Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thinking deep

Hey people.. am back.. yup.. suddenly thought of my beloved blog..
it's been ages again.. since i last posted something.. =)
hehe, please don't blame me.. i'm so so pack with everything...
assignments...presentations... projects... haiz, why??
i'm gonna complain again... why must the time pass so fast??? seriously i'm very tired of everything.. >.<
i did not sleep much for the past few weeks.. i've been sleeping after midnight everyday..
my face is getting bad to worst.. :( :( :( :( :(
I just finished my business presentation.. i spent 5 days & nights just to get that stupid presentation done.. where the teacher is SUPERB FUSSY!!!!!
Urgh!!!! But it's okay.. i did my best.. can't ask for more.. :)
Thought of having a break after that, but assignments are pilling up in front of me... gonna be so dead.. >.<
Okay, bad news here u come..
I got horrible backache last few days.. it's like dragging me to HELL!!!!
I couldn't even get to sleep during the night... (u can imagine how pain was it) >.<
i was trying hard to find a suitable position to sleep... Ex: on the floor.. turning right & left etc..
Haiz.. I cried out for the 1st night.. the pain was really terrible!!!!! :(
Okay, i couldn't bare the pain anymore, and i went to the clinic to seek for doctor..
She gave me pain killer n muscle relaxant.. Pain killer is the best.. NO PAIN!!!!
Right after i ate the medicine.. Ahhhhhhh!!! Thanks to the medicine, i can sleep for the night.. :)
Haha.. hope that it won't come back to me anymore..
*stay far from me*
What does silence stands for?? Should i say keeping silent is a good thing or bad one?? >.<
(don't ask me why did i mention about this)
Yeap, i kept silent for a few hours today.. sad case.. :(
Bla bla bla.. I'm having MUET test this Saturday and i haven't even study a single thing.. *dying soon*
Urgh!!! Well.. I'll just take a look and go for test.. buahahahahaha =)
Ooopss... almost forgot.. SPM candidates all the best ya.. Good luck to u people.. GAMBATEH!!!!! :)
People, i need a break.. I'm very very tired..
gonna go back home next week for a few days break.. weeee~~~
be back soon :)

pinkie cons.. ♥

Saturday, 22 October 2011

18th Birthday!!!

Hey peeps.. =D
Yeap, today am officially 18.. M getting older each day.. =(
Haha, but 18 is not that bad.. teeeheee ^^
I don't need any birthday bash or what?? i just need a simple sincere wish from my friends then I'll be thankful.. =D
i received many early wishes.. as early as 12am.. hehe
thanks a lot people.. appreciate it a lot.. ♥
Yea, and i received 2 presents.. 1 is like my favorite.. another is like a huge big surprise.. haha =D
i got up from sleep and there it goes, i saw a cute little bear sitting on the floor at the edge of my bed.. or should i not say little.. is BIG.. hehe ^^

Thanks very much people.. I'll take good care of the 2 presents.. =D
**will take more photos when am free.. **

Beethoven full complete works.. oh god!!!! i love it so much.. hehe =D
thanks thanks =)
i'm 18.. i have a few things to do...
i really have to be more mature..
stop being childish..
think wisely..
study hard..
GOD!!! why is there so many things i have to do??? >.<
hehe =D
anyway, nothing special for the day.. will eat and sleep as usual.. haha... attending IFC tonight.. =D
scratching my head what to eat for the day.. eating is such a BIG PROBLEM TO ME!!!! URGH!!!! >.<
And today is Friday, i don't have any lesson, plan to go back home.. but sad to say... i can't =(
so all i can do is to stay back at Malacca and rest.. will start doing research tomorrow.. haiz >.<
so wraps up... will be back really soon.. with the pictures of me with teddy...weeeee.. =D
bye bye people..
p/s : teddy says bye bye.. hehe :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Yeah =D

