Saturday, 22 October 2011

18th Birthday!!!

Hey peeps.. =D
Yeap, today am officially 18.. M getting older each day.. =(
Haha, but 18 is not that bad.. teeeheee ^^
I don't need any birthday bash or what?? i just need a simple sincere wish from my friends then I'll be thankful.. =D
i received many early wishes.. as early as 12am.. hehe
thanks a lot people.. appreciate it a lot.. ♥
Yea, and i received 2 presents.. 1 is like my favorite.. another is like a huge big surprise.. haha =D
i got up from sleep and there it goes, i saw a cute little bear sitting on the floor at the edge of my bed.. or should i not say little.. is BIG.. hehe ^^

Thanks very much people.. I'll take good care of the 2 presents.. =D
**will take more photos when am free.. **

Beethoven full complete works.. oh god!!!! i love it so much.. hehe =D
thanks thanks =)
i'm 18.. i have a few things to do...
i really have to be more mature..
stop being childish..
think wisely..
study hard..
GOD!!! why is there so many things i have to do??? >.<
hehe =D
anyway, nothing special for the day.. will eat and sleep as usual.. haha... attending IFC tonight.. =D
scratching my head what to eat for the day.. eating is such a BIG PROBLEM TO ME!!!! URGH!!!! >.<
And today is Friday, i don't have any lesson, plan to go back home.. but sad to say... i can't =(
so all i can do is to stay back at Malacca and rest.. will start doing research tomorrow.. haiz >.<
so wraps up... will be back really soon.. with the pictures of me with teddy...weeeee.. =D
bye bye people..
p/s : teddy says bye bye.. hehe :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Yeah =D

Hey hey people...
Good morning~~~
Yup, i just came back from Thailand..
Currently having my trimester break... 2 weeks of break.. but it's like SO FAST!!!!!
I have to get back to Malacca this Saturday.. =(
And the hectic busy life shall begin, why don't the University gives us longer break???
And results will be coming out soon.. Oh God!!!! Please let me pass.. i just wanna a pass... Urgh!!!! Whatsoever.. >.<
Let me see... trip to Thailand was fun... i got many clothes and shoes... teeeheee ^^
Erm, and i even did manicure.. Nails are pretty pretty now~~~~ ♥

Okay, trying to upload all the pictures into FB.. so take a look at there.. =)
Okay, i have my MUET test coming really soon.. I mean it's like next Thursday!!!
Gonna be sick soon... head very heavy, eyes very tiring... neck very aching.. oh please!!! get away from me.. i have to be healthy!!!!
i have to get my fringe cut, get my face wash..
m really tired, so hehehe... bye bye...
gtg, will be back. erm.. not sure when... hehe
bye bye =D