Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The road to beautiful teeth

Hola! and welcome back. :)
As stated in the blog title, today I shall bring you all to the journey of having a beautiful teeth, ahem i mean my teeth!
Many people did not notice my super duper crooked teeth as i hardly smile seeing my teeth. Yes, i feel extra intimidated with the ugly teeth i have. (what to do, born with crooked teeth)
But i was blessed enough to have braces on to fix the teeth of mine! and till today I'm still very thankful for the given chance to spend that amount of ka-chings on the ugly teeth of mine.

People thought that my teeth was just alright, but when i put on my first set of braces on for the very first time, it was more obvious that my teeth was extra crooked that i myself also could not believe that i have such teeth.

sorry for the ugly photo of zeee ugly teeth >.<

You might think okay what, not so serious. but i used to think that way too. And one day i got struck by lighting and from that day onward, i seriously think that having a nice beautiful straight teeth is very very very very very important. 

disgusting photo you shall not want to see it any longer. 

crooked enough? like duh??? 

People kept telling me how pain is to have braces on, but heard of 爱美,不要命吗? (ai sui, mai mia), literally means choosing to be pretty over having a good life! Yessss! i felt that i could stand the pain, so i went for it! Surprisingly, till today i had never felt that amount of pain before, that i could not stand the pain. PTL! :) 

Seriously, i can't wait for the day where my teeth will be off from wires and brackets and rubber bands and having that wonderful straight teeth. Dr. Raj was very good comforting me whenever he saw my facial expression changing from happy to pain. hahahahahaha
Oh ya, did i mention that i extracted 5 tooth? 4 adult tooth and 1 baby tooth. hehehe

First time smiling with the teeth seen. *awkward level x100000

And let's see how is the journey of my teeth after 5 months plus. *drum rollsssssssssss

From left to right. 5 months plus of journey and see the difference?
satisfy? happy? YES INDEED! :D

Just can't wait till the end of the whole thing and start to eat really hard food like biting the whole apple and there is no need of cutting it into 4 pieces. And eating food and not worry whether is there any stuck food between the teeth and many more more more more. heheheh

End of story. 
burbyeeeee! :) 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Weekend getaway

Yellow! and welcome back. Had a short getaway to Kay L after all the hustle and bustle of work. I went to KL with an excited heart because it was the brathar's big day and i wanted surprise him, therefore he 'gong gong' dunno I'll be meeting up with them for the weekends. :P 

Besides, the dadi and mami had their recognition again. Yes, seriously AGAIN! almost every month. huehuehuehue but really proud of them! :) Arrived Kay L and dadi came and picked me up with the sleepy brathar whom only realised that i came down for his big day. LOL *pranked success :D 

It will be forever the task given to me and the brathar to sneak out of Publika to get flowers for the mami. heheheh :P
previous month was daisy, this month is roses! :) and i think carnation.

wefie with the flowers in the lift. a bomba lift actually. 

Pressies the dadi and mami got. 

The fam bam 
*seriously in need of heels 

After the recognition, we quickly went off for birthday dinner. Wanted to for Jogoya buffet dinner, but with the small appetite all of us have now, we decided not to waste that amount of money to eat something that we know we will never eat everything. And since we were at Lowyat for power bank hunting, we hop into Sushi Zanmai for dinner and yes it was definitely a satisfying meal. :) 

the parents 

the brathar and yours truly 

we had to. :P

After dinner, we were in the car on the way to get a cake and celebrate the big boy's sweet 16. Then Fast & Furious 7 came into our minds and decided to grab movie tickets. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday night and thus no available tickets at all! :( And we chose to watch Home, the silliest yet touching cartoon i had ever watched. 

Bought all the cakes for the fam bam with my first pay! :) 
The cakes are so yums yums but too bad i can only eat 2/4 piece. 

Went back home and decided to grab the little one for a selfie. 
Apologise for the ugly selfie because it was almost 2a.m

Celebrated Easter the following day and church service was a great one with a very precise and clear sermon by an Iranian who suffered prosecution in his country yet he never fail to seek for God's love and he finally came to Malaysia to have the freedom to worship the One above. His life experiences gave me a slap on the face of how I always take the freedom to worship Him for granted. He even showed His faith towards the One above and all the sacrifices he made in order to have God in him. :) Easter celebration ended off with a lunch treat with the church members along with the speaker. 

Back to the reality of life, and cleaned and rearranged the whole room with the roomie. And surprisingly we spent only around 3 hours to finish up the whole room! Wanna have a look? :) Stay tune for the next post. :P 

Bur bye! 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Hai! Apologise deeply for the long hiatus! No valid excuse for the hiatus but just plain lazy =.="
My life is kinda meaningless now as I'm currently doing my legal attachment and i repeat this practically everyday! Awake -> Work -> Eat -> Go back -> Sleep and repeat! Agree with me that is really meaningless.

