Friday, 27 April 2012

Late Thursday

#itookthiswhilewaitingforthelift. >.<
LOL!!!! XD

hehe.. anyway, i went to library right after dinner..
till 12am.. (the time where library closed)
and it was raining superb heavily.. :(
too bad, i lost my DUCKLING UMBRELLA!!!! :(
*super sad.. T_____T
that umbrella is the cutest umbrella i had...
it has a duckling head at the tip of the umbrella.. but now it's LOST!!! :(
and due to that, i do not have any umbrella now..
FIRST: slipper spoiled.. sad :(
SECOND: umbrella lost.. super sad.. :(
okay, fine.. i shall reward myself with a brand new slipper and umbrella.. :D
Okay, back to topic..
then walking under the rain ain't fun.. :(
but lucky i had a 'dunno whose' umbrella.. hahahaah XD
*stole it from the library..
anyway, it's anonymous.. so whatever la!!!! :)
Okay.. i wanted to post something last few days, but i do not have the time to do it..
as I'll be having Accounting Quiz tomorrow..
erm.. oopsss.. i think is today..
then I'll be having finals soon.. in 1 week plus.. :(
Oh God!!! you know what?
i wanna a pass only.. better than fail.. >.<

Aiks.. hate accounting.. :(
it's time to sleep..
till here..
tata :)

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

DiGi WWWOW: blogger of the years

Hello hello people!!!!
Yea, how was your day so far??
I slept so late last night.. >.<
Don't wanna get up from bed this morning..
Okay, i added a new thing into my blog..
What is it??
Let me tell you..
I joined this competition..
It named Digi WWWOW Awards..
Of course i joined Nuffnang: Blogger of the year..
I saw people joining this event, therefore..
I joined too..
I was still considering, but then.. Since i just wanna play play..
So, join lah!!!

Hey hey.. this is mine.. :)
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Prizes are awesome!!!! How nice if i WON!!!!
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Come one!!! It's freaking awesome!!!!
How nice if i get even one of it.. :)
hehehe :)
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Hey hey..

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Tada.. It's done.. XD
Thanks :)
i love you all !!! :)
I've promoted myself in FB..
i hope it works.. LOL..
Please okay.. and thanks :)

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Tatata XD

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday ♥

Hello peeps..
Yeap, as you all can see that I've get a brand new skin for my bloggie..
Well, i just couldn't get a pretty suitable one till yesterday..
I saw this skin.. awesome one!!
Was so happy.. but then it seems so complicated...
Ahhh~~~Whatever >.<
Anyway, i just finished the video for presentation..
Trying to get it done by last week, but time matters.. :(
Okay, in less than few days, finals is coming..
I haven't really touch anything.. :(
*am so dead.. >.<
Anyway, will start next week, and hope ACCOUNTING WON'T FAIL ME!!!!!
Why do we have to learn accounting in this short semester??
Why can't it be during long semester? It's pretty unfair for us.. :(
Aiks.. to be sure that i won't score well in Accounting..
unless there is MIRACLE!!!
Okay, am tired of my life.. :(
I feel like sleeping 24 hours..
How i wish i have those life..
Yippie.. Today is April the 22nd!!!!
it means that today is EARTH DAY!!!!

well, am not that kinda 'green green person'..
I won't spend my time planting a tree outside with the freaking hot weather..
I admit am a bad girl.. :P
Anyway, we people are encouraged to plant more trees whenever we cut down a tree.
This is pretty obvious that our earth is changing..
It's turning UPSIDE DOWN!!!
climate is changing from bad to worst..
Every single thing is changing.. :(
Maybe one day, our earth will vanish to the sky!!!! :D
People are advised to join the Earth Day, so go people!!
But i shall stay at my house.. XD
oh ya, and we always hear that North Pole is about to melt really soon!!!
Wait for me to visit the polar bears lah!!!!!

Take a look at this video..

