Wednesday, 28 March 2012

LIESE hair dye

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
 (Joshua 1:9)

 Hello people!!! ♥
Yeap, got to know that Blogger had upgrade itself to a better looking page!!!
*but am still so not use to it*
Okay, i woke up later than my usual time, and i was trying to bath quickly as I'm afraid that I'll be late for class..
 (the class location is so so freaking far from my hostel)
It's at CONIGENCY LAB (LAW SCHOOL) It's the furthest building from my hostel.. :(
I'll never wanna be late for class as i felt that the beginning of the class is the most important one!! :)
Well, the first class was like so bored..
Aikks.. >.<
 I almost fell asleep in the class as i was having headache.. :(
Okay, the point had come.. I was talking randomly in the class with someone..
And we talked about dying hair..
 Well, since the first sem, we were talking about dying hair as to get the first experience.. but we didn't..
 So few days back, a friend of mine dyed her hair, and i was admiring her hair..
 hahahaah!!! :)
 It's purple!!!! Nah~~~ Chocolate..
*purple was my first thought, i dunno why?? sorry ya!! hehehe :)
Personally, my own hair is in chocolate color, but it's a dark chocolate, as I'm still an Asian!!! :)
I still have to have some black hair.. >.<
So, i saw this LIESE hair dye!!! actually, i was doing research on it!!!

this are all the series of hair dyes LIESE has!!! It seems so fun, that i wanna give it a try!!! I chose *Marshmallow brown* pretty color.. *wink*
But till the end, i did not dye my hair as i feel great and happy with my current hair..
LOL!!!! XD
but then, things change, I thought of getting my hair dye during this semester break..
Well, of course i still have to ask permission from my parents lah!!!
but it will definitely be super fun!!!
hahahaha.. LOL!!! XD
just wanna give it a try!!!
hehehe.. :)
Okay, once again.. I wanna complain about the piling up of assignments.. :(
There are too many work for me to do!!! but i know i can do it!!!
Times up for me as i have to head to the library to continue my work..
 see ya, and will be bank really soon!!! :)