Therefore, i always try having some activities after work, for example: grocery shopping and only grocery shopping! *slaps in the face
But this time since the roomie wanted go watch a movie and she actually wanted my opinion on choosing her new spectacles, so i was kinda excited that i could finally go for a walk tho I'm in office wear but not pretty gai gai dress! :)

Wanted to have dinner in this newly open teddy bear cafe which the rommie saw people posting on Facebook! Walked a few rounds and finally saw the cafe!

i think TBC stands for The Bear Cafe but not to be continue :P

Be happy! :D

Asians will understand this! hehe 

They won my heart by the chillax environment and cute teddy bears decoration! Girls never fail to love teddy bears, so guys if you're thinking of buying a pressie for your gf or wife, please get a teddy bear! hahahaha :P

We ordered drinks which cost RM9.90 for one glass and decided not to eat dinner there! because the price is simply a bit too pricey. So we paid not to drink but to take photo! hhhmm :D

Yours truly with those cuties 

the long legs roomie! 

Sorry we just had to! and yes the glass behind cost RM9.90. 

phailed shot with the biggest teddy in the cafe

Then someone saw us taking selfies so hard, and they offered to take a shot for us! thankkiewww :D

After work activities are seriously the best after a long long long day! Thankful for roomie, if ze house is without her, i guess I'll just sleep right after work everyday! :P

Finally, a perfect wefie of us! pretty huh? :*

For those who wanna visit:
~Add: Terminal Pahlawan 3rd floor (Hatten Hotel building)
~Tel: 06-2819423
~Hours: 10.00am- 10.00pm
~Map for directions 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

Hola! and welcome back. this time I'm back with puppy eyes praying hard that i could win this trip! hhhmmm, let's get started! :)

It's so obvious that I'll be talking about MACAUUUUUUU! For those who are not aware where is Macau (澳门), Macau is located at China near Hong Kong. And most of the people will visit the casino there. First of all, i have never get a chance to visit Macau in my life! and i don't think I'll ever visit there. so I'm quite excited when i saw Nuffnang posted about this opportunity.


1. Bungee Jump at Macau Tower

source: macautower.com

I've always wanted to have the courage to go for a bungee jump before i leave this world. i know it sounds so scary and freaky. I have mixed feelings on this, but if i have the courage I'll sure go for it! (probably get heart attack and die) When i found out that Macau has this tallest building called the Macau Tower which has bungee jump, i practically screamed like a mad girl. It is 233m/ 764ft high and it went into Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the world.
And i did a research on the price for bungee jump previously and it cost a bomb! :(

Not only that, Macau Tower has other attractions like skyjump (less challenging than bungee jump), and also Skywalk X as well as Tower Climb. This reminds me of one of the episode in Running Man, they went and did challenges there.

for more info about Macau Tower
website: http://www.macautower.com.mo/observation-decks

2. DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts

It's DREAMWORKS and is FREE daily from 12:00pm to 6:45pm and the DreamWorks All Star Parade starts at 3pm daily. You can also stay the night and wake up to Shrekfast breakfast with the gang with breakfast specials and live performances. How awesome is that? Tell me which young adult don't like all these where we grew up with DreamWorks cartoons???? From Madagascar to Shrek to Puss in Boots and the most recent one How to Train Your Dragon!!!!!!!!

I read so many awesome reviews about this and it definitely made me more hyper and excited about this Macau trip!!!!! Although I'm already a 'major', but I'll sure to enjoy all the cartoon entertainments. hehe :) Reviews said that it was so unexpected that it can be so fun and amazing with the Shrekfast breakfast with the DreamWorks gang. I'm kinda excited about the Shrekfast as i grew up being called as Shrek's wife Fiona as my name is Fiona! :D

For more info:
Website: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g664891-d6500219-Reviews-DreamWorks_Experience_at_Cotai_Strip_Resorts-Macau.html

3. Dragon's Treasure at City of Dreams

It is a multimedia show of the world of Dragon's Treasure. And there will be another world as the four Dragon Kinds explore the mysterious powers of the Dragon Pearl and there will be an introduction to their magical kingdoms. It is all taken place at a dome-shaped theatre called The Bubble. The show is 18 minutes long and is open daily from 12pm till 8pm. It's RM20.51 per entry for foreigner adult. The price is reasonable and it looks so attractive with such colourful surreal theatre show.

You can watch a Youtube Video here to have a view on how it looks like. btw, it's a 360 degree multimedia show.