Chao, be right back.. Tata.. :)


Hello people!!!! It's been so many days..
Never mind.. was kinda busy for the past few days..
till now.. I'm relaxing at the moment..
Okay, let's talk about the 'past few days issues'
Well, presentation was over.. i was unhappy for what our group did..
We couldn't answer what Madam asked us..
The case was seriously DUMB!!!!
No matter how we find, we just can't get the precedent case!!
Well, i don't even know where that case came from.. :(
Okay, then the next issue was Madam asked us for a definition..
Thank God, i managed to answer..
even 'PRECISELY', madam said so..
*lucky i always listen in class.. teeheee ^.^
The last issue was that one of our group member did not prepare well, end up he did not understand what was going on...
and do not understand what was he talking about... :(
at that moment, i feel like crying out loud.. :(
All of us did prepared so well, but then this issue came out. :(
I couldn't blame anyone else except myself..
I just failed to be a good leader..
Well, i did not want to present at first, but it's not for me to choose.. I have to.. >.<
Well, after all the chaos..
We managed to talk to Madam and asked for her advice..
Well, she said that our slides and contents are VERY GOOD!!!!
*yippie!!!!! :)
But then she said that, some presenters did not present well, and some did present well..
So, that was the biggest issue!!! :(
Ahhh~~~ Trying not to think about it anymore..
So pathetic.. :(

Yesterday, i was trying my best to get a nice and cute template for my bloggie..
I got one.. or maybe a few..
but then, i do not know why it refuses to change to the new template.. :'((((
Well, I'll try once more.. and see how it goes..
Oh ya, btw.. i felt that the new template i chose was kinda CHILDISH!!! >.<
But it's cute.. hehehe :)
Anyway, it's time to change my bloggie template..
I got so bored seeing pinky pinky.. >.<
So.. whatever la!!! :)
Okay. gotta go!!
finals is coming.. Gambateh Fiona!!!!!! :D

p/s: I really truly deeply do not understand why some people have that kind of expression in their eyes.. 
in Chinese call (眼神)
that make me so uncomfortable.. >.<
knowing that you're not suppose to do that, but then you still choose to do it...
*firing.. >.<

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tuesday :)

Hello people!! once again, I'm back.. hehe :)
okay, let me think..
what should i talk about today??
i guess it will be just a random one..
anyway, i thought of this phrase..
"你趁我不注意时,做了你平时和我在一起不敢做的事,因为你害怕我不开心, 但我看到了...这弄到我感觉到一点点的小自卑,感觉上你好像怕了我似的.."
Okay, to tell the truth.. this came to my mind suddenly..
thought of this, and i jot it down to give myself a 'status of the day'..
hehehe :D
Anyway, presentation started today... 3 groups in 2 hours time..
I have to say that they did a great job, and I'm tension-ing now.. >.<
i thought that i wouldn't have to present at first..
but then, presentation is something that people do not want to do..
Therefore, i took up the challenge and leave the other rest of homework to the others..
So, after the presentation I'll be free.. Well, not really that free.. :(
God bless me during the presentation..
I always get so super nervous when it comes to presentation..
I dunno why lah!!!!!
Since young, i perform, speak so well in front of so many people.. 
*even sang for people's wedding..
but i just fail to do so now.. :(
Urgh!!! JUST HATE IT!!!
but then i think I'll be able to speak well, when i get myself prepared... hehehe :D
Anyway, good luck to my group and all da best!!!
Bla~bla~bla.. :)
Okay, what's next??? Dunno @.@
Oh ya.. Once again 30 famine is here again!!!!
This time it will be during August 4th & 5th..
Well, no longer in Bukit Jalil.. but Stadium Melawati..
Anyway, MMU malacca will be having a DIY camp this year!!!
Oh yeah baby!!! It's time to experience hunger once more!!!!! :)
Well, I'll be joining.. that's for sure.. hehe
Registration booth are open at CLC.. have to pay RM20 including t-shirt...
but then i remembered that i went for donation the last i went..
Anyway, the camp is a must to me!!!
I have to help the children..
Maybe I'll asked my friends back at hometown to join too..
and gather at the stadium to meet!! LOL.. hehe.. :)
okay, that's all.. and see ya..
Chao :)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday ♥

Hello peeps..
I know it's like so so long..
*since my last update..
As you all know that I'm always so busy.. @.@
Nah~ actually.. I couldn't think of anything to blog, so i stop blogging for a few days.. >.<
hehehehe.. :)
Anyway, i did some exercise till my whole body was superb aching.. :(
Okay, my muscles are popping out obviously now..
My arm is always big, plus the muscles.. :(
#amsodead.. >.<
how on earth to slim down my arm la!!!!!!
help someone help!!!!
Okay, i woke up in pain, and am suffering now.. aiks.. >.<
*this means that how long i did not exercise..
Okay, this post is talking about HAIR!!!
Yeah, i was so fed up with my superb long fringe.. >.<
it's like really long.. my fringe was suppose to be straight..
like this.. :)

but then it was too long, till it covered my eyes.. sometimes even poking into my eyes..
so irritating.. so eventually, i swept all my fringe to the side..
then it became side parting.. >.<
like this..

