Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tuesday ♥

hello people..
It's a Tuesday!!! Rain drops are falling in the sky.. :)
Anyway, sorry for not updating last 2 days as my dear lappie went for service..
hehe, he is all right now.. :)
painted my nails yesterday.. hehe..
but not sure about the color.. hehe ♥

Okay, let me think.. i shall talk about Uni life today.. hehehehe
In Uni, there are many kinds of people.. including good ones, bad ones, friendly ones, stuck up ones, playful ones, hardworking ones, nerdy ones, bitchy ones and so on..
so it's up to you to decide which one you wanna be in Uni??!!?? :)
Well, i met all kinds of people since i stepped in to Uni, almost all kinds of people..
People for once may leave their parents and stay alone outside, they do not know how to appreciate everything in their life? they don't feel contented.. okay, people tend to jolly around neglecting their studies.. (i guess this is what they want after-all)

I hope you're not one of them.. well, smoking, drinking, clubbing all this are bad habits, it depends on individual whether you wanna handle all this entertainment properly..
friends that are having problem: please handle your problem & stress well..
By smoking, drinking or even clubbing can't solve any problem.. well, i know it's not so easy to handle everything by yourself, but this is what Uni life is.. :)
Friends are always with you, open your heart & mouth to tell us everything, i won't mind, but please think twice whenever you wanna do something..
I bet this is not what you want right? We are here to help you, not to harm you :)
(btw, this is writing to a friend of mine)
Life is tough, things screwed up sometimes, but we still have to go through every single thing.. That is what God want us to go through before having a good life
So, please think wisely and do what is best for you.. *peace*
There are even bitchy ones too.. Ooopsss..

i hope i won't offend anyone.. hehe..
if you're mad at me, means you admit what am i saying is true.. ehehheheh
Anyone who steps into Uni wants to excel in their studies, get a bright future.. and so on.. but for those bitchy ones? What is the actual purpose you came here?
LOL!!!!! Somehow, i just felt that you came here just to show off or maybe get a bf?
I dunno!!??!! :)
You're not suppose to snatch people's one away? or maybe go flirt with people's one..
you think by smiling, laughing, playing with boys (single or even taken) will give people a good image?
NOPE!!! You're just bringing your face down to the drain.. >.<
and making people laugh at your doing..
well, i'm not trying to say anything, but this is the true facts, this is all what i saw in Uni.. >.<
You're here to study, not to show off.. So get your butt away from any people who you will cause harm to..
(sorry for being harsh, am not talking about anyone) :P
And nerdy ones, hey please.. get a LIFE!!!!

You wouldn't want your life without friends, or even without a little fun.. LOL!!!
Don't study till you neglect your teenage life.. hehehehehe
Get out of your room NOW!!!!!! XD
Study hard as well as enjoy life.. ;)
Okay, next will be hardworking ones..

Oh Yeah Baby!!! Keep up the good job my friend.. hehe
But remember to study smart. LOL!!! XD
And enjoy life too..
Okay, i don't have the right to judge myself what kind of person am i.. but i hope I'm a good girl, as i obey everything and study hard.. hehehehehe :)
Well, i know that life in Uni is tough, is challenging, is suffering..
But this is what you chose, therefore, go for it my friends.. ♥
I strive for excellent results, and of course strive for a good & happy life..
I was once a emo girl back in high school.. (not really emo)
but i always get upset cause of a small little thing, but i am a happy girl now..
teeeheee ^^
i laughed whenever i think I'm happy :)
hehee, so people say we are suppose to enjoy our Uni life, as we wouldn't be able to enjoy when we are out working..
well, i hope that everyone will know how to differentiate what is wrong and what is bad.. :)
wraps up.. love you all, and will be back ♥

teddy wanna be in the camera too.. ♥

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Birthday Boy ♥

SO yeah!!! Today i shall blog about a birthday boy!!! hehe..
should i say birthday guy or still a boy? teeheee :)
okie.. here it goes..
(u shall admit that you're old already!!! )=P

Hey, it's your birthday!!! u should step out of your house and celebrate..
so sorry that none of us are there to celebrate with you..
hehe.. all i can do is to wish u..
no birthday cake no birthday present!! what a sad life right??
but too bad, u shouldn't have think like this.. i cracked my head, just to think of this whole post k.. :P
okie.. back to topic..
we met since the first day of class.. LOL!!! English class which did really freak many people out.. hehe :)
anyway, i always get mixed up you with another guy.. why? am not sure too.. :)
hehe.. but then days come by, i get to know you more..
u're personality is as crazy as you can become.. LOL!!!!
u make people laugh.. but too much of laughter cause stomachache..
haha.. LOL!!! XD
maybe you should be more serious now.. since u're a year older.. hehe
birthday wishes will be grant to u.. therefore..
ask me for 3 things.. i shall grant it if i can do it.. ♥
3rd semester is coming... well, i don't think u can play a lot now..
3rd sem is like so so quick and tough.. therefore..
wish that u excel in your studies too.. XD
hehe, anyway, u have grown older by 1 year..
so i shall wish u a very happy birthday!!
wish u healthy always..
happy always..
smart, brilliant always..
good luck with you always..
and have a blessed birthday!!!
n May God bless you.. hehe ♥
hehe :)
enjoy photos.. (actually is for those who dunno how he looks like)
haha..including my photos.. hehe ♥

and lastly.. a video from me to U!!!!! ♥
hope u love it.. :)

p/s: if u people wanna watch the movie without the interfering of my blog song, kindly please pause the song for my blog at a minipod at the sidebar..
thanks, and love u all XD

