Saturday, 31 March 2012

Friday ♥

Starry starry night.. :)
*actually this phrase just came into my mind, am not even sure whether the sky has stars or not?? XD
Yea, anyway, today is Friday!!! The last day of school week.. hehehehe :)
am always looking forward for Friday to come, as I'll get to rest during the weekends.. :)
I was having a really tough week, i managed to finish up all my task on time, and even faster than other people..
Banking Law assignment is done, way to go FIONA!!!!
*but still have to do last checking and compile it* :)
Am always happy after all my work is done..
somehow, i just feel happy after i finish up all my work..
I just feel happy, dunno why?? @.@
*sounded so crazy..
anyway, there are still many more task to finish up, assignment assignment..
Oooopppsss. too much of crapping!!!!
Ahhhh~~~ into the main topic..
Yesterday Ixora (another apartment near MMU) had a LONDON BRIDGE!!!!!
It should be IXORA BRIDGE!!!!
LOL!!!! XD
Ain't kidding!!!!! :P
Can't see clearly??? Take a closer look in the picture below..
Nah~~~ Am not bluffing.. -.-
Actually this was what happen.. It was raining heavily yesterday.. I mean seriously HEAVY!!!
We were all having class and no one had any idea that this thing happened!!
anyway, it's dangerous la!!!!
Lucky nobody was hurt.. heard that a car almost got hit by that big tree.. :(
Thank God that you managed to create just a bridge.. Not accidents.. :)
Ahhhh~~~ it was cleared immediately i guess so???!!! 
I always love hair accessories.. hehehe.. It's just a love!!!! ♥
not only hair accessories, but also others.. i have tons of it..
especially earrings, hair clips.. bla bla and bla.. :P
I was so reluctant to give away my flower clips.. btw, it's all hand-made by my mummy.. ♥
*it's pretty.. love it so much till i wouldn't wanna pass it down to my cousin.. hahaha :)
Yuppie, today i was wearing a purple shirt, so i got this purple flowers clip as my hair clip.. :)
pretty huh??? :P
Anyway, i had a wonderful nice and straight hair since i was young..
*not trying to praise myself, but it's the TRUTH!!
Therefore, i used to clip my hair, tie my hair into different different types of hairstyles!!!
Tadaaaa!!!! These are all my collection for flowery hair clips..
proudly present that every single clip is all made by my mummy.. hehehehe ♥
till now, people may think that I'm childish clipping my hair with flowery clips??
but i feel proud of myself that i had all the clips, do you have one??
*peace.. :) Yea, anyway, appreciate it a lot, and will take good care of it.. hehe..
thanks mummy for those clips.. :)
--Done here--
be back really soon!!!! :)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Thursday ♥

Hello people!!! :)
Thank God that I'm still alive here in this world!!! :)
Nah~~~ Just wanna thank the Lord that i managed to wake up early in the morning for 8am class although i slept like so super later every night.. :(
Am just kinda sad that my face is becoming worst.. :(
*that's the effect of lack of sleep*
I'm very tired!!! I'm sick of everything!!!
End yet, i still have to go through all the days..
It's kinda tiring for me to wake up freaking early and sleep freaking late..
*i mean really late*
and yea, i almost fell asleep in class..
and this is what i did during class when my eyes were almost closing..

sorry lah!!!! i know my drawing sucks okay?? heehhehe.
i like the kitty cat the most, and maybe the doggie right on the top part.. :)
but i still listen to lecture.. but just sometimes my heart flew away.. hehehe ♥
Weather is killing me.. and maybe everyone!!!
It rained so heavily, till i almost freeze to death...
and it sunned so hotly, till i almost faint under the sun....
I dunno what language am i using!!! Urgh >.<
forget about it.. :P
It's Thursday!!!
So fast!!!
I hope i have another pair of hands to do extra work..
then my work will be done ASAP!!
(at least help me finish up those irrelevant work that is actually not my work) :(
hahaha XD
this weekend will be a horrible one for me.. :(
Ahhhhhh~~ Whatever la!!!
Signing off now, and gonna get some rest before i start being a crazy woman with work again...

p/s: Do believe in God.. He will make a way ♥

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

LIESE hair dye

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
 (Joshua 1:9)

