!! :D
Is true lah!!! everyone will tend to look at girls if they are good looking and SEXY!!!!!
anyway, live a normal life.. IT'S THE BEST!!!!


p/s: No offence to those pretty girls outside ya!!! I admire you girls.. ^.^
Am wondering whether am i a lesbian??? @.@
Seriously.. i do not look at guys, but i look at girls.. :)
Especially those pretty and sexy girls.. hahaha

So yeah, will stop here..
Have to get my eyes sticking to the books.. :)
tatatatata <3

Before that.. 
Again.. gonna annoyed you guys again.. 
please vote for me in this contest.. :)
hope to win.. LOL!!!! XD
Click on THIS ya!!!!
It's not a virus lah!!!
It's just a contest.. :)
thanks a lot.. *peace

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tuesday.. :)

Hello peepss..
long long time ago..
i post something..
till now i haven't post anything..
anyway, was fighting last few days..
fighting really hard for finals.. :)
*actually not that hard lah!!!
sometimes still play this and that.. :P
Oh finals ah finals.. you're so sweet for missing me so quick (2 months)
but then i do not miss you at all.. :(
why you come back to me so fast??
it's an important exam where the end results tell you whether you can proceed into faculty.. :(
Oh God!!!! the feeling is horrible.. :(
we had a talk on faculty course..
that speaker told us how hard & tough it is in degree year..
he even said that for those who scored so well in foundation year (3.0 and above) will end up scoring 2.0 and above in degree??!!!?? i was like WTH???
for once, i felt that foundation year is nothing.
is just a little passport for everyone to go through the boarder.. :D
anyway, gambateh all my friends!!!
prove it to that speaker that we can do it!!! hehe.. although he complained about us.. :(
so the next few days, I'll be some kind like a zombie studying in the library..
Aiks aiks.. i hope it's over right now.. >.<
anyway, 4th will be the date for us to register into degree year.. :(
need to arrange our own timetable..
whatever lah!!!
okay.. am gonna go for movie tomorrow!!!
reward myself for studying so hard this few days.. LOL..
ahemmmm.. >.< *excuse me.. :P
I did study hard anyway.. currently ready for 2 subjects already..
(but still need more revision and exercises lah!!!!)
So,what movie am i going for???
Avengers!!!!! Hooraay!!!
Hope it won't be so violent.. :)
Night people!!
Bye bye..
#goodlucktomyself.. :D