obviously my hair won't be so nice lah!!!!! just wanna show an example of it.. :)
okay~ i always like my fringe to be  down as my forehead is so so huge.. >.<
but then i get used of side parting fringe, so whenever i am so hot, i just sweep it to the side..
okay, back to topic... :D
Then, i couldn't 'tahan', and i went for a hair cut.. :)
now it looks so much better and nicer.. LOL
anyway, it was cheap compared to the salon i always go..
maybe because am a student, i trimmed my behind part hair..
and now, it so much thinner.. XD
anyway, I'm lovin't it!!!

okay~ part of some assignments are finished!!
but our dear madam kept giving us homework.. :(
and is not easy.. life is so so tough..
have to finish it by.. dunno when also..
anyway, gonna do it, and finish everything as soon as possible..
and start studying for my finals.. 

Am so gonna complain again..
As what my friend posted as her status..
Don't understand why people can hand up their un-rephrase work.. :(
I feel like crying when i first saw their work.. :(
Okay, i was trying to cool myself down, and try to help..
asked them to redo, and thank God, one of them did put in effort and rephrased it nicely..
Okay, i was happy when i knew that she put in effort..
at least, she tried her best.. :)
i hope the others do their best also..
after all, it is for the group.. not for me.. :D
okay, done for the day..
chao!!!! see ya.. :')

Saturday, 14 April 2012

busy busy..

Am officially so superb busy..
I don't even have the time to think what to blog at all..
*Miserable life..
Oh~ God, please help me!!!!
Facing my lappie for almost half a day.. Now i know why did my eyesight increase.. >.<
I hope i don't fall sick so soon.. :'(
Anyway, i still have to finish it, so GO GO GO FIONA!!!!

p/s: doing compilation and presentation slides in a sever bad headache situation is really bad, horrible..
can you just imagine that even when I'm laughing my head is pain.. :(
i suspect that i got migraine.. LOL.. :P
I'm not joking la, i was like!!! WTH happen to my head, it's gonna burst soon..
Taking good care of myself, i hope i don't go cuckoo..
Oh ya, btw.. people..
please la.. REPHRASE YOUR WORK!!!!!
urgh... piss me off.. >.<
Chao!!! Bye.. :D

something like this.. 
beware people.. 
*joking.. heehe..

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wednesday ♥

hey readers.. before you read my post..
remember to click on those ads at the sidebar kay??
thanks, and love u.. ♥
Yea, am back.. but i guess this will be a short post..
as i'm superb exhausted.. @.@
Slept late last night.. woke up pretty late too.. LOL!!!!
since it's a holiday, i shut my alarm and slept as much as i could.. :)
anyway, had a good sleep..
When i woke up, it's like almost AFTERNOON!!!!
OMG!!!! i told myself..
Went and took a bath, went out for lunch and started to continue doing with my assignments.. :(
Sad case was today is a public holiday, and library in campus is CLOSED!!!!!!
So i have to go all the way to one of the cafe, well.. i chose 小歇(Restism)
*i hope i spell the name correctly..
It's a pretty nice place to do homework when the library is closed..
as the environment is kinda quiet, and you can see people spending their time doing homework there too..
I spent my whole afternoon there doing my work and when i'm done, it's time for dinner..
Went for dinner and went home to have a rest..
Yup, next few days.. My work will be piling up again.. :(
*due date is coming!!! Anyway, i'll do my best..
So, then.. while i was doing my work, i decided to on Facebook.
but then, to my surprise, i was shocked by all those posting about EARTHQUAKE!!!
Yayayaya.. Ain't kidding.. IS EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!
It happened twice at Acheh, Indonesia..
Oh God, please..
Bless them with harmony.. Hope that they will be fine over there..
the magnitude was extremely high-8.9... :(
It even affect Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak..
According to them, there will be tsunami anytime..
So people, get yourselves away from beaches, sea-side.. or even those places with water.. It's super dangerous..
God, i pray that you protect all your people..
I even saw some photos about the earthquake..
Even saw a school in Ipoh got tarnished by the Earthquake..
Oh~~~ Lucky me that i'm safe right now..