Hey hey people...
Good morning~~~
Yup, i just came back from Thailand..
Currently having my trimester break... 2 weeks of break.. but it's like SO FAST!!!!!
I have to get back to Malacca this Saturday.. =(
And the hectic busy life shall begin, why don't the University gives us longer break???
And results will be coming out soon.. Oh God!!!! Please let me pass.. i just wanna a pass... Urgh!!!! Whatsoever.. >.<
Let me see... trip to Thailand was fun... i got many clothes and shoes... teeeheee ^^
Erm, and i even did manicure.. Nails are pretty pretty now~~~~ ♥

Okay, trying to upload all the pictures into FB.. so take a look at there.. =)
Okay, i have my MUET test coming really soon.. I mean it's like next Thursday!!!
Gonna be sick soon... head very heavy, eyes very tiring... neck very aching.. oh please!!! get away from me.. i have to be healthy!!!!
i have to get my fringe cut, get my face wash..
m really tired, so hehehe... bye bye...
gtg, will be back. erm.. not sure when... hehe
bye bye =D

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Exam week @.@

Hey hey people..
Yea, it's the exam week for MMU students.. but how lucky am i, i have exam till next Sat (1/10) GOOD!!! People will be enjoying their trimester break, where we law students have to stay back and study study and study.. AWESOME!!!! >.<
2 down, 4 to go... =D
Looking forward for the exam to be OVER!!!!
Hope that i put in all my effort, and let's see.. Hope i can get good grades... GOD!!!
*can't imagine anything*
Yea, listen to me.. you know what is it...
I repeat once more..
Listen by Beyonce...

Trying to imply to myself.. Please for goodness sake, listen to me..
Things won't get better if you just shut your ear without listening to me.. :(
Well, obviously if you open your ears and listen, it will be much much better... isn't it????
i have to think twice?? and just let it go??? nope, I'm not gonna do so.. I'll make everything laying on the Earth better.. BY MY OWN HANDS!!!! I'll work hard for it..
No matter how.. @.@
Am not gonna think so much about it and concentrate on my finals..
Everything will be proofed after my exams.. =D
Trying hard and my level best to smile =)
*perhaps like a rabbit??*
teeeheee ^^
CHAO, tata.. will be back really soon
maybe during the weekends.. =D

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Hey people... =D
Yea, i know... It's like ages... I know...
I have no choice, i rather neglect my blog instead of my husbands-BOOKS!!!!
I don't wanna fail for my finals...
I have so many things to finish up by this week... Assignments, homeworks, projects...
Tell me that i'm still the normal FIONA!!!!
Okay, let me tell you people.. 1 week of Raya break.. IT'S NOT ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!
I came back on Thursday night.. Weeeeee~~~~ Happy... =D
But then, Friday i was so so so busy.. I went to school to settle some things.. Then, i rushed to the salon to get my hair cut.. Then, i went out with my friends to Sushi King... Came back and finish my assignment, and went out again to fetch my maid from house.. Haiz, life never come easy...
Saturday went to Taiping, Sunday went to Penang... Monday went to Cameron Highlands till Wednesday... OMG!!!! I never get to rest at all... Doing my assignment in the middle of the night in such cool weather... And i catched cold, currently having flu now... :(
A sudden change of weather from here and there.. And i couldn't take it.. So weak of me...
Plus am rushing for work... I slept so so so late last night..
It's Friday, i'll be going back tomorrow.. :(
Hectic life will be back.. It's the last day for me to hang out with my friends.. So gonna have breakfast with them... The last meal.... Lol =.="""
And the saddest thing, i have to pack tonight... :(
Yea, i ate plenty for the whole week.. Have to go on diet after i go back to Malacca...
After next week.. I have to concentrate on my finals.. Finals is like 2-3 week more, and i haven't even started ANYTHING!!!!!! >.<
Thanks to all the assignments and homeworks given..
I hope i won't fall sick once i get back to Malacca, i really need myself to be extra strong now.. I'll have to fight till the end....
Wanna sick..
Please visit me only during my October sem break.. TQ very much, your cooperation is much appreciated..
teeeeheeee ^^
Okay, not sure what else to blog.. Shall end my post with lotsa picture.. hehe
Enjoy it ♥

We were too bored of work.. SO we played with the cam.. =D

Speaking test...