For more info:
Website: http://www.cityofdreamsmacau.com/entertainment/dragon-treasures

So that is all my reasons why Macau attracted me so much! and now Why should Nuffnang give me this opportunity? First of all, whether i get it or not i would like to thank Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) for giving bloggers a chance to visit such beautiful place which i previously did not know there are so many interesting attractions. All i know was Macau=casino. As well as to Nuffnang Malaysia for choosing 3 lucky bloggers to have an all paid expenses trip all the way to Macau! and it would be a totally awesome gift to end the year of 2014 as well as to have a 说走就走的旅行! :)

I have never travel alone to other countries and what more to travel with a purpose? Of course, i would love to get the chance to try it and i think i would love it as travelling is one of my 'every year thingy', just that i always travel with my family. Being 21 this year, i really hope that i could break the record and go travelling alone!!!!! I always adore other bloggers who had the chance to travel with expenses all paid. How cool is that?

With the limited time i have, i don't think i will have the time or chance to travel once I'm out working in the society. Studying life is hectic enough, what more about working life? And i guess all the researches that I've done impress me a lot as to me Macau is just a city of casino. I'm so so so wrong, and i think if i get a chance to travel to Macau, the first thing i come back is to change the perception of my family and friends as i think they have the same thinking as me?

So that's it! Hope that i could win this trip to Macau. For more info please visit MGTO Facebook.
Thank you for those who are so generous to allow 3 lucky ones to travel and i wish and hope I'm one of them! :)


Till then,

Friday, 29 August 2014

TruDtox Review

Hello people. Yes i know i'm a super PHAILED blogger. given a chance to do a review on this product yet i delay for A MONTH! FREAKING ONE MONTHHHHH!!!!!! Okay, i apologize now, really truly sorry as i was so caught up with midterms and assignments. 

Tadaaaa! Received parcel from HiShop :) 

Let's see what's inside. 

TruDtox is Swiss natural and organic botanical tea that WORKS GENTLY to cleanse and help strengthen our body’s own natural detox organs. It is made of 100% organically-cultivated herbs, flora and teas that are traditionally known to help our body detoxify. TruDtox™ does not contain harsh laxatives and as such, will not create bowel dependency.

Ingredients: Folium menthae, zinziber officinale, fructus rosa canina, matricaria chamomilla, pericarpium citri reticulate, rhamnus frangula, althea offcinalis, uva-ursi

Why Do We Need to Detox Regularly?
We are now exposed to more toxins than ever before in our environment. Studies showed that toxins come from everyday subtle sources such as our air, drinking water, processed food, pesticides, drug residues, personal care products, household cleaning products and many others. When our natural detoxification system (liver, colon, kidneys, gallbladder, lungs, skin, lymph and blood) are unable to cope with the excess amount of toxins, these toxins are recirculated back into our body system, leading to all kinds of health problems. Signs of toxicity include headaches, tiredness, sluggishness, mood swings, constipation and tummy bloat.

Benefits of Detoxification

 Flush away toxins & waste

 Promote regularity

 Relieve digestive discomforts

 Promote better absorption of nutrients

 Improve metabolism

 Strengthen immune system

 Promote health, vitality & energy

all you need is to brew a tea bag in a cup of hot water for almost 20-30 minutes. Voila! it's ready to drink. :)

It taste like normal tea, just with a little taste of herbs. I felt it is so much better as compared to other detox shake as some of it taste really yuck. :O It is advisable to drink it 2 to 3 times a week or wherever you think you need to detox your body! :) I would give this a 9/10 as i felt that it really detox my intestines. After drinking i don't feel the urge for bowel movement immediately, but after a few hours, you sure to go and pay a visit to the toilet. And is good do detox at least once a week, to clear all the toxin and unwanted waste in our body. 

And HiShop is having a promotion now HERE... It's only RM79.65 FOR 15+2 teabags.. Grab it before the promo is over! 
And and there will be a 15% rebate for all my readers if you purchase anything from HiShop, key in coupon code FIONA

HiShop Subscribe: http://www.hishop.my/subscribe

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The land of tea and strawberries

Hello hello! Welcome back on board! :D

I had a short vacation last weekend up up up the hill to Cameron Highlands, my all time favorite place :)
Why? because of the cool weather, yummy waffles and scones, boh tea, sour strawberries, fried mushroom and watercrest, sweet potato, and fresh vegetables!
I couldn't ask for more when i'm up there. despite the road going up and down makes me sick. Love big daddy's creation up there! Everything looks so perfect and wonderful.
For those who have not been there, please make a trip up! you will never ever regret. hehehe

Let all the pictures speak.  

tbh, the price has gone up :'(

in the Boh Tea factory. 

forgot to mention that brathar did not follow us up! 

all time favorite waffles! #yumyums 

Scones. with cream, butter, strawberry and jam. 

oh hi there! :) being and acting as a tourist. 

