Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday ♥

Hello peeps..
I know it's like so so long..
*since my last update..
As you all know that I'm always so busy.. @.@
Nah~ actually.. I couldn't think of anything to blog, so i stop blogging for a few days.. >.<
hehehehe.. :)
Anyway, i did some exercise till my whole body was superb aching.. :(
Okay, my muscles are popping out obviously now..
My arm is always big, plus the muscles.. :(
#amsodead.. >.<
how on earth to slim down my arm la!!!!!!
help someone help!!!!
Okay, i woke up in pain, and am suffering now.. aiks.. >.<
*this means that how long i did not exercise..
Okay, this post is talking about HAIR!!!
Yeah, i was so fed up with my superb long fringe.. >.<
it's like really long.. my fringe was suppose to be straight..
like this.. :)

but then it was too long, till it covered my eyes.. sometimes even poking into my eyes..
so irritating.. so eventually, i swept all my fringe to the side..
then it became side parting.. >.<
like this..

obviously my hair won't be so nice lah!!!!! just wanna show an example of it.. :)
okay~ i always like my fringe to be  down as my forehead is so so huge.. >.<
but then i get used of side parting fringe, so whenever i am so hot, i just sweep it to the side..
okay, back to topic... :D
Then, i couldn't 'tahan', and i went for a hair cut.. :)
now it looks so much better and nicer.. LOL
anyway, it was cheap compared to the salon i always go..
maybe because am a student, i trimmed my behind part hair..
and now, it so much thinner.. XD
anyway, I'm lovin't it!!!

okay~ part of some assignments are finished!!
but our dear madam kept giving us homework.. :(
and is not easy.. life is so so tough..
have to finish it by.. dunno when also..
anyway, gonna do it, and finish everything as soon as possible..
and start studying for my finals.. 

Am so gonna complain again..
As what my friend posted as her status..
Don't understand why people can hand up their un-rephrase work.. :(
I feel like crying when i first saw their work.. :(
Okay, i was trying to cool myself down, and try to help..
asked them to redo, and thank God, one of them did put in effort and rephrased it nicely..
Okay, i was happy when i knew that she put in effort..
at least, she tried her best.. :)
i hope the others do their best also..
after all, it is for the group.. not for me.. :D
okay, done for the day..
chao!!!! see ya.. :')