Thursday, 22 September 2011

Exam week @.@

Hey hey people..
Yea, it's the exam week for MMU students.. but how lucky am i, i have exam till next Sat (1/10) GOOD!!! People will be enjoying their trimester break, where we law students have to stay back and study study and study.. AWESOME!!!! >.<
2 down, 4 to go... =D
Looking forward for the exam to be OVER!!!!
Hope that i put in all my effort, and let's see.. Hope i can get good grades... GOD!!!
*can't imagine anything*
Yea, listen to me.. you know what is it...
I repeat once more..
Listen by Beyonce...

Trying to imply to myself.. Please for goodness sake, listen to me..
Things won't get better if you just shut your ear without listening to me.. :(
Well, obviously if you open your ears and listen, it will be much much better... isn't it????
i have to think twice?? and just let it go??? nope, I'm not gonna do so.. I'll make everything laying on the Earth better.. BY MY OWN HANDS!!!! I'll work hard for it..
No matter how.. @.@
Am not gonna think so much about it and concentrate on my finals..
Everything will be proofed after my exams.. =D
Trying hard and my level best to smile =)
*perhaps like a rabbit??*
teeeheee ^^
CHAO, tata.. will be back really soon
maybe during the weekends.. =D

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Hey people... =D
Yea, i know... It's like ages... I know...
I have no choice, i rather neglect my blog instead of my husbands-BOOKS!!!!
I don't wanna fail for my finals...
I have so many things to finish up by this week... Assignments, homeworks, projects...
Tell me that i'm still the normal FIONA!!!!
Okay, let me tell you people.. 1 week of Raya break.. IT'S NOT ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!
I came back on Thursday night.. Weeeeee~~~~ Happy... =D
But then, Friday i was so so so busy.. I went to school to settle some things.. Then, i rushed to the salon to get my hair cut.. Then, i went out with my friends to Sushi King... Came back and finish my assignment, and went out again to fetch my maid from house.. Haiz, life never come easy...
Saturday went to Taiping, Sunday went to Penang... Monday went to Cameron Highlands till Wednesday... OMG!!!! I never get to rest at all... Doing my assignment in the middle of the night in such cool weather... And i catched cold, currently having flu now... :(
A sudden change of weather from here and there.. And i couldn't take it.. So weak of me...
Plus am rushing for work... I slept so so so late last night..
It's Friday, i'll be going back tomorrow.. :(
Hectic life will be back.. It's the last day for me to hang out with my friends.. So gonna have breakfast with them... The last meal.... Lol =.="""
And the saddest thing, i have to pack tonight... :(
Yea, i ate plenty for the whole week.. Have to go on diet after i go back to Malacca...
After next week.. I have to concentrate on my finals.. Finals is like 2-3 week more, and i haven't even started ANYTHING!!!!!! >.<
Thanks to all the assignments and homeworks given..
I hope i won't fall sick once i get back to Malacca, i really need myself to be extra strong now.. I'll have to fight till the end....
Wanna sick..
Please visit me only during my October sem break.. TQ very much, your cooperation is much appreciated..
teeeeheeee ^^
Okay, not sure what else to blog.. Shall end my post with lotsa picture.. hehe
Enjoy it ♥

We were too bored of work.. SO we played with the cam.. =D

Speaking test...

9 books in total.. Got all from LOGOS HOPE... ♥

Strawberry slippers.. hehe

My 2 kiddo cousin.. ♥

Miss doggie.. ♥

Will be back really really soon.. And please stay tuned..
Hehe =D
Bye peeps.. :)