hehehehehehe.. :)
the next topic will be my favourite...
Yeap, i've talked about this before..
here is it.. take a look first..
before you proceed down.. hehehehe :D
Okay, read it already?? Yeap,  i was smiling when i was writing that post..
Again, i'll talk about it once more..
Reading is my favourite!!!!
*well, same goes to blogging.. :)
I can't live without my novels, my fiction books.. XD
I just adopt reading as my hobby since i was a little girl..
As compared to my little brother, he HATES reading..
(except those comics)
Am a English story book lover, i hardly touch Chinese books..
I even have Malay books.. but most of it are in English.. :)
Once i stepped into Popular or MPH, i'll be staring at those novels..
I hope i have the money to buy all, but sad to say.. I don't have..
I have to control myself.. :(
#willbuymanymanyonefineday :)
To past my time, i take out a book and start reading..
i even brought some of my books over to Malacca..
* in case i'm bored...
This is part of it only.. i have many more at home..

Yea, as you can see..
almost all are in English except for the 2 Chinese books which is not mine.. 

a better view.. :) 
and the Harry Potter is not mine too.. 

Okay, English novels are nice..
I was not a Chinese language lover since young..
but then i was sent to Chinese school so i have to learn it..
but my family members were all so surprised when they got to know my Chinese language results..
Well, i scored pretty well, even better than those Chinese speaking students.. LOL.. XD
Everyone was surprised with my results, my friends even thought that i copied during exam..
i don't even read Chinese story books unless it's really interesting, but then i started to read some since i came to Malacca..
Maybe i got the influence from my dear roommate, you know..
she has a collection of Chinese novels..
anyway, found out that Chinese novels are quite interesting too..
that's where i powered up my 3 languages..
*by reading.. :)
so.. Aiks..
hope that i can get more of it..
my book rack are occupied with the above collection of books.. 
Okay, goonna stop here.. that's all for the day.. :)

p/s: this post is totally not short lah!!!!!!
Stupid me.. @.@ 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tuesday ♥


Hello people!!!!
Tuesday!!! Full with classes.. 6 hours straight isn't relaxing.. :(
Again, class was kinda boring..
Everyone was tired, i guess so??? @.@
Okay, back to topic..
I woke up early this morning and went to campus..
To do what?? to watch the guys play basketball.. :)
*i did mention in yesterday's post.. hehehehe ^.^
take a look.. :D

Hey hey..
everyone is aiming on the ball..
Yea, the guy who was holding the ball is Michael.. :)
Studying law too..
p/s: Ah Shun!!!! Why are you smiling in such a wicked face???


This was another group of people playing..
They were so freaking awesome!!!!!! 
Those are seniors lah!!!

"We were too fast, the ball ran away to the side.."
"Come, lets go take it!!"
hehehehehe :D

The clouds were so pretty.. 
Weather was kinda good at first, but then it became sunny..

MMU's in campus hostel!!
It looks pretty nice outside..
heard that it sucks inside..
So, yeeeewww..
Actually, i was just trying to focus on the behind scenery.. :)

I just realized that my campus is pretty NICE!!!
Yea, they kept well of all the plants & trees..
It looks good anyway.. :)

Hey, ball don't run lah!!!!!

So, the guys played for almost 2 hours..
Erm.. maybe 1 and half hours..
They were all sweating like HELL!!!!
Bob a.k.a Ah Shun (JY's housemate) was sweating like he just came out from the pool..
All his sweat kept dripping on the floor.. hahahahaha!!!
Anyway, they had a good play, score was better for the first set
Yea, their form was quite good at first, but till the end everyone got so tired..
Is okay, you guys are just playing for fun..
Chat for some time, and we each went back to our hostel to get ready for 12pm class..
I guess they were all so tired.. @.@

Due date for assignment will be extended for a few days more i guess..
because according to our lecturer we won't be able to do presentation in the class..
but we have to video it and save it in a CD and hand it up together.. :(
WTH!!!! i rather don't do the presentation and hand up the assignment on time..
Okay, so many of them went back to their hometown..
but why not me???
Aiks.. I have class, i have assignments to do.. I have to stay back at MALACCA!!!!
Urgh!! >.<
Oh ya, Facebook is getting so bored..
Am not sure why, but then it's like NOTHING to me..
#justuseittopromotemybloggie...LOL!!! :)
I have the one and only social media to promote it..
i don't have any others..
That's all for today..
Gonna have a good rest..