9 books in total.. Got all from LOGOS HOPE... ♥

Strawberry slippers.. hehe

My 2 kiddo cousin.. ♥

Miss doggie.. ♥

Will be back really really soon.. And please stay tuned..
Hehe =D
Bye peeps.. :)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hello afternoon people... :)
I know the picture above is so so blur...Haha =D
Yeah!!!!! I managed to wake up at 6am this morning... Good thing right????
teeeheee ^^
And i drank mushroom soup for breakfast... Kinda craving for it last night, so decided to wake up early just for the MUSHROOM SHOUP!!!!!
Haha :)
Okay, time to express my feelings...♥
Yea, i don't feel good last night, maybe due to the heavy burden on my shoulder or maybe.. I'm not sure also =.=
I've been thinking extra nowadays... Worrying about my final exams... It's like 3 more weeks only... >.<
And i've not really prepare anything for the exam... SHIT!!!! >.<
Urgh!!!! Gonna bang the wall soon... Plus i have 2 more assignments to rush... Why???
And our school library's wi-fi is under construction... >.< I have to access the library's line to get into 1 of the law website to get cases.. And now, they are doing the wiring... What on earth??? Why must it be at this time???
Time really flies... Have to stay late for this few weeks.. I mean till really late, perhaps 5am???? Who knows???
I'm so going BANANAS NOW!!!!!
Not gonna talk about it anymore...
Maybe I'll stop blogging for a few days... My blog seems to be very very alive now...
Have to control myself.... So, readers...
I'll not be updating this few days, please bare with me...
Maybe will come back next week, during the Raya break... :)
BLOG WILL BE DEAD NOW~~~~ T__________T
To my readers,
sorry for anything... But right now, i have to re-consider...
don't ask me re-consider what???
anyway, will be back really soon...
stay tuned for the next post...
have to concentrate on my HUSBANDS-books at the moment...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Hey hey peeps...
Hehe, i had 8am class this morning....
And guess what time i woke up??? =.="""
It's like 7.40am... I set my alarm at 6.30am, but end up woke up 1 hour later... >.<
I really have to sleep early this few days...
But but... 24 hours... Really not enough for me to use... I've been like so so busy lately... Oh God!!!! Please give me the strength to fight with the time...
And time, please love me more... Slower down your speed and let me finish up everything... (even if is half am will be satisfy)
Okay, back to topic.. I was like having really bad cramp but still have to get out of bed... T________T
And i was rushing like mad gal, till i forgot my chocolate in the fridge... *sad* :(
I was walking like 100km/h just to reach class in time, but i still failed to do so... I was late for 5 minutes...
(thanks to the stupid slow lift)
My leg was trembling all the way, i almost fell when i was walking...
Then i saw my 2 other friends, so... I was not that late after all..
teeeeheeee ^^
When i opened the class door, teacher was NOT teaching!!! She asked us to do our own work (website project)
So how lucky was i... :)
But lesson to learn... Have to sleep early in order to wake up in time to reach class earlier... NOT TO BE LATE ANYMORE!!!!! Urgh!!!!! =D
I was seriously half dead the whole morning... Went for brunch then now currently resting at home, before the next 2pm class... =.="""
Hope i'll be okay by then... :)
Then, will be having class non-stop till 6 in the evening... >.<
Night will hop over to the library to do assignment... I'm so gonna sleep late again tonight... Pray hard that i won't fall sick again....
Yea, i went to Lovely Ice for dinner last night... Thought of eating something nutritious, but end up eating chicken chop... Lol =.="""
It's just nearby here have NOTHING NUTRITIOUS!!!!!! >.<
The chop was so so... No complaints... But they decorated the food very well, haha XD

And guess what??? I saw this sunflower decorations...
I bet mummy will love it, since she loves flowers so much, especially sunflower...
Hehe, sorry ya mummy... can't buy that back for you... Haha =P

Pretty right??? teeeheee ^^
Till here...