 Hello people!!! ♥
Yeap, got to know that Blogger had upgrade itself to a better looking page!!!
*but am still so not use to it*
Okay, i woke up later than my usual time, and i was trying to bath quickly as I'm afraid that I'll be late for class..
 (the class location is so so freaking far from my hostel)
It's at CONIGENCY LAB (LAW SCHOOL) It's the furthest building from my hostel.. :(
I'll never wanna be late for class as i felt that the beginning of the class is the most important one!! :)
Well, the first class was like so bored..
Aikks.. >.<
 I almost fell asleep in the class as i was having headache.. :(
Okay, the point had come.. I was talking randomly in the class with someone..
And we talked about dying hair..
 Well, since the first sem, we were talking about dying hair as to get the first experience.. but we didn't..
 So few days back, a friend of mine dyed her hair, and i was admiring her hair..
 hahahaah!!! :)
 It's purple!!!! Nah~~~ Chocolate..
*purple was my first thought, i dunno why?? sorry ya!! hehehe :)
Personally, my own hair is in chocolate color, but it's a dark chocolate, as I'm still an Asian!!! :)
I still have to have some black hair.. >.<
So, i saw this LIESE hair dye!!! actually, i was doing research on it!!!

this are all the series of hair dyes LIESE has!!! It seems so fun, that i wanna give it a try!!! I chose *Marshmallow brown* pretty color.. *wink*
But till the end, i did not dye my hair as i feel great and happy with my current hair..
LOL!!!! XD
but then, things change, I thought of getting my hair dye during this semester break..
Well, of course i still have to ask permission from my parents lah!!!
but it will definitely be super fun!!!
hahahaha.. LOL!!! XD
just wanna give it a try!!!
hehehe.. :)
Okay, once again.. I wanna complain about the piling up of assignments.. :(
There are too many work for me to do!!! but i know i can do it!!!
Times up for me as i have to head to the library to continue my work..
 see ya, and will be bank really soon!!! :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunday ♥

I commit myself to the LORD and say..........
I ♥ YOU, JESUS!!!!

Humble yourselves before the LORD, and HE will lift you up.
James 4:10
(well, i get to know about this verse today in church)

i felt that is so meaningful!!!! XD
hehehe. church service changed to 11am since this year!!
i was starving throughout the whole morning..
But yea, it wasn't that bad.. i still managed to wait.. :)
So around 1pm, my relative came..
well introduced first~ they are my grandpa's sister's daughter.. LOL!!!!
Well, my family are always close to them!!! hehe..
And they got this 2 little kiddo!! they are so so so CUTE!!!
You can imagine that wherever we went, people are all looking at them.. hehehe :)
Couldn't resist not to take them back with me!!!! XP
Normally, kids are always scared of stranger (i mean long time no see 'stranger')
but they are just way different!!! once i got into the car, they were in SILENT MODE for maybe 5 minutes.. then after that, they started to talk non-stop!!!!
Buahahahahahahah, kids are still kids, they are still adorable no matter how noisy are they!!!!! :)
We went to Sushi King for lunch!!! Ordered this Mix Bento!!! It's nice, delicious!!! hehe..
thanks anyway!!!! XD
And they bought me some biscuits!!!
Kinda my favorite as they bought me EGG TART!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH :)
*i sounded so hungry!!!
see the photo below..
the kiddo boy named Jason..
the kiddo girl named Joanne..
heheh.. two adorable cute kids!!!

had nice time with them..
thanks for the visit or I'll go cuckoo staying and eating in EP!!!
(get scared of the food nearby here already)

Yummy yummy!!! Gonna take it as breakfast i guess!!!! XD
Thanks a lot!!! heehh :)
I hope people come visit me often.. hahaha..
till here..
Chao!!! bye bye ♥

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Saturday ♥.♥

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.
(1 Corinthians 16:13 )

Hey peeps!!! :D
Lovely Saturday but i woke up freaking early and slept like a pig after that..
till almost noon.. >.<
hehehe :)
so.. Saturday!!! what shall i do? am kinda freaking bored.. >.<
have to start to rush on assignment, study for mid-term test.. bla bla bla and bla.. :( urgh!! time flies.. >.<
Yesterday went to Popular to take a look on books, but sad to say, we got nothing back.. and i saw this movie screening.. called THE VOW!!!
It stated there based on real events..
well, i think it will be a super nice movie to watch.. :)
but i just missed the earliest movie time yesterday!!! short of 15 minutes.. :(
i should have checked earlier.. *sobs!!!
Well, let's see the overview.. :)

watch the trailer first.. ♥
the movie it's like so sad .. but i guess they will have a pretty happy ending.. :)
A newlywed couple recovers from a car accident that puts the wife in a coma. Waking up with severe memory loss, her husband endeavors to win her heart again.
*can you just imagine if one day your husband/wife had severe memory loss??
what are you gonna do??
i felt that the guy was like so so awesome!!! willingly to wait for his wife.. :)
so sweet of him!!! but that's what guys are suppose to do right?? LOL!!!! XD