Genting ♥

Hey hey peeps.. :)
Yeap... i went to Genting for my sem break.. and just came back home yesterday afternoon..
Sitting for hours & hours of bus is seriously tiring.. >.< if i had a chance, i rather don't sit bus.. :( so what can i describe about my Genting trip? Well, it was okay okay, as compared to the last i went with my buddies.. :)
the 6 of us.. I'm so so short!!!! :(
But surprisingly i played almost everything except for the space shooter.. I don't have the guts to go for that.. worried that I'll get heart attack after that.. buahahahaha :P
Weather in Genting is like so superb awesome!! haha :)
if i had a chance, i rather stay there, i won't mind.. but things are expensive at there..
Been eating fast food all the time.. and instant noodles!!!
What a pathetic life i have!!!! During exam, i ate instant noodles almost everyday!!!
Now, during vacation, i still have to eat instant noodles.. See, GOD!!!! I seriously hope that i won't die so soon!!!! SAVE MY LIFE!!!
hahahahaha :)
Back to topic.. i did not take any photos.. LOL!!! i dunno why, maybe not in the mood of taking photos.. :(
(like what i said, things screwed up sometimes) @.@
so we spent 2 nights there.. n the first day was so boring as we reached there during midnight.. all we did is sat at the lobby like a ZOMBIE and kept looking around..
there is nothing during that time except for the casino.. but we couldn't go in.. time past so slow that time.. >.< Time flies and it was morning.. we went walking around, watching movie, this & that.. First day was kinda boring.. >.<
But the second day was theme park day!!!! we had lots of fun.. playing everything!!
It drizzled that day.. weather was good & sometimes bad..
time flies when we are enjoying.. :)
Genting is a place where we chill!! after the whole day of screaming & shouting, my voice went ............ hahahhahaha :)
shouting after the exams was really a good thing!!!
we went for bowling.. but the guys played, not me..
the bowling field was pretty, with the disco music, and the glow in the dark lights.. haha.. it's pretty pretty.. ♥
i shall learn bowling next time.. :)

in the hotel :)

this photo is pretty.. ♥
i can't really describe every single thing.. so overall, the trip was nice..
i just enjoyed the weather.. although i was wearing jacket.. hehe XD
like what i said, things screwed up somehow..
i dunno, but things don't go well all the time as what we wish for..
sometimes it's pretty nice to act like a dummy and ignore everything.. just enjoy life..
I'm tired.. i just have a 3 weeks sem break, then I'll have to get back to the hectic life.. :(
URGH!!!! what am i gonna do for this 3 weeks?? read? blog? play fb? hahahaha..
My life is such a wonderful one.. i hope i can sleep for 24 hours.. hehehehhe +)
teeheeee :)
just a random post k.. don't worry.. hehe :)
be right back soon.. bye people!!! ♥

Friday, 17 February 2012

Hey people..
am back.. but currently having my finals now.. tomorrow will be the last paper..
and i haven't really focus on anything yet!!! LOL..
Am so dead tomorrow... holiday mood is all on, am not sure why at this time.. >.<
My friends all finished their exam much earlier than me.. i hope am one of them too. =(
okie.. am back to blogging (i think)
if i get any inspiration to blog, i shall do it during my hols.. (to fill up my time)
let's see..
time is precious.. am cherishing my time everyday, as i wouldn't know what will happen tomorrow.. people may cherish their life, but some may not.. (am not sure why)
i found out how fast time flies.. 24 hours of time will never be enough for me..
this makes me thinks of something.. a person's personality wouldn't be reveal in 24 hours time.. >.<
* i dunno how this relates.. but this is what i wanna talk about*
a person, maybe a good one but maybe a bad one too.. will never ever tell us how is their personality till we find it out ourselves.. time will prove to us everything..
knowing a person well takes us plenty of time.. maybe even the whole life.. >.<
but i guess that's what life is.. :)
there are plenty types of people in this world.. those who really treats u good are really good ones.. but some may even back-stab..
am facing all kinds of things in Uni.. good ones, bad ones... everything i face brings me up to life.. it gave me a mature thinking, and to differentiate well what is good and what is bad.. >.<
people may hurt you in terms of emotionally.. i have to learn how to get rid of all these things.. even to control my emotion properly.. (in a good manner)
Yeah, i've been hurt emotionally for many times, but i did not give up in life.. i go through it without shedding a tear (am so proud of myself) :)
maybe talking to my teddy is the best way for me.. to tell out everything.. :)
that's why i love soft toys so much.. heehehe..
Soft toys became a part of my life since i lived alone.. i tell my teddy everything..
even what i gone through everyday.. even teddies can't talk, but i felt so much better after talking to it..
as what i said, we can't predict the future, we dunno what will happen next, therefore..
*although i can't live without worries, but at least i can control my worries.. being to worry won't lead you either..
teeeheeheee :)
wraps up.. gonna go off now.. trying to focus on my studies.. hehe =)
will be back asap!!!!
*love u.. ♥

p/s: am so in love with this song.. hehehe =)
it's pretty lovely.. *makes up my day*