Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thinking deep

Hey people.. am back.. yup.. suddenly thought of my beloved blog..
it's been ages again.. since i last posted something.. =)
hehe, please don't blame me.. i'm so so pack with everything...
assignments...presentations... projects... haiz, why??
i'm gonna complain again... why must the time pass so fast??? seriously i'm very tired of everything.. >.<
i did not sleep much for the past few weeks.. i've been sleeping after midnight everyday..
my face is getting bad to worst.. :( :( :( :( :(
I just finished my business presentation.. i spent 5 days & nights just to get that stupid presentation done.. where the teacher is SUPERB FUSSY!!!!!
Urgh!!!! But it's okay.. i did my best.. can't ask for more.. :)
Thought of having a break after that, but assignments are pilling up in front of me... gonna be so dead.. >.<
Okay, bad news here u come..
I got horrible backache last few days.. it's like dragging me to HELL!!!!
I couldn't even get to sleep during the night... (u can imagine how pain was it) >.<
i was trying hard to find a suitable position to sleep... Ex: on the floor.. turning right & left etc..
Haiz.. I cried out for the 1st night.. the pain was really terrible!!!!! :(
Okay, i couldn't bare the pain anymore, and i went to the clinic to seek for doctor..
She gave me pain killer n muscle relaxant.. Pain killer is the best.. NO PAIN!!!!
Right after i ate the medicine.. Ahhhhhhh!!! Thanks to the medicine, i can sleep for the night.. :)
Haha.. hope that it won't come back to me anymore..
*stay far from me*
What does silence stands for?? Should i say keeping silent is a good thing or bad one?? >.<
(don't ask me why did i mention about this)
Yeap, i kept silent for a few hours today.. sad case.. :(
Bla bla bla.. I'm having MUET test this Saturday and i haven't even study a single thing.. *dying soon*
Urgh!!! Well.. I'll just take a look and go for test.. buahahahahaha =)
Ooopss... almost forgot.. SPM candidates all the best ya.. Good luck to u people.. GAMBATEH!!!!! :)
People, i need a break.. I'm very very tired..
gonna go back home next week for a few days break.. weeee~~~
be back soon :)

pinkie cons.. ♥