Rachel McAdams

Channing Tatum

Sam Neill
Scott Speedman
and Jessica Lange

Directed by
Michael Sucsy

Story by
Stuart Sender

Produced by
Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, Jonathan Glickman, Paul Taublieb

My blog is loaded with picture.. Aiks.. am stuck!!! i dunno what else to talk about this movie!!! wait till i get a chance to watch myself first okay??
then it's easier to talk about.. just wanna tell you guys that this movie will be awesome!!!!
SO GO WATCH IT!!!!!! NOW!!!!
hehe.. see ya. :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012


#foreveralone.. :(

Friday, 23 March 2012

Thursday ♥

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. ♥
(Proverbs 16:3)

Yeap people!!! Am back.. :D
Lovely Thursday!!! Will start my post with something... Jeng Jeng Jeng
*Bloggie will be in Chinese just for today!!
nothing much, but gonna try to blog in Chinese!!!
*sounded exciting
forgive me for my bad bad Chinese!!! :)
嘻嘻!!! :D
结论:我很喜欢现在的生活!!!! :)
先讲明,我一个人过生活是因为家人不在, 而不是什么!!!
以前都有家人陪伴,但现在什么都自己来.. 感觉独立了很多!!! :)
买不起啊!!谁能 spon 我??
*kidding* XD
take a look at those watches!!!
but quality kinda bad, was just randomly taking photos.. :)

白色的很漂亮!!! :) ♥
(adacadabra!!!!!) *change*
hehehehe.. :)
Erm.. was thinking how am i gonna sit for tomorrow's Accounting quiz when i haven't start studying a single thing yet??? Aiks.. >.<
Well, although is just 8 marks.. is IMPORTANT!!!!
Weather is getting freaking hot!! It seems like raining season has over.. :(
Back to the normal Malaysia sunny, stuffy, humid weather!!!! Urgh.. >.<
Friends around me are getting sick, i hope i have strong antibody to fight against the viruses.. :)
*anyway, to those who are sick!!! GET WELL SOON!!! :)
Congratz to those SPM candidates who got their results yesterday!!!

Especially to my juniors!!! Well Done!!!
Am so so happy for those who scored so well!!!! Congratz!!
But for those who did not do that well, cheer up ya!!!
Don't feel sad for your results!!! No matter what!!!!
Get your favorite course and go for it!!!
You sure to do better as you will pursue what you want..
do not worry too much and strive for a better and bright future!!! :D
Yeah!!!! End today's post here!!!
See ya and am gonna start a busy life again with piles of assignments in my head @.@
*i hope i don't go crazy!!! heehhehe..
--BYE BYE!!-- ♥

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday ♥

I just love talking to you.. You understand every single bit of me!!
Hey people!!!! :D
Well, am still awake at this moment!!! Am not tired!!! (actually i am!!) :P
Accounts is getting tougher, but i still managed to understand it properly..
Was kinda blur at first, but it was okay later on, as i got the format and bla and bla and bla!!!! :P
will be a super short post as i gonna get on to bed already!!! I need some rest although i enjoyed what I've done for the past few minutes!!!
Yea, i was chatting with my bestie on phone!!! I was relieved that time as i told out everything.. Ain't kidding but yea!!!
I hope that i can do that at least once in the month.. At least, my heart will be empty after that talk (heart full of stress, problems, happy moments, sad moments.. etc.)
I really appreciated our talk, thanks very much!!! :D ♥
hehehehehhe :)
will catch up with you soon!! and yea!! see ya XD
Bye peeps.. I have to sleep!! :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday ♥

Hey people.. !!!
Am back after so long, yeah!!! Couldn't think of a thing to talk about, so.. :)
I was watching Hong Kong dramas last weekend (means yesterday)
Got it form a friend of mine.. Nah~~ I was kinda bored for the first week of class, nothing much to do yet, so i decided to spend my time doing something i like..
Practically, i slept so freaking early everyday (earliest 10pm)
I know is like so weird sleeping so early.. but yeah!!! Good for my skin. hehe..
*just trying to get more sleep while i can*
hehehehe :)
And a friend recommended me to play this game!!! I dunno la!!! but is so stupid!!! hahah..
It test our typing speed.. see how many we can type in a minute.. Well, i was using another computer yesterday, so was kinda slow..
But i played once more or maybe few more times today.. and
TADA!!!! Awesome!!! hehehehehe.. :D

hehe. i know the quality of my picture sucks!!!
sorry.. but i was just far too excited!! XD
anyway, just click on the photo to see it clearer!!! :)
i hope to break another higher record of mine.. but it's kinda impossible as my typing is fast, but not really that fast!! hehehehe :P
Okay, am gonna start rushing for assignment now.. not rushing, but starting..
People had finished!!! and my group still haven't start anything yet!!!! LOL!!
Will be going over to the Law Library tonight and maybe skip dinner..
(I guess so)
*time is precious*
*weather is hot*
And am burning to death!!! Just wanna go to school for the sake of AIR-CON!!!
Was listening to this song throughout my free time..
felt that is reflecting what am thinking.. LOL!!!
Nah~~ It's pretty meaningful..