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sunday :)

My outfit.... ♥

Yea... I wore my new shoe... Comfort.. Nice... Worth the buying...♥
Good afternoon folks....
Just came back from church...
Lol =.=...
Am having bad menstrual cramps at the moment... Not sure what had happen...
But all i know is that my body is totally changing... >.<
(body disorder) T______________T
It's like OMG!!!! It came 1 week earlier than usual...
WTF!!!! %!@%!#@$!#@#!%@$!@
*not sure what to say*
Have to go get some nutritious food to eat...
Okay, i woke up very early this morning but slept pretty late last night..
teeeeheeee ^^ Please don't scold me... Haha
Went to mamak for early breakfast before attending church...
Church started at 10am... And then they had this Children's Sunday School team who came out to made an announcement... There is this small little boy who was asked to stay still as a statue of liberty... Haha, he looked so cute... :)

Then service started.. And what a miracle i managed to stay awake throughout the whole service... Haha
But i kept yawning.... :O
Service ended almost 12pm... Went back to get some things... And went down to the mini market to get chocolate...
The best way to cure my menstrual cramp.... >.<
It's painful, really pain... :(
Okie... Then went back to church for lunch and 2pm the worship started...
We sang hymns and watch a DVD teaching us to be a worship leader...
*something like that*
Before the worship started, i was sitting a side while waiting, then i saw this little cute baby gal.... I think she just learn to walk...
She was cute, and kept looking at me... Haha

Ended almost 4pm and Jeff ferry Cyrus & me back :)
Thanks you Jeff
Oh ya, Jeff is my senior and of course church friend... Studying law too... Nice guy... hehe ^^
Night will be going out for dinner... Will see where to get nutritious food...
So stay tuned readers... :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Malacca ♥

Halo world...
Went out for brunch this morning with my church friends, Uncle Chik, Amelia, Lina, Cyrus & me... :)
Uncle Chik brought us to Durian Tunggal for the noodles...
Erm... I can say that the food was not bad, but it's damn spicy... @.@
Practically they used ChillyPadi to cook the noodles... OMG!!!! I tasted the spiciness horribly... But the food was nice... Uncle Chik even ordered the curry chicken... He really fed us with lotsa food...
teeeeheeee ^^
Anyway, thanks to him for bringing us out for lunch, then we went to the church to meet up with Pastor James Leong..
*such a nice guy*
Haha XD
Okay, then he sent Cyrus & me back at EP.... Then, we went over to the bus station to catch a bus to town... Went to museums...
But first of all, we went to DP first, to get the cold air-con...
Malacca's weather is like SHIT!!!!!! Damn bloody freaking HOT!!!! >.<
I bought a new shoe.... Lol..=.=""""
Forgot to tell you people... In the morning, my shoe tore off.... Erm, in Chinese they say 鞋子开嘴.. So, end up i have to wear slippers... >.<
So i went to this shop name call D Most... They were having sales...
Bought this little black shoe... (can be worn casual/formal)

It's 59.90$, discounted..... RM30.... :) ♥
Lol, i kept this money just to go get another pair of shoe... >.<
*desperate of shoes*
Then, this shop name CHATIME just newly open in DP, they were having promotion...
Buy 1 Free 1... Lol, i love bubble pearl tea...♥ So we queue up to get each 1 cup.... But then turns up to be each 2 cups...
As i said they were having promotion, i did not know till i was ordering... The guy said, " so you guys bought RM5.90 and above so you're entitled to get 2 free drinks..." I was like WTH?????
Haha, in the end, we took it... Hehe :)
So i drank Plum tea and pearl bubble milk tea.... Thumbs up for it... LIKE!!!!