Copthorne Hotel had this awesome thermometer. 

The Smurfs Village.
(okay, actually is residency area, and they had this huge windmill
as well as a playground with Smurfs theme)
*didn't get in because it is a restricted area.


then, we went and visited the Pastor over there. We always attend All Souls Anglican Church Sunday service when we're up there! As usual, everywhere don't need an air conditioner! #saveelectricity

hi there! 

main entrance.
The church is just way too awesome! Pay a visit if so happen you're there.

too many photos. hahaha

We went all the way up to the Lutheran Mission bungalow, which is a paradise up there! I think most of the silent retreat is held there. The place is really like heaven, surrounded by green grasses, colorful flowers, swings, basketball court etc. 

Beautiful flowers <3 p="">

Just a two days short vacation. but the breath-taking view makes everything worth it. :) 
*had many more photos in the other camera but too many to be uploaded here!
that's about it. Thank you for dropping by!
stay tuned for more updates.
cheers. xoxo

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Helloooooo and welcome back! 

time flies and my trimester is gonna end soon! had my last CF last night, and tomorrow will be my last CG for this trimester with the seniors who are graduating soon! :'( 
anyways, saw the picture above? it was a CF event that day called BSAD which stands for Brothers Sisters Appreciation Day! :) 
The girls dolled up gorgeously and the guys suited up. the whole room was filled with so many lengzai and lenglui... hehehe. 
Okay, that's not the purpose of having BSAD. BSAD is a day where the brothers appreciate the sisters and vice versa. Guys and girls were separated to plan what they wanna do on that day. Past examples were like, having skit, performance, singing, cooking, dancing etc etc.

This year the brothers were cheeky enough to spread rumours saying that they will 'sabo' us! oh well, the sisters had a plan too.. but then it failed.. hahahaha. 
And the brothers really did 'sabo' us, by offing the lights and letting us scream in the dark! *thatwasbad
But then they were so sweet by performing all sort of performance for us, especially ROM (Rhythm of Man) where they sang and danced exactly what we did for ROC3 :) The girls, okay me laughed and laughed and laughed like a mad girl. hahahah
Then, they served us candlelight dinner. How awesome is that! hehehehe 

The sisters were definitely good as well! We practised a waitress dance with 2 plates of spaghetti on each hand.. the dance was a bit messy but i guess the brothers enjoyed the dance. hhhmmm
We served them 3 course dinner. and played games! ;) and we swapped gifts for each other. 

chicken tortilla wrap! yums

lovely and wonderful sistas who use their 'bang leng leng' time to prepare. 
p/s: we took this in the lift

Future lawyer... i hope so! :P

Next event is a major huge huge event for me! because it's MOOTING! okay, i hate the subject at first, but then on that day itself, i enjoy it much! :) 
10 days preparation for memorials was just too short for me, and i guess everyone. i had sleepless nights trying my best to get the memorial done correctly and overseeing all the mistakes in it. Memorials were 50% of the total marks, and oral submission is another 50%. We do not have mid term nor finals. 

We had to prepare a total of 5 bundles, 2 for me and my partner, 1 for my opponent, 1 for marking, 1 for judge. And and and, i was chosen to moot in Malay *faints. It wasn't easy i can say, but it's really worth it after that day. :)  Judge gave pretty good comments just that i wasn't really using proper court language. hahahahaha 
I'm looking forward for more of this, but then the preparations kills.. >.<

Major huge event again: Farewell for graduating seniors :'(

CF did a farewell for them last night, their last CF here with us, and we wanted to make it memorable for them. The PICs came out with a talk show asking them questions, and games testing their 'knowing-each-other', and had a video of CF-ers imitating them! :) And we had lovely gifts for them which is a small jar where we can write love letters to them and scroll it and put inside! 
I had what i wanna write in mind dy! and i hope they like it! hehehehe.

They are all the seniors who really am good to me! from prom partner, to big giraffe, to my son, to so and so.. they will be missed, and I'm looking forward for their convo, and i make a promise to myself to avail myself on that day to celebrate the good day with them! :)
They are the people who walked into my life, they changed me through many many ways! Thank you all for serving daddy in heaven with so much love and willing heart. May your future be a wonderful one and God's blessings be upon all of you every single day! :D

Stay faithful in the Lord because you know His love never fails. 
p/s: come back often if you're free kay???? hehehe :)

the end of today's post! 
Will be back soon.. 
because I'm very free! #notreallyfree