*well, i guess this song will be song of the day!!!! :)
Anyway, will end my post with a quote..
-you maybe fierce to me like a tiger--
--but I'll just keep quiet like a cat--
*am not sure what quote is this, but is just my quote!!!
As long i understand.. hehe..
Then that's enough!!!
Wraps up!!! See ya.. and bye bye!!!! :)

p/s: i wanna go watch LORAX!!!!!! It looked so CUTE!!! :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wednesday ♥

Hello folks.. :)
Currently still kinda free as everything is still under control.. :)
First week is gonna over soon.. :(
Why is it so so fast??
Had Accounting class again..
*it's like everyday!!!!*
Erm.. so far so good.. was kinda blur in the beginning..
but yea managed to understand well.. :)
(anyway good luck to myself la!!!)
Oh ya, why must a person smoke?
Due to stress??? Or just peer influence??
Obviously is superb bad for health.. end yet, people still smoke.
*am wondering
If you have the money to smoke, go ahead la!!!! but for those who don't have the ability to smoke??
(i mean in the terms of money issue)
Cigarettes are not cheap!!!! It's just like a big waste after the whole thingy is gone.. >.<
Some people make it as a bad habit.. but some just wanna follow and be a "copy cat"
*sorry if i offend anyone, but am just trying to be frank*
I myself, hates to be surrounded by smokers.. Because it's SMELLY!!!
I can't breathe in smoke, as I'll have breathing difficulties, I'll try to avoid if i can.. :)
For those who smoke due to stress or any problem??
Why not go for another method, instead of smoking.. ???
Why not trying to cut down on smoking and do other thing??
Believe me, you'll become a better person!!! :)
Smoking will bring you to NO WHERE!!!!
Urgh!!!!! Am gonna stop now, before i offend someone!!!
Anyway, to those who are not suppose to smoke, please stop it..

Today is White Valentine's Day!!!
Anyway, happy White Valentine's Day to all the couple!!!!! ♥

Specially to you:
I ♥ U !!!
Days come by, I start to realised how important are you to me!!!
Will cherish you and love you!!!! ♥
"I'm not perfect, I'll annoy you, tick you off, say stupid things, then take it back.
But put all that aside, as you'll never find a person that cares and love you more than ME!!!!! "
hehehe :)
Till here.. Tata..

p/s: sorry if i wrote a total offensive post, don't hate me okay??
I just post this specially to a person only
Whoever should know I'm talking about who..
Thanks :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tuesday ♥

Hey people..
Am back as usual.. :)
Trying to keep myself active in blogging..
Well, it's kinda tough for me to think of a new post everyday..
As my brain is like full of assignments, accounts.. bla bla & bla.. :(
Yeap, today is the second day.. Well, sad to say that Accounts is like getting so freaking tough.. >.<
I almost got blur during lecture.. And my "beloved" lecturer..
*like lighting bolt.. lol.. >.<
She just go all the way talking non stop and i was BLUR!!! @.@
The only word to describe the situation..
6 hours of class straight away is kinda tiring, but thanks to lecturers we get to go out earlier.. :)
Second class was so bored and frustrating.. the air-con in the classroom is not working..
I was trapped inside the room with so many people.. (just imagine spaces without air)
It was still okay, as we dismissed earlier.. but even the next class is at the same venue!!!! OMG!!!
Just couldn't imagine that situation.. trying to listen to lecture.. but i just couldn't
(don't blame me please..) :(
All i can say is a tiring day with 6 hours class straight.. >.<
Thank God tutorial classes will be cancelled for this week.. :)
Assignments are starting to pile up again..
Due date is like reaching SOON!!! Ain't kidding..
Well, I'll just go for it.. this is what i chose at the first place.. XD
Okay enough of those complaining..
hehehehhe.. XD
I skipped dinner today, well.. not to say really skip.. but........
i ate cereal with milk.. (that's a healthy dinner)
*partly because i was having stomach-ache the whole day.. :(
Urgh!!! was suffering badly.. :(
Okay, gonna rest early..
tired tired..
See ya soon.. :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The very first day ♥