p/s: i slept right after i came back from class till almost 11..
*sounded so tired..
Bye people!!! Take care and rest well ya!!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Monday ♥

God re-open my heart, made me think wisely, made me into a wise and thoughtful girl..
For once, i asked God for forgiveness.. 
and asked His angels to protect me.. ♥


Yo, wassup people???
hehehe.. so hows today???
Okay, i proudly announced that Mid-term is over.. :)
but am so gonna cry soon..
Am not gonna care about it anymore and shall just wait for the results..
I used to love Maths all the time since i was young, and i scored very well in every test even in secondary level..
But i have to say this: ACCOUNTING IS SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!
Don't ask me why okay?
Yeah, accounting is so complicated..
Maybe even more complicated than Add maths. :(
I wonder how people study for accounting.. o.O
Aiks, whatever la..
I will always get bad headache right after Math exam, i dunno why??
maybe because i used my brain to think too much..
And right after exam just now...
I got bad headache (math headache) which i never experienced it for so long..
Ya, i felt like smashing my head that moment...
That's why people used to say that we study law because we suck in Math..
but is so so so not true la!!!!
Just not sure why I suck in accounting.. :(
Went for a drink with my friends and chat..
*well, relax myself.. better than closing myself in the room doing practically NOTHING!!!!
Came back and start blogging..
Yea, gonna wake up early tomorrow and go for basketball..
Ahhhh~~~ maybe go there to watch only..
Hahahaha. Maybe gonna go for brisk walking.. :)
Well, mid-term is over, but assignments are not done yet..
So many of my friends are going back to their hometown this weekend as they do not have any class from Wednesday till next Mon.. >.<
It will be a holiday this Wednesday, then they do not have class anymore till next week..
But me??? Classes are still on, and no going back home!!! :(
*so unfair.. i miss my home lah!!!!!
Don't even have a chance to go back and have a rest..
Urgh!!!! o.O
no idea what am i gonna blog next...
Nothing is in my brain except for sleeping..
* i need a good rest..
 So tata.. will be back soon!!! :)

p/s: so many people are off to movies!!!!!
I wanna go too.. :(
Too many shows to watch.. >.<


Hey people..
Yeap, as i said today is Easter..
Okay, it should be yesterday was Easter.. :)
Anyway, church service was pretty fun today!! :)
They did Easter skit-drama.. They acted really so so cool..
*potential to be the next batch of actors & actresses..
 HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i enjoyed today's Easter.. :)
I took so many photos, but all the photos are so blur. :(
*i sat quite far and i have to zoom in maximum..
 plus, i have a 'not that good camera phone'
But then i got this group photo of them from FB..
You guys were so cool.. Nice skit i thought.. :D
 So service ended kinda later compared to usual days...
Mid-term is tomorrow!!!! Nah~ It's today.. :(
Am having menstrual cramp and am so super moody now.. 
Yayayayaya.. thanks to those stupid fellows..
 spoiled my mood..
I can raise my voice and talk to you, but i don't want..
 don't ever let me see you in campus, i shall use my eyes and stare fiercely at you.. @#!@$@!&%*@!$!@#!#@
You step on my tail, I'll let you see who am i..
LOL!!!!! Let me be..
 Am just trying to tell this to a fellow..
 I am suspecting that he has down-syndrome.. :P
Or maybe he already has it..
 Not gonna dirty my blog with his stupid attitude.. :) :)
Chao!!!!! XD