Haha okay... Then we went all the way to China town.... It was packed as usual with tourists...
Went to the Independence Memorandum Museum... (talking about the history of Malaysia)
Next was the Minangkabau Museum, have to pay for the entrance...
Then went to A Famosa...
The weather was so hot... Urgh!!!!
My skin became over cooked now, have to drink bleach @.@
We took so many photos... But mostly are the scenery... Couldn't take much more, because there were 2 of us only... Haha... :)
Okay, after everything... We went for ChocoTop, then we catched a bus back to Melaka Sentral and another bus back to MMU....
That's the day :)
Had really great fun exploring Malacca as the Historical City...
Had dinner at mamak stall... Roti Telur with Muar Otak... Hehe... Yummy ♥
Enjoy the photos... ♥

See that tiny Cyrus... Haha =D

We were sweating like hell >.<

The Minangkabau museum... Awesome pretty :)

Hang Jebat...

A crazy gal.. @.@

Okay, that's all for today...
Have to get to bed...
If not, i'll fall asleep during church service tomorrow... Haha =D
Night people...
Love ya... ♥

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Hello hello hello people...
It's late midnight now...
Went out with my friends right after Computer Boring Class... >.<

Outfit for the day... ♥
Yea, we went out of MMU just to celebrate my dear step-brother's birthday!!!!

Haha, happy birthday ya my look-alike brother...
teeeeheeeee ^^
And again we went to Jetty to shout out everything, lol.... =.=""""
All i shouted was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYRUS!!!!!!!!"
Am very happy to see him that happy...
He was overjoyed!!!! He kept smiling all da way...
*some kind of crazy mental guy*
*hehe, joking :)*

You see this Caleb, he got into a fight with Cyrus just to scare him off...
wtf... Haha @!#@%$Q%$@%$Q
And Cyrus really got up to his nerves... Haha !!!! I was laughing all da way.... >.<
Okay, before Jetty, we were at Dataran Pahlawan (DP) hanging out... Ate GCB for dinner, plus we surprised him with his favorite cake-HAZELNUT CHEESE CAKE specially made from Secret Recipe... Lol, he was smiling again.... :)
(i really love to surprised people with something, then i can enjoy watching their lovely smile)♥
*so damn insane*
Okie, back to topic....Oh, i forgot something important...
First of all... Today August the 13th is a very special day for 2 occasion... Yea, take a guess... XD
Anyway, to Cyrus...

You'll always be my best friend ever since we met before stepping in MMU....
I'll never leave you alone, will always be there for you to cheer, to support YOU!!!
Yes, you treated me like your sister... Appreciate that a lot... :)
You will never ever been left from THE GANG!!!!! Will always seek for you when you're M.I.A!!!

-study hard-
-play hard-
-stay healthy-
-stay fit-
-stay good looking-
-get flying colors- (4 flat)
-good luck-
-stay happy-
-smile always-
-sleep soundly-
Urgh!!!! I sounded like his grandmother... >.<
Anyway, good luck to you.... Will always be your BFF... Will be there for you if you need my help... :)
Good luck to you, and let's rock MMU by getting 4 FLAT for this coming final exam...
May God bless you and may all your wishes you made on the cake comes true....♥
Hope you had a really great & awesome day with us... Enjoyed your 18th birthday???
I told cha i'll ruin your birthday... >.<

Oh god, I'm dead exhausted...
Oh ya, the another occasion is...
Is okay, I'll keep it as a secret... Let you people guess what is it.... hehe @.@
Quote from FB...

i love you!
I love your face, your eyes, your hair, your lips, but nothing can compare to the way I feel inside and that is what makes us so true since only three words describe me and you. I love you.~♥
I do believe in faith, God matched us perfectly together (Thanks God), i do appreciate it and i will make sure i done my part to hold tis relationship~I believe in you..i trust you..i love you..truly..madly and love is only for u..there’s no one else…I’m bringing only you in my heart..I'm going to hold you tight never letting you go~ buahahaha~ ♥ endless love ♥"

Will be going out for brunch with church members... As all of my friends + housemate went back home... :(
After that, maybe will study in the library or at home.... Have to do laundry and maybe cooking... Exhausted.. I have to wake up early tomorrow...
Awwwwwwww... So sad.. :(
I'm so dead lonely now... Dealing with the whole unit that consists of 4 rooms & 4 toilets... T_______________T
Time to sleep...
Night people...
Sweet dreams... Take care ya...

Tonight i Celebrate my Love for You... ♥