Yea, smiling all the way for the first day of class.. :)
Hello folks.. :)
Well, i was quite excited this morning as i can meet back all my lovely friends... Plus, having a new lecturer and of course going for a brand new subject..
I slept early last night as i was freaking dead tired (almost 12am)
Anyway, the very first day was just awesome.. I had Basic Accounting for lawyers for today.. :)
Looking forward to learn more about accounting.. It sounded fun in the beginning but not to sure about the behind part.. hehehehehe XD
was taught the first topic, not to tough to understand.. but it's kinda easy as we did learn during the last semester in Business Management subject..
It wouldn't be hard till the end of the subject..
it's a short sem for this time.. and schedule is superb pack..
for accounting, we have assignments, quizzes, midterms, and finals.. :(
i was like WTH!!!!! (when i got to know that we have to squeeze everything for this sem..) >.<
But, be confidence okay??? heheheh :')
we are required to buy a book, cost RM18..
anyway, no matter what or how.. by hook or by crook..
i'll try my level best and score well in this subject as it consists of 5 credit hours.. >.<
it's really important and will affect out CGPA!!!!! XD

see.. we have to adapt that kind of personality..
people will be admiring you all the time.. hehee.. :D
till here..
gotta go!!!! see ya.. :)

Monday, 12 March 2012


--You were so close with her --
--So, he came to you to ask more about her --

Hello people.. :)
Yeap, i came back to my lovely room and tidy tidy tidy.. till evening.. spent 3 hours tidying everything into order..
Repairing my printer, printing notes..
Thank God, that i managed to do everything.. :)
Preparing for tomorrow-THE BRAND NEW SEMESTER!!!
Many things are to be striving for.. :)
For example: this, this, this, that, that and that.. >.<
(well, i shall keep it as a secret)
Okay, preparing to take a good rest as i'm freaking dead tired >.<
So, tata and see ya.. :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

FLOOD !!!!

Hello people!!! hehehehe :)
Yuppie, as you can see my blog title is FLOOD!!!
Yea.. everywhere is raining heavily.. some places even non-stop..
As i know that KL rained non stop from night till the next morning.. :(
It's kinda cooling if it rained non stop, but it's so NOT convenient.. >.<
It's sad if you have to get wet under the rain suddenly.. or even drive with the so so bad weather condition !!!
Well, i went out during noon with my dearie.. hehehhehhe :)
And it rained!!! I was having hard time driving as i hardly get to drive during raining days.. hehehe, and Thank God i was back home safely.. hehe..
Okay, so during evening it was still raining like so HEAVY???
And the town was flooded!!! You can imagine floating houses beside the river.. Half of the tire of a car gone into the water.. hahahaha!! XD
Nah~~~ It's not fun kay??
I saw people playing with the water.. LOL, they were trying so hard to walk in the water!!! And the water is OH MY GOSH!!!! Brownish color.. :(
Yeeeewwwwwww~~~ Haha, since my hometown is surrounded by river, well.. obviously is so super dangerous during rainy days..
My town is always flooded with dirty water.. >.<

Well, see all those pictures.. Yeeewww~~ I was enjoying taking photos in the car.. hahaha XD
Okay, it seriously rained non stop till night.. :(
Kedah, Penang, and KL were having severe flood (saw this news in today's newspaper)
God bless so that the flood will stop.. :)
And i stop by SenHeng (a electrical shop), they were having offer as they are gonna close down for renovation..
*was told by my dear about this promotion* hahahaha XD
Mummy needed a water heater.. so we went and take a look, mummy bought water heater, an electric oven and got me a cordless kettle!!! (stainless steel)
Well, price was reasonable as they gave a huge discount!! Mummy got her electric oven superb cheap!! She was so so happy!!! :)
And while i was walking!!! hahahaha..
i saw this super cute Sponge bob sandwich maker.. hehehe
The bread will have the spongebob picture.. heheeh
It's so cute.. If i had my own savings.. I'll go get that.. hehe

Seee~~ It's cute right?? :D
Well.. I'll have to start packing tonight as I'll be leaving for Malacca tomorrow morning.. :(
I hope that I'll have another week of holiday so that i can stay home and shake my leg.. Aiks.. But thanks to MMU, i have to go back.. :(
A brand new semester is waiting for me!!!
It will be a short semester!!! God bless me that I'll go through everything smoothly and go in degree year successfully.. hehehehe :D
Okay, till here..
Tata people!!! My blog will be so dead once again.. hehehe
will try to blog more often okay??? ♥
--LOVE U--