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saturday ♥

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.
(Ezra 10:4)
Heyyy peeps.. :)
Was thinking about the verse above.. :)
It's a pretty meaningful verse from the Bible..
No matter what happen in life, God arranged that for us to test our patience and see whethere we can go through it..
God will always do best for us, like out parents.. :)
They will never harm us, but want the very best for us in our life..
So, if you had fall, rise up from there..
Be strong on what you will be going through in life, do not give up!!!
How people look at you, is there MONKEY BUSINESS
Do not let them defeat you, raise up and have courage you can do it!!!
(my principal in life) :D
Yea, everyone knows that life ain't easy..
But that is what we are born for??
to go through easiness & toughness.. :)
Yeap, tomorrow is the day!!! EASTER DAY!!
don't you feel that the rabbit is so so cute.. :)
for those who do not know what Easter is, let me tell you..
Jesus dead on the cross for us..
He sacrificed Himself and got nailed on the cross..
Therefore, Easter is a celebration where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the 3rd day after his crucifixion on the Calvary..
And people know that we are suppose to starve for 40 days, and of course being holy by not doing any bad things..
such as: smoking, drinking, etc....
Anyway, Easter church service is a must!!! :)
Am so waiting for tomorrow..
*not sure why*
I still remember that last year's Easter i was then back at my hometown..
Church service was like 6.30am???
believe me???? :)
Everyone sat outside, having service while looking at sunrise..
What a nice scenery?? hehehehehe :P
I hope tomorrow will be a wonderful one!!!
*waiting eagerly for it.. XD
All my friends went back to their hometown to celebrate, but i have to stick to Malacca.. :( #butthankGodhegavemeafamilyhere.....
okay, i was so in love with this song today..
Well, i shall make it song of the day..
Enjooooy people!!!! :D

Will give another update of Easter celebration tomorrow!!! Chao.. XD

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Friday ♥

heelloooooo people!!!
So today is FRIDAY??
Anyway, mention this first: MY ASSIGNMENT HAND UP ALREADY!!!!
Thank God that everything went smoothly although i did some amendments last minute.. :)
"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. (Daniel 2:20-22) "
Anyway, my group was the 3rd to hand up!!! and the time was 10.05am LOL..
so weird the time, okay.. so i really hope that, that thingy will impress madam and she will give us good grades for it..
Wanna thank all my lovely group members for doing their job well..
Thanks people..
Appreciate it so so so much.. weeeee~~~ --love u people-- ♥
But then you guys should know that our job will never end, so good luck on doing presentation slides!!!! hehehehe
#noneofmybusinessssss :P
I know that everyone is like so superb busy.. :(
even me.. :(
And this lovely friend of mine, MR.CALEB offered to provide drinks for us when i told him that there is more work to be done..
Asking me whether i wanna MILO PANAS or AIS!!!!
(even asking whether want donuts)
too bad i wanna you to do your work.. :P
Okay~~~ Whatever..
Enough of those work..
*sounded so frustrated when i mentioned about work
Argh!!! Have to strive for accounting this few days.. way to go fiona!!! XD
i just wished to go home right now.. :(

*stress level is like so high now* 101%
April is the month of movie i guess????
There is so many movie for me to watch.. :)
but i don't have the time.. :(
but TITANIC 3D is a must for me.. :D
take a look at this.. :)
the first four on the top row is a must especially the last one.. talking about microblog-微博..
It's some kind like a blog but is in Chinese...
It looks kinda interesting and I'm interested in it..
*btw, it looks like a ghost movie.. LOL..
Anyway,all of those is a must lah!!!!
I don't care whether is going to the cinema to watch or buying DVD back..
but not for the time been.. :(
Okay, till here.. Nothing else to say.. so tata!!! Chao!!! :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Thursday ♥

Hey folks.. It's Thursday!!
Morning class was cancelled as lecturer was sick..
but then she gave us tutorial question to do..
That makes me superb sick of doing it as i was still in sleeping mode!!!
I set my alarm at 6.15am, in the end i kept switching the time till 6.45am..
Hahahahaha.. But i still managed to wake up before 7am :)
Walking to campus this morning was a nightmare to me..
I did not want to go for class.. :(
And lecturer was absent.. :(
I hope i can go back and sleep like a PIG!!!
end up, i went to the library to finish up my tutorial homework.. :(
plus playing games in the library..
Oookay, here comes the story, i had just finished editing the last checking of my group's Banking Assignment!!!
What can i say???
But i rather do compilation instead of presentation slides..
*am bad at doing slides..
Ahem, it's still okayyyyy.. not that bad.. 

i dunno whyyyyy on earth la!!!!!! :(
Nevermind, i shall sit in front of my lappie doing compilation next time.. heheheheh ^.^
Anyway, yeah!!! It's done, you know IT'S LIKE AT LAST?????
Nah~~~ I actually finished earlier, but then i wasn't quite satisfy with it.. so....:)
Okay, mid-term is next Monday, more assignments are coming up, tutorial homeworks are like MOUNTAIN....
And FINALS is reaching so so so soon also.. :(
The first day of finals is next month????
i was like WTH???
when i get to know it.. :(
I shall start revising now..
*i mean it :)
but then how lah??? so many work to do??
MMU thinks that we are robots... :(
Sad to say my face will be destroy after everything!!!!! whatever la!!!
Anyway, tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY!!!
I know, am suppose to get my butt into church..
but then i need to study for accounts..
I dunno any single thing of accounts as I'm a science student :(
*regretted not taking accounting last time..
thought lawyers are blind in MATH!!!!! LOL!!! XD
Am not one of them okay?? hehe :D
but then I'll be going to church during Sunday as it's Easter day!!! :)
*looking forward for it as it's the first time celebrating Easter at SBC..
Anyway, till here..
am tired, have to rest earlier.. :)
tata people!!! be back really really soon..

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Monday ♥

Hey peeps!!!
How did you guys spent your weekends??
Well, i rested enough, and am gonna go for it again..
It's sad to know that Accounting mid-term will be next Monday!!!!
OH GOD!!!!!!
I just wanna the time to stop just for a week???
*am i too greedy???? hehehehehehe :)
Yea, like what i said, other assignments are gonna start this week.. :(
Am so so so so dead la!!!!!!!!
I have so many things to do..
Yea, i do complain about this and that always, but i do my work diligently..
I have to read through, have to do everything for that particular assignment.
(just because am the leader), i have no choice, but of course, i want everything to be the best..
Am not just aiming for a pass??
I want an A, probably an A+
I know this will be far too over.. but that is my target, i've the right to think that way..
Am not at fault.. :(
I just want everything to be the best for me, and of course for my teammates.. :)
I just hope we will cooperate together well, and go for it!!!
Am not asking for anything else..
I apologize deep from my heart.. :(
If i was too strict to anyone of you, please forgive me, as I'm always serious when it comes to work..
I know i was too strict in everything, but this is what i want for the group.. nothing else..
I was not being selfish or suspecting your ability of working..
I just want more.. just a little more, not really more.. like what i said, i want the best for everything!!! :(
Just wanna apologize sincerely to whoever i offended.. sorry i was just trying to the my best in everything.. and btw, i was not into the position of LEADER!!!
You people will never know how pressured am i..
sometimes i even cry silently during bedtime.. did you experience this?
I hide everything behind my face and take a smile out everyday..
I'll be thinking of all those assignments everyday!!! everyday without fail!!!
You people sit back and relax but what do i do???
Is my daily routine to on my lappie and go and check on our assignments, without fail!!!
I'll never feel relax till the day i printed out the assignment properly and nicely..
No one understand what am i going through okay?
I want the best, but please do respect me as i want the best for all of you, not only me..
I just became the leader as no one take the initiative to start work..
in order to be early in finishing those assignments (better than later)
i decided to take that post and start the work..
To me, leader is nothing, LEADER is just someone who have to do more work..
I don't get extra marks?? I don't get any praise from lecturer??
What i get?? is excellent results for it and it is shared within all members..
i just do my work..
I just hope that no one thinks that I'm into the position of leader.. AM NOT.. :(
if you think so, go take the position and go.. facing all the members and you will understand how i feel..
Freaking sorry to those who thought am one.. :(

WTH!!!!!! My both eyes went up in degree!!!! went up by 75.. SHIT!!!!
It was kinda blur when i wore cons that day, and i was asking myself, did my short-sighted increase??
I was praying so hard that it won't increase, but it did.. :(
Is there any ways to cure short-sighted??
I don't wanna become blind so soon..
I wanna see the world!!!! XD
I hope it will decrease soon.. as it's kinda dangerous when the sight is far too high..
So i stopped wearing cons this few days.. :(
(it's not that bad after all) :)
Anyway, enough for the day.. not in a really good mood to blog..
bye!!! XD

 p/s: i have faith in God that whatever HE wants me to go through, i'll go for it..
whatever HE arranged for me, I'll just accept it..
whatever HE asked me to do, I'll do it..
*no matter is good or bad for me!!
I do believe in God, and know that he has motive for me to go through all these obstacles.
No matter what or how!!!!
Amen!!! :) ♥